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Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Hubbard in Minneasota. A physical letter is preferred over an email. Maybe Hubbard will help KOB forward the NBC network high-def stuff instead of just forwarding the standard-def stuff over the digital channel.

Stanley Hubbard
Hubbard Broadcasting
3415 University Avenue
St. Paul, Minn. 55114

Dear Mr. Hubbard,

I want to congratulate you on your Albuquerque NBC affiliate KOB-TV for going high-definition digital with the Olympics. This is truly a wonderful event. You are the first commercial station in New Mexico to do so.

You should be praised for your vision in bringing the best in television technology to our state. I have been waiting for over a year, since I got my HDTV, in receiving local digital broadcasts.

I have been enjoying tremendously the Winter Olympics in widescreen high-definition digital. I would have loved to hear the Olympics in Dolby Digital 5.1 but I know you had equipment limitations here in Albuquerque.

I know that going digital is not a profitable venture for any broadcaster but you accelerated the effort before you were even required to provide it for us per the FCC.

I hope that soon after the Olympics that you will be able to forward the high-definition NBC programming over your digital channel instead of just forwarding the standard definition programs over the digital channel.

Yours truly, etc.
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Nice letter; let us know if you get any replies from them. Got a email from Mr. Burgess this morning that he forwarded my thank you note on to Minneapolis. Yaa. JR
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Little news update......

KASA-DT just E-Mailed back to me today saying......

From Mark Gardner of Chief Engineering,

Plan is still not to be on the air untill May. When we are on we will passing whatever format FOX is providing to us. Outside of FOX primetime periods the discussions continue.

The KRQE-DT's E-mail from Bill Anderson sayings, they got the digital transmitter but waiting for the good weather so they can put up a digital antenna and be on the air well before the May 1st deadline!

That's the news!!

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[quote]Originally posted by N5XZS
[b]Little news update......
The KRQE-DT's E-mail from Bill Anderson sayings, they got the digital transmitter but waiting for the good weather so they can put up a digital antenna and be on the air well before the May 1st deadline!

Good news it is. I would be happy if they just stuck up a temporary antenna on top of their building and broadcast low power. Isn't that what Ch 4 is doing? JR
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KOB has there digital transmitter on the Sandia Crest. I really hope that when KRQE does on-line digital that they will be transmitting the programming in high-definition and not just sending their regular analog 4:3 signal over the digital signal. That won't buy us anything.
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I just noted that KOB-DT's HDTV satellite reciever may have a hicups and now showing SDTV NASCAR racing instead of winter sports covereges.

Also the other thing KOB-DT's signal seems got very weak around 28 to 40s if its dip below 33 the picture starts to break up at around 32 and below its goes black.

I think I am in a null spot since KOB-DT's antenna is pointing to Albuquerque metros areas.

I just hope they will upgrade their transmitter power sometime soon.

KNME-DT still coming in strong at 76 but as of right now its blank they must be testing this morning.

Not much else going on here and looking forward to a KNME-DT meeting on Feb, 21st and hope to see the rest of you guys here!

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[quote]Originally posted by fjerina
I really hope that when KRQE does on-line digital that they will be transmitting the programming in high-definition and not just sending their regular analog 4:3 signal over the digital signal. That won't buy us anything.

That's right, and in my case it's worse than SD over cable because my stupid tv locks in full mode every time it sees a prog. scan or HD signal. Nothing going on either channel, 4 or 5, today Sunday. Yawn. JR
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Originally posted by jmcferrin
My Integra is mapping KOB-DT at 4.1. Their drop out problem n

thanks for that info. that info, combined with a tweaking of the receiver's programmed frequency for channel 26, finally helped my box lock onto the signal.

btw, did anyone notice the new SDTV identification slate for channel 4? in addition to listing channel 4 and the satellite stations, there is the addition of text "KOB-DT 26"!

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Just a reminder. Whoever RSVPed for the DTV User's Group meeting tonight at KNME it starts at 7 pm tonight and Jim Gail says he has a full house.

I heard KRQE has their digital transmitter and is waiting for good weather and an installation crew to install it. Would be nice if they could be up and running within 30 days.
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Ended up having to work last night. Anyone care to post news/events/rumors from Jim Gale's get-together?
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We had a good turnout. Lots of good information. Hopefully someone else will post a detailed report, as I'm somewhat buried at work today. We discussed starting a dedicated topic here for the NMDTVUG. Perhaps we should do it on the HD chit chat forum, since it does not get much traffic.

more to come
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It was great meeting all you AVS Forum guys that have been posting to this thread over the past months. I have opened a new thread dedicated to the DTV User's Group called "The Official New Mexico DTV User's Group Thread". Feel free to add your comments about last night's meeting to it and future DTV meeting information/rumors.
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Well, people do read letters and reply to them. Here is the reponse I received today from Hubbard Broadcasting in Minneasota, owner of KOB-TV. See letter several posts back.

Dear Mr. Jerina

Thank you very much for your kind correspondence. I am going to pass your letter on to Ron Hubbard who is president of Hubbard Media Group and to Mike Burgess and Jerry Danziger at KOB. I know that they too will appreciate your kind words.


Stanley S Hubbard
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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[quote]Originally posted by fjerina
I know that they too will appreciate your kind words.

Yaa. It's nice to get a reply. Does anyone have any news on if KOB is going to fill the Olympics vacuum with something besides SD? JR
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Now is the time to write letters or emails to KOB requesting, at a minimum, to pass on through the national NBC HD programs (Jay Leno, Crossing Jordan) whenever it comes through to them preempting whatever they would normally pass through. So, we could be watching Jay Leno at 8:30 instead of 10:30 pm. I wouldn't mind.
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I saw an episode of "Smart Travels" on KNME DT yesterday at 5:30 pm. Was wondering if they are now passing the national PBS feed on through.
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BTW, did you know that KOB-DT's sister station KOBR-DT in Roswell is now broadcasting on digital channel 38.

Any TV viewers with a set top box receivers in Roswell areas please send in your reception report!

I will plan to watch Jay Leno at ether 8:30 PM or 10:30 PM MST if do really pass on HDTV to us.

Does anyone know what bitrate KOB-DT is sending in SDTV right now?

Keep eye on KRQE-DT for any sign of signal testing anytime soon!

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Well I guess everyone has noticed that KOB has gone back to sleep. Talked to a guy in engineering yesterday and he said they returned the rental decoder(?) they were using. It was too expensive to keep and too expensive to buy one. I asked if they could show J Leno in HD; nope. Could they at least show SD in widescreen; nope.
Sigh. JR
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Well I got 2 different E-mails,

The first one is from KCHF-DT "Santa Fe, church TV station" saying they will try to go on the air before May 1st, 2002.

KWBQ-DT and KASY-DT saying Sometime by Arial 2002.....

What is Arial "French word?"

Boy I just wish the wind would die down and let KRQE-DT's crews to work on their antenna tower in time for the March madness!!

Anyway party on!!

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Other minor update news........

I just found out KLUZ-DT has filed for CP, delay due to a shipment of transmiter and other stuffs may be running late sometime between April to July at the most.

They will start off with Special Temporary Authority thats mean starting off running low power first.

It will be on digital channel 42 and I think it will run multicasting i'e, Univision and Telfutera Spanish networks and maybe some more as well too.

All this infomation was from the FCC database website.

This only Albuquerque TV station has filed for DTV delay so far for going past May 1st deadline mandate.

Well that's the news!!

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KOAT-DT just went on the air and its putting out a very strong signal I am getting at 88 on my RCA DTC-100 receiver!

Thay are now testing in HDTV I am not sure its 720p or 1080i video format.

I am taping to my VCR in ET-S-VHS format for this rare catch I sure do wish I have a real HDTV VCR.

They are on digital channel 21.1!

Please send us your signal report here!!

3-4-02 5:24 PM MST
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Signal strength is pegged on my mits box. I'm doing a channel scan now to see if I get a picture.


I'm getting a slightly zoomed upconvert of the analog channel.

Didn't Jim Gale say the head engineer at KOB who got things running for the olympics moved on to KOAT? I sure wish we could get some people from the other stations interested in coming to the next NMDTVUG meeting.

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Hello Petew,

They been testing all day in HDTV with all kinds of pictures and sometime live back east HDTV feed and then sometime they go back to upconverted "480i up to 1080i and strected the picture and halfway cutting the station's ID logo bug on the lower right" with little black bar to the right side of the screen.

Yes the signal is very strong at all times it peaked at 96 by adjusting my antenna but loosing the KOB-DT "It's dropped to lows 20s" so I adjusted the antenna again KOB-DT back around 52, KOAT-DT 88, KNME-DT 76 "KNME was alway stay at 76 whatever no matter what I move my terk TV-50 antenna around a bit. "

I think they are running at 280 KW ERP but then again I might be wrong on this....

They might try the PISP testing anytime soon.... "Multicasting maybe?"

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I will have to check KOAT on my system tonight. Hope KOAT will end up sending the high-def prime time programming instead of just upconverting their analog signal. We will see. Very interesting.
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Here goes.......

Thank you for your informative email.

I am not part of the technical staff, however I can give you a few answers. You will be able to watch NYPD Blue and Philly tonight on HDTV, however they will air an hour earlier than normal programming. (NYPD Blue at 7PM, Philly at 8PM).

I will pass your information concerning the DTV Users group on to our engineering staff.

Bill Case
Research Director

Here's what I posted on the feedback form on the koat web site:

Congratulations on starting digital broadcasting yesterday. I'm getting a strong signal at I-40 and San Mateo. Audio is coming in fine in DD 2.0, and there are no video breakups or other problems. I'm looking forward to enjoying HD programming. How soon do you plan to begin passing through network HD content?

Jim Gail at KNME has started a DTV users group. It would be great if someone from KOAT's technical staff would join us on the third Thursday of every month at KNME's boardroom.

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Well, I get KOAT DT strong and clear but it is just the upconvert from their standard definition signal from 5-7pm and from 9pm and on. I assume it was that way all night. No value added here. They might as well just turn it off if that is what they are going to send. Big disappointment.
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I wish we could convince the broadcasters to pass through the HD feeds. They don't seem to understand that we won't watch if it's not HD. So instead of having a few people watching HD (but not local ads) they have ZERO viewers of the digital channel. And still ZERO eyeballs seeing local ads.

Picture was outstanding for NYPD Blue and Philly. The first few minutes of that sitcom looked good too, until someone got to the switch to change to the crappy NTSC upconvert.

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Jim Gale emailed me an accurate schedule for PBS HD for March. He is going to try to get a PBS web access or page for this information but for right now here it is. Is will be nice to really see what is coming on PBS HD. The file is in Excel and I had to zip it to attach it to this message per this forum.


pbshdschedules.zip 12.6748046875k . file
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Has anyone picked up the Ch 7 HD shows and not had any audio? I've noticed it a few times and don't know if my Samsung only receives Korean. (Kidding, it works fine on 4 & 5). JR
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Late to the party but....Just tuned into KOAT and am picking up what looks like hidef tonight. My system indicates that it is indeed 720p and I am getting DD2.0

These must be upconverts as the picture quality (watching something called According to Jim) is not very good. Tried both native 720p as well as 1080i. Then again, I am getting used to CBS-HD and some of their shows (CSI !) are drop dead sharp.

Regards, Peter
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