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2004-05 Mitsubishi DLP'S!

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I was at a local AV dealer here in San Antonio today looking at all the goodies. What I REALLY wanted to see were the new Mitsubishi DLP sets. The Mits rep was there, & I picked his brain for about an hour. Very informative. He said they were already on the road to the dealers! This is excellent news! These sets are 52 & 62", HD2+, 7 segment, HDMI, 3 Firewire, VGA, integrated ATSC & Qam HD tuners, CableCard, media card reader. and BOTTOM MOUNTED SPEAKERS. He said the 525 series 52" will be for sale next week, with the 525 series 62" 3 weeks after. The 52" Medallion 725 series 2-3 weeks later, followed by the 62" (the one I'm waiting for). These new DLPs were available for a sneak peek recently in SoCal at a Dealer meeting. He also said that these sets KILL all other DLP's released so far. He was very quick to point out the shortcomings of their Alpha set, as well as their older DLPs. He mantioned a segment of grey being added, vastly improving black level. I can't wait (but WILL)! If anyone gets any news on these sets, post it here.
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I also want to see the Medallion 725 series in 62" I have a HLP6163 on pre-order, so I hope to see the Mits before I commit to the Samsung 61" Does the Mits have the HD2+ ??? Does the Mits have 2 digital inputs ??? The Medallion 725 is one of the coolest looking sets I have seen to date (photo only) and with speakers on the bottom, perfect! I just hope the PQ is excellent.

Joe V.
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One more thing what is the CR rated at?

Joe V.
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ALL the Mitsu's have HD2+, 2500-1 CR. It has 4 digital inputs, 1 HDMI, 3 Firewire (IEE1394, I-Link). It also has 3 component inputs.
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samsung makes a nice set... but like a lot of other people... i want a hd2+ tv NOW. my local tweeters will have demos in store in 2 weeks. if these other OEMs step up and release some hot looking stuff, bye bye samsung. they are taking way to long to release their hd2+ products in my opinion. i'd rather wait 2 weeks for mits then 2 months for samsung... and i'm sure samsungs looked no better then a mits.
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any info on price?
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$4K for 52" 525 is what i hear... of course most new stuff isn't discounted but i'm sure that will come down. the one bad thing about getting the latest/greatest on the market is... it's expensive
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Originally posted by UMD_Terp
any info on price?

$3900 for the 52525, $4100 for the 52725(medallion). $4500/$4800 for the 62". Those aren't MSRP's, just prices I have seen on e-tailers.

The only difference that I know of for the medallions are the TV Guide on-screen, and the anti-glare shield. Is the shield going to be removable?
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Originally posted by Patrick TX
ALL the Mitsu's have HD2+, 2500-1 CR. It has 4 digital inputs, 1 HDMI, 3 Firewire (IEE1394, I-Link). It also has 3 component inputs.

When you said 4 digital inputs? How would you hook up lets say a Samsung 941 with HDMI and a Dish 811 Sat receiver with a DVI output? How do you see 4 digital inputs, I only see 1 (HDMI) is the 3 component inputs considered digital?

Joe V.
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no ,
3 inouts are for ieee1394.
mits uses this connection for there vcrs and camcorders as well as there hd5000 scaler/controller.
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What about the Diamond line? I keep hearing about the Medallion, but nothing so far about the Diamonds.

This is getting good with all the competition!
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The only downside to these when compared to the Samsung models is the lack of an additional HDMI/DVi input... it would be nice to have an extra one, but these sets do have 3 firewire hookups...

I am very much interested in the 52" sets... The 525 would probably be fine, but I wonder how much difference the anti-glare screen on the 725 would make.
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Diamond 825 model will have a 120 GB HD and PVR functionality plus a different anti-glare screen on top of the Medallion series.
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Can you remove the screen??

The Mitsu CRT's have removable screens. Does anyone here know of DLP screen removal, or is this a no-no?
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Can you remove the screen??

I asked the same question to the rep. He says they can be removed, but there will be open slots in the bezel where the screen clipped in. He said they were working on a frame that clips into the holes for those that don't want to run shields. As far as ONLY having 1 HDMI, that should be ok. I looked at a DVR today with Firewire, and the cable companies are supposed to already have it on the new boxes. I'd rather have HDMI AND Firewire than 2 HDMI only.
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There is a local Big Screen Store here that exclusively sells Mitsubishi sets... I think I will check them out to see what they say about these new DLPs and their availability...
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Cool, let us know what they say. I forgot to mention this. I asked the Rep if the black panel inder the screen on the Medallion was cloth or fabric (it looks kind of like that). Yes, it is. He did say it looked really good, but I guess we'll have to see. That may possibly force my hand to a 525 series.
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will do... they are 15 minutes from my office... My dad bought a Mitsubishi Diamond CRT from there last year... he got same as cash financing for 2 years and his buying experience was good...
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Not sure if this was already posted, but here is a location of to the brochure on the new Mits DLP. (Can't post a link as I am a new poster - sorry). Looks good. Also has a back panel layout.


I sure would like to see one in person.
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According to this (a couple of months old), it looks like the MSRPs will be as follows:

525 Series - 4,200 (52) / 5,000 (62)
725 Medallion Series - 4,500 / 5,300
825 Diamond Series - 5,500 / 6,300

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Like everyone, will be waiting to hear about the picture on these sets.
Have a question
Since the 825 series will have a PVR I assume you can record OTA HD thru its internal tuner. IF you have DTV inputting into the set will it be able to record DTV HD programming as well, or would it need an internal Diredtv tuner
Thanks in advance
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I don't think i've seen this posted, but some pictures and details are available through this spec sheet:


525 Series: Page 9 & 10
725 medallion: pages 11 & 12
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I wonder if the screen on the 725 series will have much of an impact on the picture. If not, I'm most interested in the 525 series. The anti-glare screens on the Samsungs are nice but I think it takes a little "punch" out of the picture. Let's not forget to mention that the Mitsubishi brochure is showing that these sets have a VGA input which is nice for PC users. My future TV purchases hope is in the Mitsubishi DLPs now. The brochure also says that all inputs will be converted to 720p! Hopefully we'll see these sets soon!
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I am going to Harvey Electronics in Manhattan tomorrow and I will inquire and let everyone know. I too am waiting for the HD2+. I suspect that Samsung might have miscalculated about the need for the cablecard because in earlier postings I read that that's why it's taking so much longer for their sets to come out-- they are integrating the CC. I know that no one has seen the Mits but it is really exciting for the new technology to be on the brink of arrival. I don't think the higher end Mits, i.e. with the built-in DVR, is on the same schedule as the 62525 and the 52525. I think it may arrive later.

I was in the Princeton NJ Tweeter on Tuesday and they had no idea what I was talking about (new Mits units). They had one HLP and it was not even up and running.
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Their diamond line has a large 70" LCOS 1920x1080. Has anyone seen that yet?
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Originally posted by MaxC
Their diamond line has a large 70" LCOS 1920x1080. Has anyone seen that yet?

That's news to me. I've seen their Alpha 82" LCoS which the rep seemed to say needed improvement.
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Yeah...it's an 82" LCOS. I saw it on display at Paul's TV last weekend. The size alone is awesome to behold. They were playing an animated feed on it (fish, like an aquarium), so I can't really judge the PQ. It looked great from what I saw.

The diamond line is typically months later than the others. So, we'll see the 525's in a week or two, the 725's a few weeks after, and I would guess the Diamonds should be out by late September/early October. But, I won't wait that long...$5k is a bit pricey for me for a 52" anyhow.
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are the screens on the 525/725/825 interchangeable... I think I would be fine with the 525 considering I don't really want the TV guide functionality, but the anti-glare screen is something to maybe consider...
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Originally posted by htwaits
That's news to me. I've seen their Alpha 82" LCoS which the rep seemed to say needed improvement.

Maybe that is what it was....I have at Mitsubishi Diamond 2004 catalog, so I will have to go back and look at it. Do you remember exactly what the rep said needed improvement? I would assume contrast ratio?
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Check the first message in this thread.

When I've seen the Alpha the images looked flat and lacking in contrast. So many variables go into that impression that's probable that I didn't see the Alpa (three different units) at it's best.
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