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Mine just got the green tint as well a couple weeks ago. I don't think they are worth fixing anymore - I'm just waiting for electronic recycling day to dump mine off.
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Yum.. I am eating my words. It is tasty!

This leads to a question. How do I turn-off the 3:2 pull down feature if my DVD player is doing the 3:2 pulling down? Would that redundancy casue problems? May be Sanyo has automatic sensing capability to turn on/off this 3:2 pull down feature.[img]http://www.******************/zhaojh.jpg[/img][img]http://www.******************/zhaoht.jpg[/img][img]http://www.******************/zhaogd.jpg[/img]
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I have decided to open up this tv and play with it before I decide to get rid of it.. I have already unplugged it. How long should I wait for it to discharge before taking the back off? Also if anyone can tell me what to look for as far as locating common problems I'd appreciate it.
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We recently bought this TV from a friend who is moving. It has great picture quality but when we plugged in our wii console we cannot figure out how to turn on the panorama/wide view (it is stuck in a standard format and not stretching the entire width of the screen)

We bought a universal remote and programmed it to our TV. While this allows us to navigate, change channels and volume, etc. we still cannot figure out how to enable the widescreen panorama while our wii console is in use.

One site suggested the remote that came with has a button that allows this. Also to use wii composite cables.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Use Wii Component cables and you can set the output of the Wii to 16:9, which will fill your entire screen. As far as stretching an existing image, the original remote has a button called "Pix Shape" that cycles through the various stretch & zoom modes.
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Hey everyone,new to the forums.I have the sanyo HT30744 that was a freebie and the uhf vhf catv connector where cable tv is hooked up has been broken off of the board (see pic) . Is it possible to use the digital antenna in where cable tv is now digital?
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It's a bittersweet day. Just dropped off the last CRT TV in the house at Best Buy to be recycled. The Sanyo HT30744 had served admirably for the past 9 years, originally as the primary living room set, and then as a bedroom set. The picture would occasionally go a bit green, but wedging something under the left side of the chassis would usually fix the problem. If not, a good smack on the side would always set it right. Not a bad lifespan for an inexpensive WalMart TV!

Work was disposing of a 1080p 50" Panasonic plasma, so that's the replacement bedroom TV. (Yes, it's ridiculous to have a TV that large at the foot of the bed, but the price was right, and I couldn't resist.)
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Me Too! Just unloaded mine (what a beast) a couple of weeks ago. What a fine trooper it was (I had to put some folded up paper under the front right). People would laugh when they saw that, but no one could argue it was the best picture. Yeah it was a sad day.
New TV is a Samsung 55" LED (UN55F7050AFXZA) from BJ's.
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My HT32744 is still going strong!
It went from the family room to the garage several years ago.
Every once in awhile it goes green, but a smack or two on the top fixes that.
Friends can't believe the awesome picture during sports from a rooftop antenna.
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I bought a sanyo HD 30 INCH set in 2006 and after 2 months the picture tube went out on it . I called sanyo they told me they stock no parts to repair my set . So I had to haul it back to walmart for a refund . They where out of the tube hd sets by sanyo and wanted to give me a store credit . I tiold them I wanted a full refund or no deal . I never bought a television from walmart again . The last one I bought new was a sony DLP from sears that warranty for 3 years covered the bulb too . They sent me out a replacement ever year when it went out too . the price for the warranty was worth every penny . So You guys may as well got a good set but I never bought a sanyo set again . The set had a good picture and sound but they wont come out and fix it if it breaks on you .
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My 27" (4:3) is still holding up, though I wish I picked up the 28" (widescreen w HDMI) while it was still available.
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Does anyone know how much the HT30744 weighs?

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Figure around 125 lbs.
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Originally Posted by Ratman View Post

Figure around 125 lbs.

Thanks for the information.

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