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I just spoke with Jim Gail of KNME. He say's they are getting interference from the spanish shopping channel transmitting on 35 from the west mesa. The FCC has ordered them to vacate the channel. FCC will cut the lock and turn it off themselves if necessary.

Jim said he would post here as soon as he can.


N5XZS: check your private messages
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Hello Petew,

I just talked to Jim Gail of KNME-DT and he was very happy to hear that I can pick up his digital station's signal!

Right now it's going through a on and off the picture seems to lock in for 15 to 25 minute and black out for maybe 10 to 15 minute.

There is little or no droupouts at times as I typing "8:16PM MST"
on my keyboard.

The picture is very crisp and very rich color it make Directv look like a winp IMHO, and somtime beating the HDNET's picture quality
from time to time!

I think K35FC "Spanish station" will face a stiff FCC fine for not shutting it's transmiter down in time for a new digital station to go on the air.

Anyway Jim Gail said to me the plan to upgrade the transmitter power to 250 KW ERP is sometime in the early spring.

The picture right now HAS no dropout so far "8:24 PM MST" and the audio is loud and very clear to understand.

The show is about EGYPT history and looks very interesting to watch.

How your reception look like Petew?

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Originally posted by N5XZS

KNME-DT just went on the air!!!

It appears to be an occasional signal at this time 11/21/01 1:04am and nothing. Channel 35 analog is off the air so at least it appears KNME-DT has full time use of the channel now and can turn on the transmitter whenever they want.

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I spoke with the Dir of Engineering (Jim Gail) at KNME last night. He said the spanish shopping channel was still broadcasting on 35 at 1kw, causing interference with the 400 watt signal from KNME. The FCC will cut the lock off the unattended station and turn the transmitter off if they can't get the station owner (in Texas somewhere) to pull the plug. Apparently, stations with less than 1kw can run unattended, so there is no human there to pull the plug even though they have been ordered off the channel by the FCC. Timothy is able to receive KNME-DT in the east mountains since the Sandias block the signal from from the west mesa analog spanish shopping transmitter.

KNME's guy said KOAT-DT (ABC) was close to firing up their transmitter too. Jim said he would like to hear from anyone who is receiving their signal, and he will help resolve any reception problems. I asked him to join this forum - he said he would as soon as he gets some time to log on.

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I just got a call from Jim Gail of KNME. He said 35 analog is history, so the digital channel should be coming in fine.

KNME will be carrying the PBS satellite feed. The schedule is posted in the Detriot station's web site at www.wtvs.org. Be sure to adjust for the time zone difference.

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If I did a scan with my Dish 6000 would it show up as channel 35??? I will try a scan tonight. Is the signal being transmitted in the evening??? How exciting. Finally ABQ comes out of the Dark Ages!!!
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I just visited KNME's RF shop, at the invitation of Jim Gail. I was not able to get a picture at home, although my receiver does lock on to the channel with 97/100 signal strength. We hooked up my box to their antenna and display. Where the RCA DTC100 they use for off-air monitoring works perfectly, my Sony HD100 doesn't display squat. Somehow, I'm not suprised. The HD100 is junk.

They are on physical channel 35, mapped to 5.1. They will be sending out the PBS HD feed, which is a three hour loop unless it's interrupted for HD and widescreen programming. KNME will also be doing testing at times. There should be a signal on 35 just about 24/7.

KOAT should be on the air in the next few days. It was somewhat of a race - KNME won! Apparently, KOAT won't be broadcasting HDTV any time soon. They don't have a digital link from their studio in the city to the crest. So they'll be up-converting the NTSC crap with equipment on the crest until they get the digital link installed.

KOB is on track to start up by the end of the year. KRQE is MIA.

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FYI for those following this thread. I get a signal strength of 44 (out of 100) on KNME (channel 35) in Los Alamos using a very good off-air antenna and carefully aligning with the Crest. Unforunately, my SONY HD100 can't tune channel 35 as a digital station (something someone else noticed as well). If I can locate another HDTV tuner, I'll try that. I called Ultimate Electronics and explained the failure of the Sony box to tune channel 35 KNME-DT and he said they'll see if they can duplicate the problem. Otherwise, it's good to see this recent progress. Hopefully, KOAT and KOB will be up and running by the end of the year.

Joe Martz
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Hello Joe

I spoke with Sony today on the failure of my HD100 to display a picture. They agreed to buy the box back from me. This is my third major issue with the unit. I'm getting a Mitsubishi or Panasonic box from Ultimate this afternoon.

KNME estimated coverage with the 400watt transmitter to only be about 30 miles radius from the crest. That's great that you're getting anything in LA. Hopefully they will post here soon so everyone can give them feedback directly.

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I have a Dish 6000 receiver with the OTA module and when I did a scan it did not detect the KNME station. What a bummer. I guess I will have to figure out what is wrong now. And I was really hoping it would work the first time.
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Well it's now more than 24 hours since they went on the air the signal has been rock steady so far it's holding at 70 percent of signal strenth or you want to call it BER "Bit Error Rate".

With my RCA DTC-100 and set it to no off air guide mode and it says 35.3 and if you turn your guide on it will map to 5.1 but I lose analog channel 5!

But remember to keep on air guide off line "That depends on your STB brand models" and that way you will get 2 different PBS programings and beside it's too early to get the EPG on air guide mode going IMHO.

Nice to know KOAT will be the next one to go on the air in the digtal in any days now!!

Since they don't have the digital microwave link up yet and I am wondering if they can put up a weather rader feed by just picking any analog microwave feed and feed it to digital encoder "8VSB tranmitter system"?

Well guys keep up the good work on any latest news about local Albuquerque digital TV news!!

Party on dudes!!

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I just watched "Nova" on KNME-DT. I picked up a Mitsubishi box at Ultimate Electronics this evening. I had a few picture breakups. Starting out with MPEG blocks, then picture freezes for a few seconds. 199 HDNet seems okay. Signal is at 97-100 of 100. The Mits box is a VAST improvement over the sony POS.
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Well. I am now receiving KNME DT !!! I had a problem last night with using a cheap splitter for the coax (one split going to my TV and the other to the Dish 6000 OTA module). After I removed it I did an auto scan and it detected KNME on digital channel 5. I am getting a few dropouts this morning and I hit a signal strength of typically 78-83%. Does the quality of the coax coming from the antenna to my receiver make a difference???

The daytime loop they are playing is very interesting. The segment on "Visions of Italy" is outstanding. The picture is so detailed and the colors so gorgeous. I am so pleased that I am getting local digital FINALLY !!!

KRQE and KOAT - Where for art thou???
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WHOA, been away a few days, finally an excuse to order the Integra 910. I don't think anyone around here's using it. I wanted to see how good KNME's coverage would be at 384 watts before spending the bucks. KOAT and KOB right behind, cool. What ever happened to KRQE. I thought they were hurrying up to broadcast the Superbowl last winter. Ironic that the station with the widest selection of programming will apparently be last on the air.
I'll keep reading to see what everyone's experiences are.
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Hi Everyone The new PBS station is coming in well at my house in the Ridgecrest area near the airport. I am getting a signal strength of 63% to 67% on my Dish 6000 with an external roof top antenna. Where are you located Fjerina? I thought maybe the dropouts were due to the signal strength, but you saw the same with an 80% signal. I may still try to improve the signal. Pete, you have a strong signal on your new box, where are you located? The demo loop is great, but now I want some more content! Good job KNME. Horton
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I am located in the NE Heights around Spain and Eubank. I will be tomorrow putting up a dedicated UHF antenna from Radio Shack ($20) with RG6 coax going directly to my Dish 6000. I will also with my friend aligning the antenna to maximize the signal using the signal strength meter while on the KNME DT station. I hope I can get rid of most of the dropouts I have been seeing.

I spoke with Jim Gail, head engineer at KNME today, and he recommends a dedicated antenna for the UHF digital stations. He mentionned how touchy digital signals are compared to analog.

I will report back tomorrow or Sunday on my progress.

He mentionned KOAT should be up within a week. Can't wait be I hear they will initially be broadcasting upconverted 480i stuff.
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Originally posted by jmcferrin
[b]WHOA, been away a few days, finally an excuse to order the Integra 910. I don't think anyone around here's using it. I wanted to see how good KNME's coverage would be at 384 watts before spending the bucks. KOAT and KOB right behind,

I hear the 910 is nice. I myself am using an earlier generation dual mode (sat/terrestrial) box, the Unity Motion HDR-1000A.
So not only will you get KNME-DT, but you can get more PBS stuff in HDTV from satellite as well as NBC and ABC HDTV from satellite (and ABC has lots of goodies in HDTV, Toy Story 2 was really outstanding a few weeks ago!)

I'm in the NE heights off Tramway.

As for KNME, with rabbit ears I"m getting 2db over noise floor readings with my spectrum analyzer (not enough to lock the signal). With an outdoor scanner antenna, I'm getting 4db over noise floor and I get a decent lock (3-4 dropouts per hour roughly). With an outdoor TV antenna, I"m getting 6db over noise floor and also a decent lock with 3-4 dropouts per hour.

I expect when KNME-DT goes full power, it'll be a trivial lock with rabbit ears and a nice solid lock with scanner or tv antennas.

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I'm at San Mateo and Indian School. Both my new Mitsubushi box, and the piece of CRAP Sony HD100 (that Sony is buying back) get high 90's or better signal strength. I'm using a mid-size Channel Master outdoor antenna, with about 60 feet of RG6 and an amplified splitter.

I watched the show about Quincy Jones last night on PBS, with about a dozen breakups or picture freezes in two hours. It looked good for standard definition widescreen. I enjoyed it, except the part where the EX-president was on. Clinton on a 7' screen is more than my conservative bones can handle.

Jim Gail said his picture would be better than HDNet since DirecTV is trying to cut the bitrate to the absolute minimum. He's right - I can really see the mpeg garbage on 199, where KNME is free of them.

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Nice to know that someone around here is using UM/Integra box. From what I've read it can be a bear to install/program. I downloaded the manual and read it; doesn't sound like such a big deal(famous last words). I might have questions at some point. We're in Edgewood about 15 miles line of sight to the crest.
Also have the HBO/Showtime feeds off 4DTV/HDD201 system. The Integra will be slaved off this system. I understand NBC is moving to a different sat that's not in an inclined orbit. Might already be up.
Good to see everyone coming out of the woodwork on this. Where the heck is KRQE?
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Originally posted by jmcferrin
Nice to know that someone around here is using UM/Integra box. From what I've read it can be a bear to install/program. I downloaded the manual and read it; doesn't sound like such a D

If you get stuck with the Integra 910, please email me and I'll try to help you out (as I"m sure there are lots of similarities to my UM box).

as for NBC HDTV, it is on AMC-1 Ku now so no more inclined orbit satellite.

Enjoy your KNME-DT, NBC and ABC HDTV!

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As suggested by Jim Gail, head engineer at KNME, I installed a dedicated UHF antenna ($20 Radio Shack) on my roof with a dedicated RG6 coax line to my Dish 6000 OTA module. I did not see any added signal strength (still around 76-82%) so I figure this is due to KNME transmitting low power for their digital station. I see some reduction in dropoffs but still see some. Looking forward to the network stations going on-line with their digital stations.
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Still waiting for KOAT-DT or KOB-DT to go on the air......

I am wondering why KNME-DT choose 35.3? yep, that right channel 35 point 3!!

Anyhow the KNME-DT's signal has been very stable so far in the 70's on my DRV DTC signal meter.

Party on guys!!

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Here's the latest news from KRQE-DT "Franklin Lilley Director of Engineering" saying it will take delivery of our DT transmitter this monday!

The real issue is can we mount the antenna this winter?

So that means if they can put up an antenna this winter and try to go on the air between now and early spring!!

So keep on your eyes on digital channel 16 "Will run at 55 KW ERP"!

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Well, the integra arrived last week and after reorganizing the antenna wiring I have beautiful pictures from KNME with a signal strength in the mid 60's and very few dropouts. Thanks to Robert and the support folks at smallear for getting us going. I hope to have some time today or tomorrow to work on setting up the sat part for PBS, ABC, & NBC. Question: KOAT's starting up this week, which channel? KOB soon, which channel? I read somewhere the other day that the Winter Olympics will be broadcast by NBC in HD, come on KOB!!! I guess the best we can hope for from KRQE is the Masters?
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Hello Jmcferrin,

KOAT-DT will be on digital channel 21 and KOB-DT will be on channel 26 and lastly the KRQE-DT will be on channel 16.

As for KOB-DT they will not have HDTV satellite receiver ready in time for the winter games in Salt Lake City.

The weather looks very good today for engineering going to the top of the Sandia Crest!!

BTW, I'am getting about 68 to 70 on channel 35.3 "KNME-DT" with just a Terk-TV 50!!

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Thanks for the info. I'm also using a Terk TV50 from Audio Designs. Interesting that the Integra shows KNME at 5.1 Digital. Once it scanned in, that's where the STB put it. I had nothing to do with it. Maybe by the time the Olympics are on I'll figure out how to to properly set up the sat channels and will be able to pick up the NBC feeds since KOB is falling into the KRQE category of asleep at the wheel/switch.
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There's a little news update......

KASY-DT will be moving to a new digital channel 45 instead of channel 51 thanks to the FCC approvel.

Other than that no much else goings on.....

Happy Holidays to all!!

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Any latest news on any TV stations?

Getting tired of waiting to see what happens next....

Any news on KOB-DT?

It would be interesting to see if they go on the air before May 1st deadline by a few weeks or 2 months early!

My best guess is.....

KASA-DT April, 25 2002

KOB-DT Jan, 10th 2002

KOAT-DT April, 30 but try makes a lame exuse to delay more time...

KCHF-DT I think they will try to sell the station because they are so broke and will not go digital. "I am hoping that Hubbard broadcast company "KOB-TV" or someone else will buy this station, and move the transmitter to Sandia Crest mountain and change this to pure Indy type of programings instead of boring church TV programings."

KRQE-DT Feb, 1st 2002

KAPX-DT 2006 or later

KWBQ-DT March, 15

KNAT-DT will try to delay because I think they are too broke and can't afford to build the digital transmitter.....

KAZQ-DT same thing here.....

KLUZ-DT April, 1st 2002

KASY-DT March, 15 2002

Anyone else to take a shot at it by preadicting "SP" the TV stations digital to go on air dates!

Happy New years to everyones!!!

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Tim, what did you base your dates on?

I am still angry with our KOAT-TV (ABC) because they could be transmitting ABC HD right now but are not because they don't want to spend the money on the power to run the transmitters. How narrow minded can you get.

I love PBS HD that I am receiving right now but wish they would have more variety. Their demo loop gets a little tiring after awhile.
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Hello Fjerina,

I am just guessing for fun, and see who would be the first trully commercal TV station to go on the air digital. "They must be on the air more than 24 hours, not the lame 4 hours by the KOAT-DT!!"

Yes I was angry at KOAT-DT as well too but more often on dunb CEO's in NYC, NY!!

As for KNME-DT demo loop.... yup it's getting tiring as well too but I think it's going to break that pattern somtime in the late spring or early summertime when they go full power at 250 KW ERP.

Anyway just have fun thinking who will go first go on the air and post your idea about on air prediction date.....

Good luck looking in the marble ball...

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