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Velodyne F-1200B age? any good?  

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hi guys. i found a Velodyne F-1200B subwoofer for sale for a decent price, but i can't seem to find much info on this sub online. how old is it? what are the specs? anyone have one? should i jump on this sub??? TIA
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ok. after doing some serious seaching, i have found some VERY good information on Velodyne subs, and when and what their new developments were. for example. here's the info on the F1200B i found:

"1992 F Series Released
The Foundation (F) Series is released. These forward firing servo woofers set a new standard in low bass performance with built-in amplifiers."

here's the web site if you are interested!!!

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I would contact Velodyne and ask if they've still got servo modules in the spares department, as I've read these can have a higher percentage to go faulty (compared to other solid state, reliable devices)

These were the flagship Velodyne subs a few years back, I would assume they will trounce anything Velodyne produce upto the HGS range.
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Wow thats pretty vague info if you ask me ...

I considered buying one of these at one point. It was HUGE and ugly and old. The user reviews were good though. Its age made me have second thoughts, the last thing I wanted was a huge ugly sub with an annoying little humm or something like that.

I would only buy it if you could listen to it first. That was my problem, it was a major drive, and the owner didnt really have it setup for listening.

I ended up buying a huge used Infinity, that wasnt too old, or too far away, and the owner was eager to hook it up to his Revel system and show it off (Thats always a good sign). I also asked for a written 48 hour money-back-warranty, in case some annoying buzz appeared at home, I assured him I would only bring it back if it was something major like that.
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