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This might be a stupid question, but I honestly don't know, so I figure I'll ask anyways. WYZZ-HD - will the tower still be in Bloomington, or any chances that it'll be in Peoria?
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Actually I though the Tower was in Congerville which is between Peoria and Bloomington/Normal.
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WYZZ Tower is not in Blm or Peoria, it is in-between.

Anyone have problems with 55-1 last night during the game? I got 55-1 great on Wednesday and could not get it at all last night. I was wondering if tropo ducting was helping get a channel I shouldn't or if there was a problem with 55-1 last night.

I am out of Bloomington and using the radio small uhf antenna listed earlier in this thread. It is pointed south but I have a big tree right in the way.
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With the 55-1 tower being 60 miles from my house, I notice the signal is subject to changes based on storms. Nasty weather between Springfield and here causes pixelation.

This is unlike the others locally which I can see when standing on my roof.

Oh and bravo to 55-1 announcing that they are increasing their Simpsons programming. Can never go wrong there.
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Well WYZZ-DT is still down. Was hoping maybe they'd get it back up for the World Series, but looks like I'll still be stuck with the analog for a while longer. I'm actually fairly impressed by how good their analog looks since it's coming from a temporary tower right now.
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Please be patient...we have a lot of work to do to install the new transmitters. Work will probably take three to four more weeks before dtv will be back on air. Also, having some problems with temporary analog signal right now. BTW, we are not on a temporary tower...just temporary transmitter working into a new antenna.
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Oh...I'm not complaining at all. Sorry I misunderstood about the tower...I didn't remember what exactly I heard was temporary. I can speak for everyone in the area when I say thank you for making the switch to carry HD. We all really appreciate it.

Now we'll have 3 of the big 4 networks up in HD. WMBD is next on the list.
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Station manager told me last week it would take 35 days, and then we'll have both FOX and CBS in HD. That'll sure be nice... 'bout time. I was promised that the Super Bowl will be in HD this year.
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From the east side of Bloomington... Has anyone else had problem pulling in WRSP from Spfld the last two days? Usually it is rock solid. While the signal strength meter on my T151 is moderate (usual showing), the baseball and football have been very pixalated.
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Oh wow, I hadn't even checked my digital CBS station recently. If that goes HD too, I'll really be in heaven. That means all the big stations up and running in HD. I guess now we'll have to turn our focus on UPN and WB in the area.
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Any specific confirmation on the WMBD HD move? Since I've specifically been told there are zero plans for it, I'm curious about this statement. I also hope it's correct.
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Also from the East side of Bloomington, next to the airport.

I had some pixalation but it did not get too out of control, like is did last Wednesday when I posted here. Last week it totally dropped out, into the bad bar on my Zenith HD tuner. I normally get in the normal range and had that on Saturday during the game it would bounce lower every once and a while and cause a single drop out.

Did not view on Sunday.
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I posted the upgrade info in the fox thread here:


Here is what I put:

Upgrade info for WYZZ(43)
WYZZ(43) Peoria - Bloomington, IL
Pending Completion
Tentative Date: Mid-Dec 2004

WRacer, can you post when the Splicer crew will be on-site for the install?
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Originally posted by Cubfan
Station manager told me last week it would take 35 days, and then we'll have both FOX and CBS in HD. That'll sure be nice... 'bout time. I was promised that the Super Bowl will be in HD this year.

I don't believe this is true. Fox, probably true. WMBD has stated for the longest time that they have no plans to broadcast HD in the near future. Maybe Kevin Harlan, the station manager, doesn't know the difference between digital and HD. Is he using the two terms interchangeably? Nothing would surprise me with him. The Patriots/Jets game yesterday was unwatchable. It really hacks me off that the HD feed is blacked out on D****TV.
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Fox splicer is installed. Still need to install digital microwave, but has not arrived yet. Transmitter install crew arrived today. Mid December is probably a good date.
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I called D* today to order local channels install is on sat. Their computer says they will swap out dtc210 (which they sent me 3 days ago) with a compatible multisat box but dont know what brand. Tech at my home last week for service call said all hd boxes in illinois will be lg, I guess I know more on saturday.
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Anyone else seeing WTVP as 46-1, 46-4, and 47-1 with only 47-1 showing program info in the guide? And then the info on 47-1 is actually for 46-4 the HD feed but the programing on 47-1 is really for 46-1 the digital version of the analog feed?
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I'm using a VOOM receiver and I get 46-1, 46-4, and 47-1, and I get two of them to come in with only one showing guide info (47-1 I believe). I can't get the HD channel to come in at all even though the signal strength is at 99. It's been a very weird problem.
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If you're getting the same programing as you can see on the analog channel then it's definitely the SD digital feed probably 46-1 and 47-1. The HD channel is 46-4 and it's programing usually matches the guide listing for 47-1. I'm using a DTV HR10-250 HD Tivo receiver and I get the HD channel fine it's just the guide info that's messed up. I emailed WTVP because I think it's their PSIP generator that's messed up. No reply from any of the folks I emailed though.
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I actually watch HD PBS on 46-2 (no guide either)
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Just making sure it's not only me.

WEEK digital (25-1 and 25-2) are out for everyone I assume?
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Yes, last night they were.
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Got a response from them.

They are trying to isolate the problem. (that doesn't sound good)
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Last night nbc 25-1 1080i came back but I have never had any audio on this channel I get audio on 25-2 but that is 480i. Connected thru rca dtc210. THANKS
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Anybody getting sound problems with WHOI-19? I keep getting dropouts when I get sound at all.
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No problem with sound on 19-1 or 19 whoi here in morton, no sound on 25-1 nbc how about you ?
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I had trouble getting sound on 25-1 on my Samsung 360. After reading about the problem on a Samsung thread, I took my ZIP Code out of the guide setup and I got sound. I also have a Zeith STB and it never had a problem getting sound on 25-1.
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Still having intermittant sound problems on 19-1. Never had it before... have the Dish HD receiver. 25-1 is good, so is PBS. Has to be the channel.
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I entered 00000 for all my zip codes and finally got audio on 25-1. THANKS
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Wouldn't you lose the guide and the timezone without the zip?

Just curious.
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