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I seem to have stumbled on an issue with AccessDTV processing the Short Name record in the VCT.

My local ABC Affliate has 3 channels, WPVI-DT (MPEG Program #1), WPVI-SD, (MPEG Program #2), and WPVI-RA (MPEG Program #3). The VCT records however, are not in that order: MPEG Program #1 is VCT Record 0, MPEG Program #3 is VCT Record 1, and MPEG Program #2 is VCT Record 2.

When I tune to 64.1 I get WPVI-HD showing the AccessDTV remote and I get the video associated with it.

When tuning 64.2, I get WPVI-RA in the remote, and the video is from program #2 which is actually WPVI-SD.
Similarly, when tuning 64.3, WPVI-SD is in the remote and the video is program #3.

So it seems that while the subchannel selection is working correctly and the correct video/audio is tuned, the short-name displayed in the remote is working off VCT records, not the MPEG Program Numbers in those records.

Minor problem, but I thought I'd bring it up in case anyone else notices and also so it can be fixed. :)