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Hey folks,

I'm looking for a projector lift for a bit of an architecturally difficult situation. The location where the projector is going to go is right in the back of the room, and the roof slopes down to that edge of the ceiling as well. So there's not a lot of space up there. In fact, thanks to the tray ceiling design, I don't really have free access from the attice---I'm going to have to come in from underneath.

So here's my thought. There are a couple of lifts out there whose mechanisms have a nice low profile (they're not very tall) so they should fit within the ceiling joists:
I like this second one the best, because it has a nice 1-meter drop and a larger capacity, neither of which is necessary for now but might be useful later. Alas, I can't find a U.S. source for it, but that may not be a problem.

Note that in both cases, the ceiling closure panel sits below the lift. Well, I'm thinking that what I'll do is bolt the ceiling closure panel directly onto the lift itself, and then mount the projector flush under that. Then, with the lift retracted, the projector will be flush with the ceiling.

Can anyone see any pitfalls with my approach? Any other lift options? Remember, I don't think I have all that much vertical headroom up there.

Thanks in advance