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can anyone confirm whether or not QAM works via the cable in?
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I only had the cable/sat overlap for a couple of days, & I used the setup where I picked the local cable co - so it only added the local networks for whatever reason. It added the stations to my guide and I could tune them fine. I was going to turn that off and try letting it scan for channels, but they shut the cable off too quick.
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the locals are *most likely* the only non-encrypted QAM channels - wouldn't be the first I've heard of this. hmmm - I'm assuming these were HD locals...correct?
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Originally posted by hancox
can anyone confirm whether or not QAM works via the cable in?
If you read the specs, there is no mention of QAM support. In fact, it says explicitly:

"CABLE IN: Connect the RG-6 cable from your cable TV provider (if you have one) to this jack. This input is intended for use with a cable NTSC signal only. It is not intended (nor does it support) off-air signals."
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I have had the DTC-210 for a week.

I bought it for the OTC HDTV reception since the DTC-100 wasn't very good despite some serious antenna/amplifier work.

The DTC-210 is both better and ultimately worse. It has stronger OTA HDTV reception but it also has severe multipath distortion so while I get a great picture, it comes and goes every few seconds. The signal meter shows 80-90 for 10-30 seconds then fades to 0 for a while and then comes back to start the cycle all over again. I haven't been able to get rid of it despite a lot of attic time.

The (15 pin) HDTV picture is much better BUT the HDTV outlet and S-video outlet don't work simultaneously. A panel switch buried ON THE BACKof the unit must be moved to change the output. Bummer! I need this because I have to use the S-video to feed my Video recorder so whenever I want to record a program it's fishing time behind the receiver. How much did they save? $5.00 ? Say it isn't so. Tell me I'm doing something wrong, please.
I've spent 45 minutes on the phone with RCA (1-800 number to get a recorded message to tell me to call a toll number) and they say the receiver can't do both at the same time. Well, I guess this is my last RCA product.

All in all, some good things and some bad but probably on the whole not what I had expected or hoped.
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The switch on the back chooses between DVI/RGB or YPbPr (component).

Are you saying that when you select DVI/RGB, the S-video output is lost? Or rather the YPbPr-component output is lost?

This unit is supposed to support simultaneous Hidef and NTSC outputs, but you can't have RGB and component (both Hidef) at the same time.
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I have a Sammy TS360 right now, but I was thinking about switching to this receiver. My two questions are, how is the D* picture quality compared to the Sammy and does this have audio droupout issues like the Sammy?

I'd really appreciate any input.

Thank you
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Neither the DTC or DTS suffer from MC audio drop outs or HD audio lip sync issues. It is highly recommended that you download the PDF owners manual and review, to insure that the product meets your requirements.

Only the DTS offers superior PQ in 480i component in both up/down SD & HD conversion. Both offer good PQ in 480p/720p/1080i modes.
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I am tired of this misery Gary, what DO you recommend, which HD model do you have for home? Let's say your the Genie in the bottle, Wish: "tell me which receiver delivers the best PQ, no audio issues, regardless of other issues!"
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I have all HD models at my disposal. There is no purpose in comparing features, there is no perfect mix that plays all the songs everyone wants to hear, at least today. The PQ comparison you should make is what looks better to you on most HDTV's, 1080i/720p/480p native modes or simple 480i component.

Question: When does higher resolution content look better in lower resolutions and which manuf's do the best job at conversion and compensation? But caveat you compare SD & HD modes and break out composite / S-Vid as category 1, component as category 2, and DVI as category 3 in your PQ comparision.

Clue: "When a DBS service attempts to offer the maximum number of channels, it puts any given manuf's product to the test."
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To align myself with Dan Rather.. I was duped. My switcher was bad. The RCA DTC 210 does in fact output to the sub-D (HDTV) and the S-video simultaneously.
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Questions for those that own this receiver:

The Owners manual refers to slight cropping when outputting hd from the sd outputs. How much cropping are you seeing?

"Note: If you connect your TV to the VIDEO OUT, S-VIDEO OUT, or TV OUT jack, and you view a high-definition program
with the HD Receiver’s RESOLUTION SELECT switch set to either 720p or 1080i, the picture will be slightly cropped at
the top and bottom (the very top and bottom edges of the image will not appear on the TV screen). To avoid this
problem, set the RESOLUTION SELECT switch to the 480p/i position if your TV is connected to one of the composite video

If I have to select resolution everytime I record to my dvd recorder to get an uncropped pic, doesn't that mean the simultaneous hd/sd is unrealistic? Also the first and last sentence contradict each other as s-video is not a composite video output. Is there cropping on the s-video out or not? And lastly, there do not appear to be any options for native res output, as on the htl-hd. Is that affecting anyone negatively? I have a 720p projector myself, so I gather this means I would lose the ability to conveniently use my projector for scaling 1080i, assuming it does a better job than the sat box.
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Funny, RCA went from #1 with the DTC-100 to last with this unit. Go figure.
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Let me start off explaining that we have had this unit in our store displaying OTA only and I was impressed. For comparison we have the DST-3100 and had the Sony HD-200 and 300, Samsung SIRT-150 previously.

OK, just set up this unit last night at our home in Mobile, Al.

Very impressed so far, very impressed.

OTA reception is much more sensitive than our Sony 57WS550 TV (which has a very good OTA Tuner). I like the increased channel changing speed, excellent.

We now pick-up 55.1, saw this spot-tingly if at all in the past 3 months with the Sony, now pulling in all OTA channels in Mobile. Well see how this plays out.

As this is my first Direct Tv system in our home, I must say the set-up and menu system could not be easier.

The minimal Direct TV HD channel viewing I've done in 1080i has been excellent. I have been concerned with reports of major compression with the HD channels on Direct TV in general, have not seen that so far (the time spent with electronic and manual focus along with service level convergence really shows with this material).

The guides are fast and simple, need more time here, but like them a lot so far.

The 1080i up-convert of standard Direct 480i channels are really clean, really clean, looks great.

The remote programs nicely, our Pioneer 49tx receiver would not take the code from the RCA manual, but performed the "Auto Programming" and it worked, cool!

If you need only an OTA Tuner, this unit will perform that function, you must first insert the card however, otherwise you can not get the channels to scan. Again, the OTA tuner is the best I've used so far.

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I guess I get it. -confusion- The DTC and DST are both good receivers in their respective ways. I received a DST order I placed 3 days ago off Ebay and you are are correct Gary, 480i component is the way to go. Up/Down conversion is awesome. Exactly, what other D* HD receiver models support 480i component?
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The DST is unique in this way, there are no other *D HD receivers I am aware of currently, that support 480i component mode. Again, there are other factors to consider, but if you are pleased that is what is important.

The DTC is also a good product and serves another niche / class of subs for feature favorites.
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I'm curious about how the guides appear when displayed in SD/NTSC format. I have a 4:3 set and desire to use the full screen for non-HD material. Glancing at the owner's manual, I only see guides in wide format. Do the guides just appear in letterbox when viewed in SD?

There was another question in a post above regarding the note in the manual about cropping in SD output mode. Any insight here, also?
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I've had the Sony HD200, Toshiba DST-3100, and Samsung TS360. The RCA 210 is the best of all of them. No quirks at all. Rock solid in every respect, no fan noise, runs very cool. I'm going to hang onto this one for a long time!
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Just replaced an E86 with the DTC-210. To me the HD channels seem softer, even a bit blurry at times, compared to the E86, especially comparing outdoor scenes on HDnet or DHD theater, which were razor sharp on the E86. Tried auto resolution both on and off, made no difference in picture quality on my 60 inch GWIII. Using component hookup as with the E86, tried DVI first but the colors were way off and would require major adjustments. This is unexpected as I had not read of any complaints with HD picture quality.

On the other hand, I'm pulling in 4 OTA HD stations, including the CBS affiliate 90 miles away, with an unamplified Silver Sensor, the E86 wouldn't detect any of these, which is the main reason I wanted this unit.
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Just a follow up, switched output to 1080i from 720p, picture now is much better, I guess the scaler in the GWIII likes 1080i better than 720p, which is the opposite of what I expected. Pretty happy now with this receiver.
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I already have direct tv but want to get hd receiver. I see on their site they have hd receiver, off-air antenna w/ installation, multi-dish for $399.

I already have the dish, so maybe they can give a discount. But when asked what kind of hd receiver I can get they said it's up to the tech.

They said you can request one... but no guarantees.

They did however guarantee OTA channels, since I am in the area.

I have a sony 42" gwIII, is the rca the best one to get now with best OTA reception and hd channels? Or is the Hughes HTL-HD better?
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I received my DTC-210 today and connected the audio out via digital coax to my new Pioneer Elite 56TXI. The one problem I'm experiencing is my 210 seems to only output DD on the Hi Def channels. I have an older DD Hughes Receiver paired with a Denon DD receiver in the living room and get DD (When its actually being broadcast) on the DD Std. Def. HBO, Starz, and Showtime channels. This afternoon I could get DD on HBOHD channel 509 but the corresponding HBO std def. channel 501 was Prologic only on the 210. Up stairs on the Hughes Denon combo HBO 501 was in DD. I brought the old Hughes down to my basement theater and all DD stations lit the DD light on the Pioneer. My call to D* was long and frustrating, although they did finally agree to send me a new receiver. Any one else have a similar problem?
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I just got an RCA DTC-210 last night and the PQ with DVI is great. But I noticed that 4:3 content is not quite centered and the pillar box on the left is wider than the one on the right (so the image is shifted a little to the right). I know the RCA is a relatively new model, but does anyone know how I can re-center or adjust the horizontal position of my 4:3 content? (BTW, the other receiver on another TV input using component video doesn't have this problem).


I searched the archives and noticed that people had the same problem on certain Samsung models, but they're able to correct it within the preferences (Menu > Setup > Installation > Monitor Setup). Turns out the RCA menu system is the same! Problem solved!
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RF sensitivity has been pretty good, the original batteries are wearing out however and I'm having trouble finding good replacement AA's. When you rmove the batteries you also lose any codes programmed in.

Any recommendations for a good AA?
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Never mind, Turns out there are 2 DD settings that need to be made, "Default Format" and "Digital Out". Once both settings are made all DD audio channels are received in DD.
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Originally posted by TS45
Any recommendations for a good AA?
A good one out there for low current drain usage is the Energizer E2 alkaline, rated for 3135 mAh. I can't imagine that the remote would be high drain (>500mW), but if so, the E2 lithium would be even better.
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I am looking at getting the RCA 210 but can't seem to find one locally.Where has everyone got there's online and what kind of return policy did they have just in case it doesn't work out....thanks alot..

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Got mine at *********************, received it the day after I ordered it. I think they have a 30 day return policy, but a 20% restocking fee.
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Originally posted by vidwiz
Questions for those that own this receiver:

The Owners manual refers to slight cropping when outputting hd from the sd outputs. How much cropping are you seeing?

"Note: If you connect your TV to the VIDEO OUT, S-VIDEO OUT, or TV OUT jack, and you view a high-definition program with the HD Receiver’s RESOLUTION SELECT switch set to either 720p or 1080i, the picture will be slightly cropped at the top and bottom (the very top and bottom edges of the image will not appear on the TV screen). To avoid this problem, set the RESOLUTION SELECT switch to the 480p/i position if your TV is connected to one of the composite video outputs."
Can someone who actually has the DTC-210 please check on this?! I have a slaved 4:3 set (and a VCR) that I would like to use simultaneously with HD. How bad is this cropping issue, and how does the guide look in NTSC output?

Gerald C
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Add me to the list of happy DTC-210 owners! I just got mine in the mail today from *********************. As a previous owner of a Sammy TS-360, I can honestly say that this receiver is much better. I've had no audio dropouts and the picture quality seems better than the TS-360 (SD converted to 1080i looks about the same though). I absolutely love this receiver!

BTW, Gerald C, I'll see what I can do to answer your question. Also, if anyone else has any other questions, feel free to send me a PM.
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