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IR Blaster Port  

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Didn't see any answer in faq to this.

I recently got a second Showstopper (80 hours - Unit #2). I plugged it into the same system (inputs, power, outputs, IR cable blaster) as my current Showstopper (120 hours - Unit #1) and the IR blaster does not work on my General Instruments Cable Box. Went through set up as normal and set the Cable Box code the same as Unit #1.... no joy. Unplugged it all and put unit 1 back on line - worked fine.

Took unit #2 and plugged it into straight cable, using the box as the tuner and it works fine on the set upstairs. I can live with this set up... but is there a way to work around the IR Blaster problem if I end up getting another cable box for the upstairs set?

Thanks for any help.
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Not that I'm aware of. It certainly sounds like you've troubleshoot the problem correctly. Replacing the motherboard is the usual fix. www.ReplayTvParts.com
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