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Car audio amps in home???  

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Hi everybody I was just at audiocircle and was reading this one post. It was about this one guy using a car audio digital amp in his home to power his sub. I belive the model number for the amp was Blaupunkt PA2150. Is it possible to use car audio amps, in home?? If so how hard is it to "plug it in a wall" and how do they sound. Reason I am asking is I am considering 4 ohm speakers with a 88db sesitivity, and wanted a amp, but home audio amps are very pricey, so I decided on a Digital amp, but if somehow car audio amps can work in home, i would like to see how?? Thanks.
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It would theoretically work, but you would need to use a step down transformer (wall wart type device) to turn 110v into 12v. You would also need to make sure you got one that had the proper current handling.

Generally the car amps are not at the same performance level as the home, but for sub purposes it might be okay.
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If I could get it to work, I would use those car amps to power the front and rear speakers not to sub, so I guess its not worth bothering with. Thanks for the quick reply.
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I think you would have to also have some kind of inverter or something to turn AC to DC; correct? Sounds like a bad idea to me. I don't know what your idea is of "very pricey", but there are many good values on the used market and in the "pro audio" market, which will provide lots of power into low impendence with no difficulty, plus are designed for the normal power available in a home.
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Well I was orginally planning to buy the Yamaha 5790 for around 500. Then I decided I better go the digital route, so my current choice are the upcoming Panny XR70 or the Kenwood 7100, either of those wouldnt cost me more than 330 with shipping. Unless I can get a 6 channel amp or 3 stero amps for around the same price, I would go that way. I know i wont, unless i get pro audio amps like pyle or pyramid. But I am willing to spend up to 350-400 on a 6 channel amp, either it be one big one or 3 stero to drive my 4 ohm speakers. I dont know of any, if anyone knows, let me know, because those digital amps look to be my only hope.
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You're asking for ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I suggest you read out thread about pro amps and look into them..Biggest bang for the buck going now!!!Alhough you may have to double that budget for 6 channels..

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Yes, you can, but why?

There is no clear advantage to doing so other than being unique.

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Actually I know I am asking for a lot...thats why in my post I stated I dont think their are too many options for me, and that is why I am better of sticking to a reciever. Thanks everyone.
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I think you're better off changing speakers.
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Just out of curiosity, what speakers are they?
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They were the Polk LSi9 and LSi7
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I'm running the same type of speakers (Polk LSi) off a Crown XLS402A pro amplifier and it sounds amazing! Do yourself a favor and check them out. The power they'll receive from the XLS402A is roughly 400 watts per channel, RMS, which will give you a ton of reserve power. Don't worry, they can take it.

You can find one for around $250 on Ebay and that will provide you with 2 channels of amplification. As Brickie stated, check a few pages back for a thread I started on pro amps. I'll never buy anything else, ever again.
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I wouldn't bother for one very big reason:

Modern car amplifiers use DC-to-AC power supplies to step the 12 volts up to 40, 60, 80 volts or more, and then rectify it back into DC. The current requirements are huge at 12 volts, and a 12-volt power supply capable of that much current is very expensive.

Even with a 100%-efficient power supply, watts in = watts out, and when you up the voltage, the current demand is proportionately increased. For example, 5 amps at 60 volts requires 25 amps at 12 volts. Reality adds a good 10% to 20% penalty to that.

It makes much more sense to use the already-AC house power to power amplifiers. The efficiency (not electrical, necessarily, but the cost/performance ratio) is much better when using an amplifier with an AC power supply when it's available. That's my take on the matter.
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Why? Why car amplifier's in the home? The cost of separate home audio and multi-channel home theater amps have gone way down in price. I used a large car amp in the barracks at Bitburg Air Base, Germany. I used a huge Astron power supply and a deep cycle (yellow top) car battery to drive it. My first Sargent thought I needed counseling! For the price of the Optima, Astron and car amp why not get a amp designated for home use.
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