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I am looking for a set top client so I can remove my CD changer, VCR and DVD player from my living room.

Must have:
Record and Playback SDTV (analog cable) – On screen program guide for view and record
Stream music files from server – controls similar to current CD changer
Family friendly user interface / control – no keyboard or mouse
Music playback without TV
Play video files from server and local DVD to local SD TV – Playlist include ALL available media
Slideshow from server and local card reader

Nice to have:
Local rip to server of CD, DVD and memory cards
DPLII processing for stereo sources
Access to email accounts
AM/FM tuning/ recording

Seems this shouldn't be much of a strect as there are machines out there that do parts of it... TIVO, ROKU, etc. It seems that TIVO is intentionally staying away from networked storage (legal issues, I'd guess).

I did find this APEX unit and I saw something a while back from Motorola, but can't locate it now.