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Hi forum,

Please forgive the slightly OT post, but this one seems a better fit as there is at least some level Mac activity here unlike in the HTPC one.

I have recently written some Mac OS X drivers for the DVICO FusionHDTV DVB-T card. Since this card is quite similar to the FusionHDTV 3 ATSC card, I would like to extend the driver to support that card too. To do this I need to find someone with a Mac who lives in an area that receives ATSC signals (e.g. the US, Korea, etc.) to test it for me, as I can't get them where I live.

The ATSC card is a digital TV card that supports both terrestrial (8VSB) and unencrypted cable (QAM64, QAM256) transmissions. It is a Universal PCI card so it will work in G5s. It is quite cheap - you can get it for $169 from a couple of online shops (they are probably sponsors of this forum :)) - which is around half the price of ElGato's EyeTV 500 firewire box.

My site on digital TV on the mac is here: "www (dot) defyne (dot) org (slash) dvb/" The first version of the driver to beta test is here: "www (dot) defyne (dot) org (slash) forums/viewtopic.php?t=104" (sorry, I am still too new to post clickable urls ... you'll figure it out)

So, how about it? Any keen Mac users out there? If anyone is interested then please post in this thread, PM me, or send me an email. I'm looking forward to bringing some more digital TV to the Mac!