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SA 8000 Scheduled Recordings Problem  

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MY SA 8000 DVR was recently upgraded. Although you can cancel a single entry on the Scheduled Recordings list if it has a "One Episode" recording status, it seems that you cannot do so for any entry with an "All Episodes" record status. For example, on the cable line-up, JAG has a M-F morning, afternoon, and evening showing. The afternoon show is always a repeat of the morning show. I've selected "All Episodes" of JAG for Scheduled Recordings and have tried to cancel the afternoon episodes only. However, when I get to the Confirm Cancel screen for a single show, it just displays "Are you sure you want to cancel recording all episodes of this program?" What's missing is an option to cancel the single recording that was selected.

So far, I've been allowing all episodes to record and then erasing the duplicated episodes from the Recorded List. Any suggestions for dealing with this (other than by using a "One Episode" record status to schedule each individual show) would be greatly appreciated.
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I believe this is a limitation of the series recording functionality in your particular version of the SA8000 software. If JAG shows at the same time every day, you should be able to schedule a manual recording to record it each weekday, as shown below:


On the newest software (still in beta testing on many systems), you get additional options after you select "All Episodes." Depending on your provider, you'll probably receive this new software within 60-90 days.

http://home.comcast.net/~bklfowler/sa8000hd/9.jpg http://home.comcast.net/~bklfowler/sa8000hd/10.jpg
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Thanks for your information. In fact, I have the software upgrade illustrated in your example and selected the "All episodes on this channel at any time" option for recording JAG. The general issue I'm trying to address is this: If an individual program on the Scheduled Recordings list displays an "All Episodes"record status, can it be cancelled without removing all of the remaining episodes. With respect to JAG, the ability to do so will enable me to eliminate the afternoon show which is a repeat of the morning episode. The Confirm Cancel screen does not provide an option to do so, and I consider this a significant limitation of the Edit function.
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Specifically for JAG ... wouldn't the 'All Episodes In This Time Slot' suit your purpose?

Or a repeated manual recording would also work ... "Weekdays, x channel, y time".

However there would seem to be lots of uses for repeating a single scheduled recording (even if it's scheduled as an 'all episodes') ... unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be an option yet. You cancel one ... you cancel them all.

I'd see this as really useful for 'conflict management'. You schedule lots of 'all episodes' recordings' ... they didn't conflict this week ... but next week you have several slots where 3 or more shows are scheduled ... what to do?
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On the last version I had, if you had three episodes scheduled at the same time, the SA8000HD would ignore not one, not two, but all three. :rolleyes:
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Another thing to know about schedules is that the network providers (USA, TNT ect.) provide the scheduling information. If they provide the information incorrectly, like saying both shows a day are in the same time slot, then the DVR won't seem to work properly. But it's not the OS of the DVR that's wrong, it's the information that's provided to it.
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