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Hi. I need some input regarding a WD-52525. The lamp blew up a few weeks back and I ordered a new one. I installed the new lamp and the orange "Lamp Error" light on the front panel will not go out. Obviously, the set will not power up. I got the lamp exchanged just in case it was a bad lamp. The second new lamp gives me the same result. What could the problem be now?

The main board was replaced in 2/10. Mits picked up 90% of the repair cost. The Mits authorized repair shop in my area is VERY difficult to deal with and I hesitate to deal with these people again. Should I cut my loses and just junk it?

BTW, if any one is interested in a new lamp, you can have it for $50 shipped.

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Happened to me once. One of the prongs inside was bent. Check to make sure the prongs that connect to the lamp are straight.
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Thanks. I will double check it.
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I loved my Mitsu 52525, but unfortunately it didn't last as long as I would have preferred. I got this frame just before the set died on me, never even got a chance to install it. It's still in the box!

If anyone is interested please send a PM.

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Hi, new here.
I bought one of these monstrosities, a 65285, back in '06. I love the picture but hate how slow the channels change. Any ways, about 3 mnonths ago I had to have the chassis replaced and now I'm having the lamp issue. The TV starts, sound starts, the picture comes on and then within a minute or so the set turns off and the red light comes on. Looks like capacitor time for me eh? Think I'll attempt to fix it once and then it goes to the curb. Pretty sure my next TV will be a Sony...
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I get the vertical banding (green/magenta) scrolling at various rates.

Don't know if it's the capacitor set or what...I don't think it's worth 2k to fix it though.

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Selling my broken WD-62725 for cheap. Local pickup only in greater Seattle area
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So, I have a WD-52525 that I've decided to "give up" on. I have repaired the power supply board and then discovered that at least one other board had the bulged caps. I'm less than enthused about pulling that one apart and making the repairs when I expect that I'll need to downsize soon anyway.

So, my decision is your opportunity for spare parts or repair parts. I'm willing prevent at least some of this from going into a landfill and helping you keep your Mitsu. TV working by parting it out.

I'm in Washington State, North of Seattle (98203) and I'm willing to ship parts. With the possible exception of a few select parts, I'm willing to do this for the cost of packing and shipping.

I have the full manual plus the schematic and the board breakdown and blow up diagram, so I'm pretty confident that I can find what you want. But if its a lot of messing to remove what you want, I'm likely to either say no or ask for a few dollars to offset the PITA (more likely to say no.)

I'll ship via USPS and I'm willing to accept payment for postage via Paypal but the received payment (what I receive, not what Paypal receives from you) has to cover the costs.

I can supply pics, but I'm not so willing to spend all my time uploading photos for people that are just looking.

I'll consider reasonable requests (as I noted above) but remember, this is something that is free. I'm not going to work too hard, and everything is pretty much "as is". If you want some little part that is hard to get out, you get the whole assembly, take it or leave it.

Lastly, I'm probably on a bit of a time line on this. I don't know when I need to have it gone, not for a couple of weeks yet anyway, but this is not an offer that is going to go on for many weeks or months.

Contact me if interested. You can reach me at gfhopper at gmail dot com.
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