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I wish these jerks would hurry up!

I just wanna watch some HDTV...is that so wrong!
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Has anyone in the ABQ area catch the "Shape of Life" series on PBS? When it is on here (day and time)? Sounds like it is a gorgeous video production.
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The Shape of Life is amazing video. I'm disgusted with the state of HDTV though. All the evidence I found said they'd be repeating the show last night at 7:00 local. I emailed Jim G for confirmation (got no response). I took a gamble and invited some friends over who like to dive. I should know better than to gamble. All they showed was that worn out PBS demo loop. So we watched a few minutes of that, and a few minutes of boxing (ugh) on HDNet. The DTV transition stands no chance to succeed if you can't find out what the hell is on. My friends are dying to buy a new TV, and they want HD. Last night they decided to wait another "year or two". If they had seen the program, they'd probably be at Ultimate or Sound Ideas THIS WEEKEND picking out their new TV.

The next episode is supposed to be on next Tuesday at 7:00. PM or email me if you'd like to check it out on my Sony 10HT.

later and crabby about HDTV
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Pete, thanks.

I wish KNME would add to their local web site an up-to-date listing of what will be broadcast, on a weekly basis, like the Detroit station does. I can get so screwed with the time zone thing too. Jim Gail should pressure KNME in doing this.
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I sent this to PBS at www@pbs.org just now. I suggest some of you send out an email to them too.


I appreciate what you are all doing in bringing high-definition digital to PBS but there are a few things you MUST address:

1. You have to start providing additional program content on your digital station. The PBS demo loop is being played excessively and it has lost its purpose and usefulness. There is abundant HD material out there according to Jim Gale, chief engineer at KNME-TV here in Albuquerque, and you should be playing some of this material no matter who produced it as long it is QUALITY material.

2. You should replay your HD programs (not the demo loop) through the later evening time frame since we are watching your programs several hours earlier than the east coast due to the time zones. For example, a program you play at 7 pm on the east coast is being played at 5 pm mountain time which is too early for us working people here in Albuquerque.

Thanks for your time,

Fred Jerina
PBS Supporter
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Well I just got a E-mail from Bill Anderson of KRQE-DT saying.....

We've been approved for an extension in case we need it (we're waiting on an antenna from Diaelectric) but have outside shot at being on in May. Either way, June's probably the latest.

I asked him about the multicasting when not using the HDTV during these daylight hours. "Weather radar or traffic cam"

Answer is......

No specific plans yet for multi-channel useages.

As for on KNME-DT.....

Yep it's a shame that KNME-DT HAS not posted on HDTV programings info, IMHO.....

I just think KNME -DT's webmaster might be clueless...

Now back to DXing......

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Good note to PBS Fred

I complained to the producers of "Shape..." for not even mentioning the fact that the program was in HD. It seems like everyone in the industry wants to keep a secret.

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Gee, I remember last summer when Bill Andersen at KRQE said he thought they would be up in the late fall time frame. I don't believe ANYTHING he has to say. I wouldn't be surprised if they wait until the last second before their waiver times out. Gee, do I seem a little bitter???
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These people are so full of BS. KRQE has said they were only waiting for better weather, with crew standing by. Then they said they needed to get a crew. Now, they are waiting on an antenna.

Obviously, like the others in this two-bit town, they are waiting until they are forced to spend the money on digital transmission.

So much for the Masters, which would be an unbelievable advertisement for the potential of HDTV.
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KOAT-DT is back!! Channel 21.1 But KOB-DT went off the air for some reason...

KNME-DT still on as always....

Still no sign of KRQE-DT so far .......

Stay tuned........

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Minor update, KOB-DT Is still on the air but very weak at 28 on my signal meter probley due to wind shift changes to bent and tilt on the Sandia Crest or but not very likly that KOAT-DT's signal might cause QRM to KOB-DT's signal....

KOAT-DT's signal strenth is between 88 to 94 on my signal meter, so it's is very strong signal so far.

KOAT-DT is still in the testing phase so far with all the loop HDTV 720p testing going on.

Well anyway that's the news on the digital signal reports for the night!

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KOAT DT's "Once and Again" looked really good last night. It was on an hour earlier than usual. They then went to their test patterns (boring). Hope KRQE gets going on their antennae install soon.
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The PBS special "The Shapes of Life" looked great in HD last night. You all should catch it sometime when they repeat it.

KOAT did not show the network programs in HD last night. They just forwarded the SD version. I guess I won't press them until May 1st since they are in their "testing" mode right now.

Haven't seen any tower activity on the crest yesterday for KRQE. If anyone sees something going on up there then let us know.
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I sure do wish that KRQE-DT would get on the air in time for the master golf covereges.

Well it's looks like KOAT-DT will stay on the air for good, but there's a little annoying 2 blinkings dots one on the very upper left eges and upper center of the screen little more to right of it.

I just hope they will fix this problem right it away.

Not much else going on.....

This thread may be moving to all Local DTV news forums threads pretty soon.

Party on!!

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Does anyone else out there hear only the left channel from KOB DT's signal?

Also, seems like KOAT is now just up-converting the analog signal and sending it through the digital signal. I hope it doesn't stay that way.

KRQE DT where for art thou?
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I actually got some responses within a half hour of sending out my emails this afternoon. Here they are...


We're only pumping mono into it right now. I thought the guys had split the
audio into the left and right, though.

They'll be up there Monday, maybe we can fix that then!

We'll be back to stereo soon


Sean Anker


Dear Mr. Jerina:

ABC will not be sending every show in HDTV. Only a portion of ABC's schedule
will be available in HDTV. When ABC provides a show in HDTV, it is our intent to
pass-through the show in HDTV.

Again, thank you for your patience during our transition to digital


John Trambley
Program Director
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Good news Fred. I think our stations are doing pretty good.

I got email from Jim Gail today. He's been at the NAB convention and the PBS Technology Conference. Regerding PBS's sparce programing, he said

"With 70 digital PBS stations now in the air (most simulcasting the HD Channel from PBS), we are very concerned. I picked up a few names for PBS programming types, but they were not at the technology conference"

We need to write PBS. I've asked Jim for contacts.

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I was flicking through the channels tonight, Sunday, and noticed that at 8:50 pm KOAT TV "The Practice" on the digital channel had no sound. Did anyone else notice that?
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No sound on koat-dt anytime I checked last night. Wonder if they knew!
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Son of a gun! I recorded Small Soldiers and Alias only to find that there was no sound.

Any ideas on whom to contact or should we expect this to go on until May 1st?

Regards, Peter
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From reading other threads, I think it was a network problem.
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I called KOAT Engineering yesterday and let them know that there was no sound. We should all get in the habit of calling them when there is problems with their digital transmissions. They must feel there are just 2 of us out there watching their digital stations.
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I understand that the majority of the NBC fall prime-time line-up with be in high-definition. The following is a letter I just mailed (a physical letter preferred over email) to the owners of KOB TV. If any of you have time then you should fire one off to them also. Jim Gale says a few letter from us consumers can make a difference.


Stanley Hubbard
Hubbard Broadcasting
3415 University Avenue
St. Paul, Minn. 55114

Dear Mr. Hubbard,

I am excited to hear that the majority of the NBC fall line-up will be in full high-definition digital. I am looking forward to seeing many of my favorite NBC shows in high-definition.

I would like to report the Albuquerque's KOB TV digital station has been on-line and stable for the past few months.

I hope that you will be investing in the necessary equipment over the next few months so your New Mexico viewers will be able to enjoy the NBC high-definition programming this fall.

I appreciated the efforts on the part of the KOB engineers that presented the Olympics to us here last February. It was truly most enjoyable. I was sad that the high-definition equipment was borrowed and that it had to be returned. Hopefully, you will find the funds to purchase that equipment for your digital transmission system here in Albuquerque.

I appreciate your time.

Yours truly,

Fred Jerina
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Last night, Monday, the KNME digital was done on my set. Did anyone else see this and does anyone out there know if it's still down. I hope it will be up tonight so I can watch the next installment of "The Shape of Life" series.
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KNME-DT is back on the air but KOAT-DT went off today.....

Still waiting for KRQE-DT to go on the air if anytime soon.....

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Here's the status of the local ABQ TV stations as presented in the DTV User's Group meeting last night.

Jim gave a status of the ABQ local digital stations:
a) KNME within 2 weeks will announce their selection for their transmitter they are purchasing. It will be capable of
20,000 watts and will likely be delivered and running by the end of July,
b) KOB is up and running but will likely be upconverting the standard definition signal and sending over the digital
line for quite some time to come,
c) KOX (KASA) is working on their digital transmitter and will be up within 3 or 4 months,
d) WB and UPN is making good progress and will be up likely by the end of May,
e) KOAT is up and will likely be sending out their HD programming by May 1 (they have been turning their
transmitter off and on for the past month, their power bill is $8K a month to run it), and
f) KRQE just needs to get a tower crew to install their antennae (right now in a crate on top the Sandias), the
crew is scheduled for the 1st week of May, so they may be up and running by the 2nd week of May, they have a
file server and the HD equipment so we will likely see all the HD CBS programming passed through to us during our
time zone.
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Wells guys,

KOAT-DT is back on the air and maybe for good since May 1st is around the corner.

But then again you never know what KOAT-DT might do next....

Right now they are doing NTSC 480i and upconverting to 720p or 1080i 4X3 in a 16X9 format.

RCA DTC-100 will pick up 720p and upconvert to 1080i there is no way for me to tell is KOAT-DT doing in 720p or 1080 video formats and maybe someone with the right STB will get the right information?

Still no news on KRQE-DT....

Anyhow just hang in there!!

Party on dudes!!

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I hope KOAT is going to pass on through the high-def 16:9 programming like they said they are going to do. I am holding off until after May 1st before I send any further correspondence to KOAT (since they are SUPPOSSEDLY in a testing mode until then).
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Hey, i need to ask a question.

I have an OTA HDTV receiver, and I cannot get a signal to save my life. are you guys running any special antennas or anything. Also are you receiving a signal only at certain times?

I have the RSBT antenna, and I also have a giant antenna on my roof? Neither of which I can get to receive signal?

I guess what I am asking for is help?

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Where are you located? I doubt that you'd be able to get KNME or KOB with the indoor antenna since they're both running low power. KOAT is on full power when they're transmitting.

Can you get low power UHF analog stations with your outdoor antenna? If so, you should be able to get good digital reception.

There are reception problems right up next to the mountains. Areas like Sandia heights and Copper east of Tramway have issues with KOB and KNME because of low power and temporary antennas.

I'll PM you with my phone number.

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