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I know this is an old thread, but I recently moved from Medford to Eagle Point. My old indoor Terk antenna wasn't cutting it, so I bought a ClearStream 2V and mounted it about 25 feet from the ground on my roof facing Roxy Ann. For the life of me I cannot get fox 26. I am using the small booster that came with my Terk and I figured this powerful antenna would get everything, but its not. Any ideas?
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Try relocating the antenna, several times, if necessary. It's probably in a terrain-induced dead spot. 6-12" increments is usually all it takes.
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The broadcast antenna for FOX 26 is on Mt Baldy. Not many places in Eagle Point have line of site to Baldy.

Go to http://www.antennaweb.org and enter your zip code and address.

I wish I could help more.
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You're actually getting your signals from Mt. Baldy, which is south of Roxy Ann. If Roxy Ann or surrounding hills block the view from your antenna to Baldy you are probably losing some signal. You can find the exact bearing from your house to Baldy at www.antennaweb.org and fine-tune your aim.

I don't think Fox has any repeaters in the Rogue Valley so you're stuck with the Baldy transmitter. Maybe a taller antenna mast will give you a better angle. When I was setting up my antenna, which looks a lot like yours, getting obstacles out of the line of sight was crucial.
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Thanks for the ideas guys. I have a crazy steep roof and had one shot at mounting the antenna on the roof with the help of a neighbor. I had to put my 18ft ladder on the tire carrier of his jeep to mount the antenna on the eve about 25 feet up. I didn't try the antenna before it was installed, so its probably my fault it doesn't work. Also, AntennaWeb doesn't even show Fox for me at my address.
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Antennaweb is pretty much worthless. No one here who knows what they're doing uses it. TVFool is far more useful for estimating reception.

If you post the link to your exact location TVFool plot, we can better analyze what's going on.
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As fate would have it, you have a hill right in front of you in the signal path to Baldy. Since KMVU is very low power (16.2 kW max) with a directional antenna that only sends about 5600 watts in your direction, there isn't much power available to allow the signal to diffract over that hill very effectively.

Several options are possible:

1. Moving antenna as already suggested. Several times, if needed. Be patient and be careful.
2. Adding a low noise, medium gain pre-amp at the antenna. I doubt that the amp that came with the Terk qualifies.
3. Upgrading to a much stronger UHF antenna and keep #1 in mind. These signals do not obey our wishes.

Good luck!
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