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So far I still get the guide info !
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Since the storm I haven't been able to get WAOE 59-1. Signal meter reads in the 50's which is plenty good enough to pull a station usually but pic just won't come in.

My antanna is clear of ice and snow again finally and everything else comes in (outside of 55-1 which apparently had something break on Thursday).

Anyway, I wanted to confirm that others are expierencing the same?
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Same here. Washington, IL.
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Looks like the ISHA football with be analog for me. Not that it's much different than 59-1.

A lot of folks could care less if they get 59-1 but I'm an Illini basketball fan and a STL Cardinal fan so it's kind of a key to my TV enjoyment even if it doesn't look so great.
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I'm off work today and I called 59. They are aware of the problem. I left a message with my location. You may want to do the same.
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I was able to speak with the #2 Engineer. We weren't communicating very well. For over a year now I've tuned to 59-1 (or 39-1 it doesn't matter) and WAOE has come on. I now have WAOE on the signal meter but no picture when I go to 59-1 or 39-1. I get the guide but no pic. He said to use 59-39. I get channel unavailable when I go there.

Stick30 do you still have the same problem with 59?
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My Zenith SAT 520 is set on 59-39

And Nothing.
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Same with 59-1 I assume?

If so please call them and let them know. 674-5900. I just grabbed an indoor directional and hooked that up and that station gets a signal reading of 58 but will not show up on screen. I really think something has changed on their end.
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6:00 11/29 I am getting 59 again at the same signal strength that I had this morning when it wouldn't come in.

Good deal.
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I called shortly after your post and talked to Tim, at least I think that was his name, he was smacking his gum so loud I couldn't understand him.

Anyway he told me the same thing. He said he was right in front of a OTA signal and getting the channel fine. I told him I lived in Washing ton about 4 miles from their tower With a Channel Master 4228 antenna pointed right at it and he went silent. I was at work so I couldn't argue with him.

Maybe we should call Mr. Harlan at WMBD/WYZZ while luck is with us.

No, We aren't that lucky..
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I've had it with WMBD. I'm moving to Chicago. But I'll still post here if ya know what I mean.

Maybe I'll invite Mr. H over to watch some CBS HD. He might like it.
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Me too. I moved earlier this year before the super bowl.
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Anybody else getting the local channels through DirecTV and having problems with FOX reception? All the rest of the channels are great but FOX looks like the old days of ghosts in an OTA broadcast. Contacted DTV but not much help as it looks like problem is in the local uplink. Also, any news on WYZZ HD transmitter?
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I e-mailed Herman Marvel cheif engineer at WMBD/WYZZ this morning about the WYZZ tower and have yet to receive a reply.
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Depending on where you live in GH you can probably get WRSP in Springfield. I live in Washington and can get it with a 4228 Channel Master with no amp in the attic above my garage. I bought it at Lowes in EP.

You really don't need the locals from D*, you can get all the networks OTA .
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Thanks for the response but here in GH it takes two antenna's or a rotor to get all channels and with 4 TV's and 4 DTV receivers it get's too complicated. I do get my HD channels OTA.
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We're working to get the new full power analog transmitter on the air by next Friday. Then the installation of the digital starts. We're trying very hard to get it on by the Super Bowl.
BTW our NBC DT stations in Springfield and Champaign are now at high power.
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Any information on WYZZ getting on Insight HD by the Superbowl?
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Thanks for the YZZ update.
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All, new to the thread as well as HD OTA in the peoria area. I live in north peoria near Dunlap. I'm picking up ABC extremely well in HD. MNF looks real nice. I'm also getting NBC, though I haven't seen any HD programming yet. I've got Directv HD receiver with a Zenith Silver Sensor OTA antenna. I'm not picking up WYZZ at all with this antenna. I'm 25 miles from the tower. Shouldn't I be able to receive the station? I've got the antenna in the basement but I would still think the scan would pick it up. Also I pick up an analog WMBD station but no digital. Any advice?
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Basement indoor even around here may be tough. I did have success with an indoor on the first level before I eventually installed outside (which you will end up doing too, take my word for it and prepare now).

WYZZ isn't currently broadcasting digital (28-1) (43-1) but should be soon. Some of us use (44-1) (55-1) out of Springfield but Dunlap may be beyond even their impressive range.

You'll need to move your silver sensor around but should be able to grab ABC (40-1, 19-1), NBC (57-1, 25-1), CBS (30-1, 31-1), UPN (39-1, 59-1).

If you can't get one of those it's likely because you are in the basement. In Dunlap, you would hopefully eventually get FOX (28-1, 43-1) but their past rep is poor however changes are possibly being made. WMBD (CBS) doesn't offer HD mainly because they suck.

In Dunlap with the right antenna you may well be able to point to the Quad Cities and pick up some of their programming as well. In fact with a roof mounted DB4, I know for a fact you can.
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I do know a person in North Peoria with a DB8 on a 2 story who gets WRSP FOX Springfield. However, it's not likely at all to find it's way into a basement that far away.

Also you will find HD programming on ABC, NBC, PBS (forgot about them) (I get it on 46-2 and 46-4) and on FOX out of Springfield and hopefully soon WYZZ.

Nothing on CBS or WB or UPN or what ever 59 is??
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EAW, thanks for the info. I get no digital cbs with the silver sensor in the basement. I'm pretty sure I got the UPN station. I'm assuming there isn't one rooftop antenna that would allow me to receive the peoria stations and try to pick up the quad cities stations?

Or, I guess my other option is just to get a rooftop that will pick up all of the peoria stations and just hope that WYZZ gets there act together soon.
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From my house in Morton. The balance is between WRSP Fox Springfield and WAOE WB Peoria. Everything else is fairly close inbetween. WYZZ is directly behind my antenna so I don't factor them in right now. Maybe I'll bring them in with a small directional and a jointenna someday, maybe not.

Anyway WAOE is at 316 and WRSP is at 193 from my antenna. What works out for me is a two story house in a new neighborhood (no trees) and the fact that all the Peoria towers are within site from my roof with WAOE being less than 5miles from my house. I'm able to point my chimney mounted DB4 just slightly off of WRSP (60 miles from my antanna) and pick up WAOE from the side (so to speak). Everything else is strong enough to where I don't have to worry about it.

I worked up a little chart for my buddy in North Peoria, I'll post here. Not sure how the formatting will work so if it stinks, forgive me.

Station Affil Digi ana/digi compas milesfrom towerhgt

WYZZ FOX 28-1 43-1 123° 25 295 Bloomington
WAOE UPN 39-1 59-1 153° 11 531 Peoria
WAND ABC 18-1 17-1 156° 70 1,230 Decatur
WBUI WB 22-1 23-1 156° 70 1,316 Decatur
WMBD CBS 30-1 31-1 1 66° 10 584 Peoria
WEEK NBC 57-1 25-1 169° 10 694 Peoria
WTVP PBS 46-2 47-1 177° 11 709 Peoria
WHOI ABC 40-1 19-1 178° 8 525 Peoria
WICS NBC 42-1 20-1 185° 67 314 Springfield
WRSP FOX 44-1 55-1 185° 67 1,365 Springfield
WCFN UPN 53-1 49-1 188° 68 587 Springfield
WQAD ABC 38-1 8-1 327° 54 1,096 Moline
KLJB FOX 49-1 18-1 327° 77 1,128 Davenport
KWQC NBC 56-1 6-1 327° 54 1,079

Formatting does stink. Read like this: Station, affiliate, digital number, analog/digital number, compass direction from his house, miles from tower, tower height, service city.
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Nice listing. Another way to get the info is antennaweb.org and you can get a nice map here as well showing station directions from your exact location. I'm in GH and can get Quad cities most of the time from my rooftop antenna pointed for the Peoria stations. WYZZ takes a separate antenna or at least it did for the short time they were up digital at low power. Jointenna won't work for the digitals as they're two close together to filter out WYZZ separately. Did work for analog though. Agree WMBD sucks with no HD plans which is a real pain as I'm an NCIS and CSI junkie!
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are any of you guys getting the locals from your satellite company with a separate dish?
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Do you have an updated date for FOX HD at WYZZ? We had originally put mid-December which translated to 12/15/2004. Can you provide another estimated date?
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Assume you guys, like me, have audio but no video on 19-1 tonight?
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JahJeff, yes I'm getting locals from DTV with a separate dish. It points SE instead of SW and needs to be combined with your other dish to feed all channels to your receiver. Receiver must be able to handle the Advanced Program Guide-most recent receivers are software upgrades or DTV will work a deal to replace them. Working great except for WYZZ FOX which is a mess as you'll see in earlier posts. Analog only, you'll need OTA to get HD or in the case of WMBD lousy digital feed of analog.

EAW, confirm audio no video on 19-1. Also have lousy 19 on DTV, maybe connected?
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Originally posted by ggingrich
Any information on WYZZ getting on Insight HD by the Superbowl?

I sent an email over to Insight on 11/10/04 regarding their HDTV lineup. Their response was fairly brief, as you can see. I've been holding off on getting their HD package because of their limited lineup.

Email to Insight:

Why are WHOI and WTVP the only local available channels in HD? Are
WMBD, WEEK and WYZZ not providing any HD programming or is this a contract issue?

Will you be adding any HD channels to your lineup anytime soon?

Response from Insight:

At this time WHOI, WTVP and WEEK are broadcasting in HD, we are having
some difficulty in finalizing the carriage agreemtent for WEEK.

CBS and FOX are not currently broadcasting in HD.

John Niebur
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