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Motorola 6412  

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I am going to buy one of these for the dual tuner capability, but has anyone opened one? ive heard it uses a Proprietary Hard Drive (looks like SATA, but about 1/2 CM longer connector), anyone know about that, because i want 250gb of storage rather than 120GB
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Where can you buy one of these??
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You can't. If you buy one, chances are it won't work with your cable provider.
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I opened mine. I was going to try and ghost the contents from the 120GB HDD in my dct6412 to a 250GB HDD. Just an FYI, the DCT6412 uses a 120GB EIDE ATA 100 Seagate HD.

The real thing I am worried about is the HDD limitations of the bios in the DCT6412..

I'm actually suprised that no one has tried to hack the DCT6208 and 6412 or made a program which can read the partition on the PVR's HDD.
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Do you know if you can add an additional external HD via firewire on the 6412 to increase total storage capacity?
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Originally Posted by the_wiz
Just an FYI, the DCT6412 uses a 120GB EIDE ATA 100 Seagate HD.
This is not true of all units. Mine is a Maxtor 120GB. This info is in the diagnostics menu (model, size, ESN, patritian table)
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