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PVR device, no fee???  

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I was wondering is their a PVR device other than computer based that I can buy and record shows on a hard drive with no monthly fees?

I don't need all the other services just want to set a timer and have the show on hard drive.

Thank you for help.
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Yes, they exist....just be aware they will cost much more than a Tivo or a ReplayTV....because like cellphones...Tivo/ReplayTV use the subscription to subsidize the hardware.

The Dreamer.
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Can you point me in the right direction?
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One unit I can recommend is the RCA Scenium DRC7005N. This is a combination DVD Player and PVR. This can either record using basic timers (up to 16) or via a free (GemStar I think) graphical guide (broadcast by some TV stations). I live overseas so I just use the timers.

The unit has been discussed in this forum (do a search). The unit comes with a 40 GB hard drive, but can be easily upgraded to a larger drive (which I did myself with an 80 GB unit) for greater recording time.

RCA made an earlier model (the DRS7000N) which I also own. It cannot be upgraded, and while it works OK, its operating performance is more sluggish than the 7005N.

I bought my 7005N new from Walmart because they would ship to my APO address. But you could probably find one cheaper elsewhere.

Good luck.

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Check out the Toshiba SD-H400 at Best Buy. I believe it's on clearance for $199. It includes the free "Tivo Basic" service which has a 3-day guide and timers with no monthly fee.

This is the best DVR at the market (for U.S. residents with cable or an antenna) without a monthly fee.
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Thanks for the replies. I am off to search the net for options.
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I have a ReplayTv that I bought in 2000 that I don't have to pay a fee. Maybe you might consider searching for one on Ebay.
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Does the Toshiba work with a satellite as I seem to only see cable or over the air information?
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It works with satellite, but if you have satellite, you would probably be better off with the DVR from your satellite company. The DVRs from Dish Network are DirecTV are more integrated (you only have one box), deliver identical picture quality to the original broadcast, and can record two channels at once.
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Tivo with lifetime - no monthly fee. Paid $150 a couple years ago - best investment I ever made...
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