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OK here.
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Last night whenever I tuned from WFOR-DT to WPBT-DT or WSVN-DT by just using the "channel up/down" buttons on my Zenith the receiver would lock-up, requiring a "reboot".

This has happened in the past...weird PSIP from WFOR-DT, maybe? The only way around it is to tune with the channel number buttons instead of the channel up/down buttons.
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Happy new year every one... well I have been getting WB too without problems most nights I look for it!

Any update on NBC ? What about Channel 5 in West Palm, any news on when they might start HDTV transmission ?

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No news on either, AFAIK.
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I see you are in Lake Worth. I am visiting my parents in Lake Worth and thought about getting them the Over the air module for the 6000 and an antenna. They wouldn't go for an antenna on the roof but a simple indoor antenna is doable. Do you think we can get any of the Digital channels using only a simple indoor antenna?

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Getting Miami DTV in Lake Worth requires a big outdoor OTA antenna. But when the West Palm Beach DTVs start to sign-on beginning in May an indoor antenna will probably work fine for them.
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Thanx Dave

You saved me a lot of time I would have wasted checking this out for myself.
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Ya really think the West Palm stations are gonna be on in MAy? I SURE HOPE SO! Im in St Lucie and can get nothing OTA.
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I think you'll see the DTV rollout BEGIN in May in WPB. There are likely to be delays for some stations.
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Well, today is January 15, 2002! Any news on the West Palm Beach FOX station going live ?
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What? You actually expected them to go live today as scheduled?
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I spoke with the WFLX engineering dept. today, and they say sometime in February, for the digital channel.
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I also got through to John Bok, chief engineer from WSVN. He's really a reasonable guy. He would have liked it if Fox would send HDTV as opposed to 480p. Unfortunately, since they won't, he's got the dilemma of trying to figure out what they will do. His thinking is that they will upconvert 480p to 720p for transmission on WSVN-DT. He is waiting for budget approval for that, and then it will happen. It will definitely not be in time for the Super Bowl. But I would bet that by next fall TV season we will have 480p from Fox in Miami.
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Welcome to South Florida...Where the Third World Begins. (sigh)
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I got a call back today from one of the engineers at channel 5 and he says they are still about 6 months out. I also spoke to an engineer at channel 25 yesturday and he says he is shooting for april doing 720P. Hope this might help you guys.. I'm trying to pull a signal from Miami now, my receiver gets in today and I get the analog stations pretty good, but I may end up needing a preamp. Can anybody give some suggestions, I am in Boynton Beach.

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Originally posted by David McRoy
Welcome to South Florida...Where the Third World Begins. (sigh)

Its not that bad ..
Look at West Palm .....
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Click on my Profile above left of this post, then read "Your HT Gear" for info on my antenna here in Lake Worth.

FYI, here at WPEC our DTV transmitter is on-site and awaits installation. We have requested April and await a reply from the manufacturer, Harris. Our goal is to be up by May 1. I'm glad to see WFLX, WPBF and WPTV moving ahead, as well!

I continue to look for any signs of activity on "Gunther's Roof" and still see nothing other than the new aviation obstruction marker strobe that replaced the old marker mast atop the Deutche Welle/ WHDT Building in West Palm Beach several months back. You can see the old marker tower here:


WHDT-DT's profile at www.fcc.gov (go to "Site Map" then "Station Query - TV" under "Search Tools"; go down to "WHDT-DT, Stuart, FL") shows that their antenna is going to be mounted atop this building. I'll keep you posted if I see anything.
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Does anyone know why WB is still broadcasting what little letterboxed programming they air inside a 16:9 frame instead of blowing it up to fill the screen? Granted it's all still upconverted NTSC, but the black frames on all four sides eat up a lot of screen real estate.
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WBZL-DT transmits a standard-definition source signal that they upconvert to 720p for air. Most, though not all, ATSC receivers cannot stretch or zoom when receiving a 720p or 1080i signal. If you're getting black framing all around they must be in a letterbox show at the time.
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Thanks, Dave. I believe if I configure my Samsung receiver for a 4:3 TV I should be able to zoom the letterboxed image to fill the screen on my 16x9 TV. I'm surprised to learn though that WBZL-DT is transmitting in 720p. Their upconverted images don't seem nearly as crisp and vivid as those from WPLG-DT.
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After all the readings it seems nothing changed except for DT WB.

Has anyone got any responses from NBC ????

The last was hardrock saying that NBC still is waiting on FCC approval for a channel change 30 to 31 ???? I think ??

This must be the best stall tactic they have.

Just wondering, because it looks like NBC will have the Olympics and they may get HD. What a great way to test NBC.
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Yeah, maybe for the summer Olympics, in 2004. Actually, it seems that the FCC stuff is finished, so it should be approximately 1 year until they are testing.
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¿Donde está el señor Hardrock?
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El Hardrock el disappearo a la coincidenco par a Rodmanbrero.
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What's up with the bright green bar at the top of the screen on WBZL tonight? It appears on both my SIR-T150's, and I just hooked up my RCA DTC100 and it's showing up there as well!

Is DTV/HDTV EVER going to be ready for primetime?
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Hi Guys...
Been lurking awhile and recently went with a Sony KP-57W40. I ordered a Samsung SIR-T150 form Vann's and should have it soon.
From what I have been reading, I would need a BIG antenna to obtain a decent signal from Miami. I'm also located in Lake Worth and know the WPB stations are gearing up for possible May startup.
I really don't wish to place a giant antenna on my roof for aesthetic reasons and the fact that WPB will be up soon. Once the WPB stations are live, I would take the antenna down anyway. I also might have a problem with the Home Owners Assn. although I know the law permits me to have one.
I'm thinking about just getting a long range UHF only antenna (ie RS 15-2160) as a compromise. I realize that I'll miss ABC and FOX with this approach. Since CBS seems to have the most content anyway, is this the best way to go?
Honestly, there is very little I would watch on some of these channels...but I need new toys!
Any suggestions? comments?

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WPEC-DT (CBS) West Palm Beach will be on VHF channel 13.

Check out this thread:

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CBS on 13......
What are my options? An indoor antenna should be all that's required for any of the WPB stations.. From previous posts I have determined that I live extremity close to the Lantana Antenna farm (Jog and Hypoluxo)...
So; A long range UHF (of course pointed in the wrong direction for WPB) and an indoor VHF?
I have a 2 story house.. would an attic antenna like the RS VR90 XR do the job?

N.B. Your posts have been very informative and because of your LW location, very relevant.


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In Lake Worth you can use a Winegard PR-8800 for UHF and an Antennacraft ch. 7-13 yagi for WSVN and WPLG (DT ch.8 & 9). Combine them with a RS VHF-UHF combiner and you are in business. You can obtain the antennas from www.starkelectronic.com. I use that same setup in Boca, and works very well, 97% signals. This setup is also smalle than a full size VHF/UHF antenna.

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An attic-mounted antenna will probably work fine for you, at least on WPB stations.

Thanks to W2JD for reminding me about an earlier heads-up from him on the Antennacraft 7-13 VHF rig. It'll be just the ticket once I don't need Channel 5 NTSC fo NBC anymore.
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