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Originally Posted by sixfoot View Post

Anyway, I'm looking for ideas on how to make the door oulls line up better. I can't drill new holes for the pulls, but I could possibly do so for the hinges.

Replace the pulls with round ones? Remove the center door?
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Any feedback on Furnitech stands? They look really nice in pix and are way cheaper than BDI or Salamander...I am mostly interested in this one for a 65" plasma:


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I just purchased a whole new set up which is as follows

TV: Samsung 7100 60" LED
Marantz SR7007 AVR
Speakers Center: CSi A6
Speakers Front:RTi A3
Speakers Rear:FXi A6

My current old entertainment center will not hold the center channel it was fine for my Def. Tch 1000 center but the polk is much larger, and my AVR would be very snug in it. I am looking for options in which my center channel can be housed under the tv and enough room for my AVE, even if I hang the TV the AVR rec. is still a tight fit. I have looked at Salamander and was exploring other options I do get a nice discount at best buy but was hoping for some advice here. Sorry I am new and thanks again for any help.
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Have a look at Ashley Furniture's Hindell Park W695-48. It's huge, looks nice, fits lots of components, including a large center speaker, and it's well-priced. Best I have found it for is $650 from my nearest store, though the tag on it said $998. Other stores had it for $668.
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Tech-Craft makes a great line of stands in all sizes and styles at very good prices.

I bought the MBL60 for my 60-inch Mitsubishi. Its shelves take 6 units that are 17 inches wide below the TV.

Amazon sells it for $199.
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I like the look of the Tech-Craft HBL60 but I'm leery of getting with the pictures and reports of the glass breaking randomly on Amazon.
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