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Originally Posted by bubbaprog View Post

I wish they'd all end their stupid weather subchannels and restore full bandwidth to the stuff they're actually supposed to be broadcasting.

Guess what? They're supposed to be broadcasting in order to make money. How they do it is up to them. If that means that adding sub-channels is the tool they've found to make money, that's what they're going to do.

If that means disappointing a relative handful of purists, and you happen to be one of them, tough luck. Get a Blu Ray player.
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Originally Posted by bubbaprog View Post

I wish they'd all end their stupid weather subchannels and restore full bandwidth to the stuff they're actually supposed to be broadcasting.
I don't, to be honest. Besides, WTSP is the only station in the area right now offering a digital weather subchannel (which is a quick way to get weather info on TV outside normal news if one doesn't have cable), and put aside, it already has enough lackluster bandwidth to it so that WTSP HD can have less compression for main CBS programming.
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I live in Wesley Chapel in Central southern Pasco and can receive Orlando quite well until mid-morning; all channels there come in at night; I use an outdoor antenna aimed toward Orlando and can receive our locals as well, usually can decode 65 channels altogether between here and Orlando/Daytona.
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Looking for some advice... sick and tired of Bright House and their shoddy service. I have no choice but to keep them for internet but I'll be damned if I pay them for TV. I'm in Largo, 31 miles from the Riverview antenna farm. I have an old CRT, a digital-to-analog converter and today I got the Mohu Leaf Ultimate, top of the line indoor antenna supposedly. And I get marvelous reception on everything from WUSF 16 on up, including WFTS 28, yet I can't seem to pull WEDU 3, WFLA 8, WTSP 10 or WTVT 13. Seems so odd, I'm thinking perhaps there's some setting I might be missing? Should I maybe bypass the amplifier? This thing advertises that it pulls everything within 50 miles, so I can't see a reason why I wouldn't get those channels. I am new at this, so I very well might be overlooking something. Any advice appreciated!
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The stations you can't get are all VHF, something the Leaf isn't good at. The specs I found said it's only good for ten miles for VHF signals. "HDTV" antennas are usually glorified UHF antennas with an amp in them. Try a regular pair of rabbit ears, though - given the distance - a UHF/VHF-Hi combo either on the roof (preferred) or in the attic should fill your needs and at probably less than you shelled out for the Leaf.
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I'm in an apartment complex (ground floor) so outdoor/attic antennas aren't an option. Is there a way I can use both rabbit ears and the Leaf?
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Originally Posted by sayhitobull View Post

I'm in an apartment complex (ground floor) so outdoor/attic antennas aren't an option. Is there a way I can use both rabbit ears and the Leaf?

You might use an RF A/B switch. Some are available with remotes. Some TVs have more than one RF input. You might try an inverted splitter with rabbit ears first, but I'd return the UHF only antenna and get a combo. Maybe something like LAVA HD-2605 ULTRA would fit inside your apartment somewhere or attached to a BBQ grill as a "radiator" on the back porch if the landlord doesn't permit outside attachments.
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I'll check it out. Thanks everybody!
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Keep receipts in case you have to escalate. Good luck.
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The Leaf is a UHF-only design. Its elements are too small to be effective on VHF.

That Lava antenna is a cheaply made piece of junk. Avoid it.

Rabbit ears for VHF may be added to a UHF antenna PROPERLY by using a UVSJ, not reversed splitter.

The "best" indoor antenna is the one that works in your location. Reception of VHF indoors (ground) at 31 miles is a crap shoot. Your odds are poor, especially if you use marginal antennas.

Usually the most effective "indoor" antenna is an outdoor antenna that manages to fit into your indoor living space without taking over it completely. My favorite is the ClearStream 2V with an indoor base and mount. Adding a good, low-noise, overload tolerant amp is suggested. Moju's Jolt, Winegard's LNA 100, and Antennas Direct VLA1 are all good choices although the Jolt and LNA 100 are overpriced by at least twice what they're worth.
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I live about five miles from the Riverview antenna farms as the EM wave flies. I am using a Walmart el cheapo rabbit ears for my antenna. Almost all of the stations come in quite clearly, however WTSP channel 10 has some issues. So your results may not be all due to your antenna. Some stations just have a poorer signal.
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Some stations just have a poorer signal.

Not very likely. If one station had a deficient signal, it would affect others besides you. More likely, it's local interference from something local - electrical or FM, most likely. Slap a $5 FM filter from Radio Shack on there to eliminate FM as a cause.
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I'm located about halfway between Orlando and Tampa's signals and have tried using an indoor antenna to get the over-the-air signals. Being around 40+ miles away though, it's a crap-shoot at best, and reliability suffers. We'll be watching a CSI or a CRIMINAL MINDS on WKMG in Orlando and at a critical point, the signal will just drop out for a second or two.

Orlando has just one main VHF signal - WESH 2 which is RF 11. I've never, EVER even gotten a sniff of that signal on an indoor antenna, even with exact measuring of the dipoles.

Tampa has a number of VHF signals, WFLA 8 on RF 7, WTSP 10 on RF 10, and WTVT 13 on RF 12 being the three main network affiliates. Oddly, 8 and 10 I have received on a nothing-fancy set of dipoles attached to a loop for UHF. They don't come in reliably at all, but I HAVE at least seen them on occasion. But that WESH from Orlando is still among the missing on anything indoors.

I had an installer put a nice, big Winegard antenna up in our attic, and with some fiddling, he was able to get me WESH 2 on a semi-reliable basis - but it winks in and out. Oddly, he supposedly pointed the thing up toward the Bitho signals in Orlando, but whenever I switch to that antenna, I fairly reliable also pick up WFLA 8 and WTSP 10 - and sometimes WTVT 13. I must be picking those up on the back end of the antenna as the orientation at my house has the Tampa signals exactly 180° from the Orlando signals.

Oh - and before WTSP moved their antenna a year or so ago to the Riverview site, it was not ever receivable here. Now it comes in much better, if still not reliable on the indoor antenna.

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Channel 13 in Tampa is going to add channel 13.3, a 24 hour Accu-Weather sub channel. Sometime this fall I assume.
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I found that here in Wesley Chapel, an antenna with a rotator is perfect for Tampa and Orlando channels with the antenna split between the two locations all the subs come in perfectly; there are a number of those that aren't even on cable outlets yet. If an Orlando channel is marginal then I just rotate the antenna towards the east a little more. My array is two separate antennas, a UHF on top and VHF on bottom with a CHannel Master CM7777 pre-amp. This has worked perfectly for me. This is all on a 35 foot telescoping antenna mast that I got from Huston's TV in Zephyrhills.
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Heh! Bright House isn't yet carrying their 13.2 MOVIES channel.
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I think Comcast is the only cable provider carrying Movies on 13.2; there is another movie service on 50.3 (off antenna)called GET-TV; they actually don't start until October but are in test mode running movies 24/7. Channel 50 is actually a Spanish channel in Tampa on 50.1. GET-TV is similar to Movies on 13.2 carrying a lot of 1930's to 1970's features.
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Where did you here that about Accuweather and who owns the station?
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It appears the WFLA-TV Channel 28 is not broadcasting PSIG information. Anyone else notice this? I have sent them an e-mail.
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Originally Posted by dschlic1 View Post

It appears the WFLA-TV Channel 28 is not broadcasting PSIG information. Anyone else notice this? I have sent them an e-mail.

You mean WFTS 28? It's annoying. AFAICT, all satellite and cable services strip the PSIG. Maybe it's trying to push the relative few getting it OTA for free into subscriptions to bolster its revenue.
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I agree. Cable companies are doing all they can to make cable cutters life hard. The on/off of PSIG information is causing my CM7000PAL to randomly change the recording schedule. For this reason I am looking into a TV tuner card for my HTPC. BTW I am lucky in that I live about seven miles from the Riverview antenna farm.
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Looks like WTSP has put ANTENNA TV on 10.2.

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Another local weather channel discontinued, at least they didn't create a third sub channel like WKMG Orlando.
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It was at most half as good as WFTS's was for those interested in local rather than Pensacola, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Miami, or Atlanta, so it's no surprise to me any SD retro network would generate more ad revenue for WTSP. Still, where I live there are now zero 24 hour OTA video weather sources, so it will be missed.
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Well, though I sort of like having a channel on the TV where I can quickly turn to check the weather radar, the fact is that the main local channels break in with ANY kind of warning on flashing scrawls to the point of absurdity it seems. And when the weather's nice, who really cares? It's easy enough to check on a computer. So even though all local weather channels are now gone, I'm still happy that we have Antenna TV on the cable. Now, if they'd only add MOVIES! from 13.2...

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FWIW, most movies on Movies! that were wider than 1.37:1 as originally released to theaters are brought to WTSP wider than 4:3, usually 16:9 but sometimes letter boxed. WTSP center cuts all the wide ones back to give pillar boxing to HDTV screens that aren't stretching the picture to fill it. I suspect WFTT may be doing the same with Bounce and GetTV. ATM, GetTV is double-boxed.
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Bright House is now carrying GET TV on 50.3

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