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Metallica DVD-Audio 96khz digital out?  

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I was recently testing the Toshiba SD-6915 DVD-A/SACD player with the Metallica DVD-A Black album. With the DVD player outputting optical digital, and the receiver set to auto/digital in, I was getting a "Direct 96k" message on the receiver.
The Toshiba is a problem-plagued player, so I returned it and bought a new Onkyo dv-cp802 dvd-a/sacd player. I cannot replicate the above situation. I've made sure digital downsample is off, I've tried straight DD and DD converted to PCM, still only getting 48khz.

Does anyone know if this disc is limited to 48khz via digital output, or do I have something set up wrong?
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dvd-a players are capable of 24/96 digital out for 2 ch only. To get mch out you must use the analog outs. Look at the disc to see what is said about the resolution. Many have a 24/96 2 ch mix which will go digital out.
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There's no technical reason for this limitation, right? It's merely because the corporate guys are too scared about digital copying?

I'm 100% for protecting intellectual property. But when such protection does nothing but harm paying consumers or deny them technically possible features, it's really annoying.
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Someone a few months back in the HTPC area said it was a bandwidth limitation of SPDIF. You had to use the analog outs. I believe he said you would need a player and receiver with firewire (or USB2.0) ports to handle the bandwidth.
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Does anyone listen to this particualar disc in 96khz digital?

It's driving me crazy because I did with my Toshiba, now I cannot with my new Onkyo.
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I took mine over to a friend's house and listened. I don't know what DVD-A player or receiver he had, but I know for sure it was full 96khz. I just listen to the DD 5.1 track on it, sounds pretty good.
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