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Dont mind "BRA", He might be a scapee from a German mental institution. You are not the first nor will you be the last to feel the fury of his lack of HDTV!. I have offered to loan him my Beretta to put him out of his misery but he prefers to put you in misery.

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Naw Sanch, bra is suffering from 2-3 years of sensory deprivation, you know like those little monkeys that had wire surrogte mothers vs those that had cloth. (Psych 101)
(except it's the visual form for bra). I too bought my HD equipment about 3 years ago with the promise of Monday Night Football in HDTV (a cruel temporary sampling). However I'm a bit more forgiving (I work 70-80 hours a week so I haven't had the time to develop psychoses that seem to be in play here). So I'm pissed at the delays, delays, and delays....but the time finally seems to be at hand. Hopefully a steady stream of native 1080i source material (sports, films, events, music, and whatever will finally sooth the savage bra) Me, all I'm wanting (in order:is hockey, football, soccer, all HBO series and Discovery and PBS in native 1080i (though 720p is acceptable for sports). I write and wait, educate and wait, bitch and wait, but persitance is what's gotten me this far in life so I'm not about to quit that easily and go off the deep end. Pity our brethren who have............
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Yes, i am finally happy. You caught me off guard with your last comments. What is fair is well fair!

Here is the bottom line. I am your "customer" whether you like it or not. I will record Baker's beuties 5X a week and ofcoarse the prime time HDTV grid. I will make a point of it to avoid every single commerical even if i get pixel breakup on my 1/2 generation panny combos.

So what if you can impress Sandy or easily beat WPLG HDTV logo upconverts? I am a demanding customer with needs! My master plan is to record most or all of your HD and you will not stop me.

I do care about CBS HD but not about to show any luv for WFOR! My dedication to recieve your channel is without match world wide. Facts:

1) Bought a UM back in Oct 99 for CBS not ABC!!

2) I have literaly 10 foot RS UHF only antenna in a closet waiting for ANY arrival....despite having a respectable 8 foot VHF/UHF combo!

3) Slap me silly. Once again an antenna is blocking my laudry room! This time i have to "jump" instead of crawl. Yes, HDTV progress. There is no solution for this until the FCC puts its foot down till Oct. Happy Halloween!

4) Yes, i am thankful for your antenna work down there. Three times i had to adjust mine. Thank you! One of these times, the antenna was blocking access to my balcony all together.

5) Silly me. I do not have a low profile super duper 1db UHF amp. In one area, we do agree 6 db RS amps should remain in Lake Worth. Sorry Dave!

6) Btw, me confused. Who's viewer am i again regarding CBS??? Am i a zip code casulty of WAR or a human seeking some HDTV relief???

7) Where is your employee Hardrock?? Enjoyed the X rated pics but come on!!

8) Then there is the now legendary missing in action Due South(tm) aka RCMP. While W4 was 7 months in FL "working hard", i was trying the Canadian DBS thing. Make no mistake. I have a ball and chain on my feet. It called a panny combo! Without this, i would proudly go Maple leaf!! Btw, i would feel zero stress about mounties knocking down my door!

9) Speaking of stress, i will have plenty of it either way. Summer reuns are my final chance of DTV salvation. IF WPLG is any benchmarck....70% range will NOT cut it. If you make mistakes...i get pain.If me pain...you further pain. Just like a flinestone episode!!

>>Holding to my promise...I recorded 2 hrs of Walker TR "do not be an HDTV stranger"(TM) and the HD district. So far so good - ofcoarse pixel breakup!

PS. If anyone wants to reduce my stress...how about info about WPBT programming? Yes, that means helping BRA!!

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Last night (Sunday, 05/27/01) friends were over watching the WPBT-DT demo loop when sometime arounnd 9 pm or so the signal went away completely. I checked WFOR-DT and they were gone, too. Only WSVN-DT and WPLG-DT were up. Anyone else notice this or was I victimized by a WPBT-DT PSIP hiccup?


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same thing happened to me here. No WFOR-DT as of last night.
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WFOR-DT switched subchannels yesterday. In addition WFOR's signal was greatly reduced.

WPBT was broadcasting from about 5 to 11 PM.
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Since they switched subchannels, how do we tune them now? If I don't get them on 4-1 any longer do I just do a scan and add 22 to my tuner menu again and expect another "remap" to 4-1? (I'm not at home now or I'd try this myself.



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WFOR is showing up on subchannel 22-02 on my Dish 6000.
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Okay, I'll scan for 22 as surmised above and see what happens.

I've heard of one station's PSIP error making it impossible to tune another (!) and was afraid that that might be happening here. I have a feeling we're in for more of these shinanigans before it all settles down!



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Sorry for the trouble guys. We are trying to resolve a problem with some of the 1st generation receivers.

We'll be finished with this soon.

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Thanks! We'll keep watching...



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I have been away for awhile, and boy did I miss the HD excitment! I get CBS WFOR-DT with an indoor antenna, WOW!
I too, lost 4-1. On a rescan, I only get 22-1, with the same results.
What and how did they change sub channels?

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I am back... well San Jose was nice. As I said in my last post, I did miss the first few weeks of WPBT-DT as well! I get an 85% signal on the Dish 6000.

Dave, my wife and I were watching the demo loop around 9pm last night. Our signal did not go away!



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I am wondering whether the fact that I was watching my Zenith tuner (which uses PSIP to a greater extent than the DTC100 does) at the time that I lost WPBT-DT had anything to do with this discrepancy. Unfortunately I didn't check my DTC100. Anyway, yesterday I performed another scan on the Zenith and got WPBT-DT's HD channel on 18-3 instead of 18-1. So I "saved" 18-3 and the Zenith remapped it to 2-3. The tuner scanned 22-1, which I saved and it was remapped to 4-1. Strange, no? I'm beginning to think that the stations may be inadvertently temporarily crippling some receivers without realizing it when they change subchannel program assignments.



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Just FYI, I now get 4-1 and 22-1 for CBS.
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Last night WFOR-DT was back to 4-1 on my F38310. Channel WPBT-DT was at 2-1.

All is well.
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Hi Folks.

I am not so great in techno speak as most of you seem to be, so please excuse me!

I am HD capable through Dish Network and I was recently picking up PBS on channel 18. Yesterday, it was coming in on my 2-1 channel. I see that some of you mentioned "re-mapping". Should I leave it "as is", or try to re set it to 18? I was getting a beautiful picture and a meter reading of over 91%!! On Saturday night, there was some program shot direct to HD and it featured Ashley Judd. I couldn't continue to watch, but I was wondering if anybody knows what it was? Was this a program shot specifically for HD? Finally, is there a program guide that tells you what is on when they are not just showing some loop?

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I am using a Mits SD5. I remember reading on the old thread, that if you put in your zip code, Guide problems come up. Does anyone know if they fixed that yet????
I put in my zip code in the dish setup, and I lost 22-1, but got the local guide. When I remove the zip code, I loose the guide and I get 22-1. Does the DirecTV guide screw up the channels ?
Also I can't get channel 199, which should be the HD demo loop. Does anyone have the same problems?
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If you're getting WPBT-DT on 2-1 you can leave it as it is.

The HDTV program with Ashley Judd is entitled: THE RYAN INTERVIEW
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Posted May 16, 2001 on WPBT's web site:

For the next month from 5:00 p.m - 11:00 p.m. WPBT-DT Channel 18 will air a program stream from PBS.


Originally posted by channel2info:

In July we will offer a full schedule and all the program information will be available on our web site. We plan on broadcasting all prime time HD program offers from the PBS network between now and July.


From article in the Sun-Sentinel:

WPBT, WFOR join ranks of broadcasters with HDTV signals

WPBT-Ch. 2 will officially go digital July 1. Simmons said the regular schedule might be broadcast digitally before July 1.


Originally posted by channel2info:

Viewers looking for digital programming information need to call viewer services for details.

(800) 222-9728 - WPBT Viewer Services

Hours of operation: Monday thru Friday - 9 AM to 5 PM


The following upcoming broadcasts (if offered by WPBT-DT) will be shown in Widescreen Standard Definition - except those noted as High Definition {HDTV}:


NATURE: Earth Navigators - Sunday, June 10th, 8 PM

NATURE: Jackals of the African Crater - Sunday, June 17th, 8 PM

QUEEN VICTORIA'S EMPIRE: Engines of Change - Monday, June 18th, 9 PM

QUEEN VICTORIA'S EMPIRE: Passage to India - Monday, June 18th, 10 PM

QUEEN VICTORIA'S EMPIRE: The Moral Crusade - Monday, June 25th, 9 PM

QUEEN VICTORIA'S EMPIRE: The Scramble for America - Monday, June 25th, 10 PM

SECRETS OF THE DEAD II: Witches' Curse - Tuesday, June 26th, 8 PM


SECRETS OF THE DEAD II: Murder at Stonehenge - Tuesday, July 3rd, 8 PM

NOVA: Japan's Secret Garden - Tuesday, July 3rd, 9 PM {HDTV}

FIESTA IN THE SKY - Wednesday, July 4th, 9:30 PM {HDTV}

SECRETS OF THE DEAD II: Death at Jamestown - Tuesday, July 10th, 8 PM

The Natural History of the Chicken - Wednesday, July 11th, 9 PM

SECRETS OF THE DEAD II: Day of the Zulu - Tuesday, July 17th, 8 PM

The Roman Empire in the First Century - Wednesday, July 18th, 8 PM

SECRETS OF THE DEAD II: Tomb of Christ - Tuesday, July 24th, 8 PM

NOVA: Runaway Universe - Tuesday, July 24th, 9 PM {HDTV}

The Roman Empire in the First Century - Wednesday, July 25th, 8 PM

To Heal a Heart - Thursday, July 26th, 10 PM

SECRETS OF THE DEAD II: The Syphilis Enigma - Tuesday, July 31st, 8 PM


The Washington Opera presents Massenet's "Le Cid" - Sunday, August 19th, 9 PM {HDTV}

GREAT PERFORMANCES: "Little Women" from the Houston Grand Opera - Wednesday, August 29th, 8 PM {HDTV}

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Originally posted by rodmanbra:
Will WFOR air HDTV repeats as HDTV originals????


WFOR's HDTV repeats began last night.
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A kinder...gentler Rodmanbra:

Dave: Because i care. Wfor was on the air Sunday. TBA was on in HD with Bra having a party hat with "panty" combo! As for 9pm Sunday CBS aired a friendly upconvert which looked like a old repeat to me! Btw, Becker was a repeat for me to. I have video taped proof of this!

W4: Quote..."experimenting with 1 generation recievers". I do not see how. Most "older" recievers are discontinued. I have three scary cuse words for you: pana 50, pana 51a and unity motion! Btw, the DTc-100 is reliable wfor your channel and that too is 1 st generation.

I have no plans on buying a harris encoder thingie any time soon!!! The big ? is how much effort will CBS make to "help" Bra use pannies reliablly with said channel!Hmmm:

1) Will w4 use overtime to help bra shamelessly record CBS despite Bra's sucess with RCA unit????

2) Can CBS employees be bribed with free lunches?

3) Will WFOR air HDTV repeats as HDTV originals????

4) Why is Early Edition not in HDTV???Grr!

5) Does Bob Ross wear a cape to work? Certain AVS members think so.
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W4: Quote..."experimenting with 1 generation recievers". I do not see how. Most "older" recievers are discontinued. I have three scary cuse words for you: pana 50, pana 51a and unity motion! Btw, the DTc-100 is reliable wfor your channel and that too is 1 st generation.

Hi, 'Bra,

I think that, strictly speaking, the DTC100 should be refered to as a second generation receiver. I'd consider the original $5,000 Zenith receiver and others of it's generation such as those you mentioned to be first generation, as you stated. So, really I'd say w4guy meant that they were experimenting with "second generation" receivers. Is this a fair assessment, w4guy? ('Bra, I realiize that none of this does you any good. Sorry.)

Did you try w4guy's suggestion for adding hardware to filter the interference problems that you're having with the Pannys? PCs and the computer circuitry that's built into these digital STBs can and sometimes do interfere with each other and that might be your problem. If a source of interference is great enough it could overload the tuner front end resulting in data dropouts, etc.

As for your other issues I guess we'll have to let w4guy respond.



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WHDT-DT - Channel 59 - MIG
Anticipated Debut - June 1, 2001 to July 31, 2001
Work remaining - Build & Install Antenna
Phone: (561) 471-9200
Email: info@whdt.net

WBZL-DT - Channel 19 - WB39
June 29, 2001 per TitanTV - Anyone's guess
Work remaining - unknown
Phone: (954) 925-3939
Email: wbzl@tribune.com

WTVJ-DT - Channel 31 - NBC
July 1, 2001 per TitanTV - Anyone's guess
Work remaining - unknown
FCC Extension granted until October 5, 2001
Phone: (305) 379-6666
Email: WTVJ Feedback Form

WFLX-DT - Channel 28 - FOX
July 1, 2001 per TitanTV - Anyone's guess
Work remaining - unknown
Rumored intention to broadcast 480p - a welcome improvement over WSVN's 480i.
Phone: (561) 845-2929
Email: rsanluis@raycommedia.com
Email: bfigurella@raycommedia.com
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Has anyone noticed any "DircTV Guide" changes?
When we are OTA, I noticed that the DirecTV guide changes things.
If I add my zip code to the dish, I get a guide update and then I loose channel 22 and 4-1. What I get is analog WEYS ?????
When I remove the zip code, I loose the guide and get my 22 and 4-1 back again.

Also, I have Telemedia cable. When activating the cable area in the dish setup, I only get "regular scheduled" but no information. I assume that telemedia does not tell DirecTV about their schedule. Yet it does show up when you add the zip code.
Any different information on this ?
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Check this thread:


Originally posted by wjbjr:

Tiger --

Scanning won't do it.

I was fooling around with the HD5 menus and somehow accessed the station. Here is what I think I did:

Setup Menu


Local Area -- Uncheck channel 22


Dish Setup

Area 1 -- Clear zip code Guide will load

Exit via Done or Video (I don't remember the options here.)

Key in 22-1 -- This should bring in WFOR-DT. It shows as 22-1 on the guide, not as 4-1 as expected. I can live with that.

Re-enter menu and re-enter zip code.

Always exit menus via Done. Do not back out.

I have a very good picture, and will post again after watching it for a while. Signal strength 65-72. No filter. No amp. Just a $40 RS VHF/UHF at about 24 feet and a 75±ft RG6 cable run. No splitter!


Originally posted by Bob R:

Bill and Tiger,

More or less that's exactly what i had done. First of all scannig will do it! The trick is to clear out the zip code. Also don't only clear 22 clear the whole channel list. I key in 22 not 22-1. The channel then comes up on the guide as 4-1 WFOR-DT much the same way as 7-1 WSVN-DT and 10-1 WPLG-DT. My continuing problem is still a weak signal in the 30's. If you scan after clearing the zip code and clearing the channel list, the channels also all come up the way I've just described. If you re-enter zip code the channels won't come up as they're supposed to because DTV's database isn't up to date and you will have undone what you had accoplished thus far. I have opted to forego zip code entry all together. I'm still hoping for a stronger signal.
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At this time I am going to skip the zip code!
Don't want to loose 22-1 or 4-1, since that is the best channel out there now.

Thanks hardrock for the back info.
Bottom line is that you have to clear the entire list, before a rescan.

Will try this later to get 2-2 to 5.
As present I get 2-1, 4-1 7-1 and 10-1.

Only received HD in 2-1 and 4-1 depending on time.

What is interesting is that CBS 4-1 looks better than my cable !!! Looks like no noise grain in pix, vs cable.

Can not get 199 on the sat
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did WFor change the direction of there antenna? for past few day can't lock a signal up here in boca? I was receiving a signal between 60-70.
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WFOR's signal did drop off yesterday during the storms; but, the signal I am now receiving in Coral Springs is just about the same as it has been.
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Did anyone watch the 11:00 news on CBS tonight? When I tuned in at about 11:25 they were showing JAG in HDTV.
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