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Hi all,

I'm not sure if this where this post should go, so if it's here erroneously, someone feel free to move it, or tell me where to post it ;)

That said, I have a Hitachi RPTV, a DCT6200, a PC that I want to use as a PVR server, and an Xbox. What I want to do is share the PC on a network with my home PC and my roommate's PC and have the server record all the TV shows we want, coming through the DCT6200. Then, we want to share the recorded TV shows with the Xbox to output onto the TV screen. I hope that made sense.

Now, the problem arises in that we need the DCT6200 to output to the TV as well as the server. As I understand it, the DCT6200 comes with one component-out set, and an S-Video out. I'd rather not hook up either the TV or the server using S-Video (*shudder*) so is there any way for me to connect both the TV and the server to the STB?

Alternatively, if anyone here thinks I'm going about this in a stupid manner, please feel free to enlighten me :D Someone around here must have hooked up a standalone PVR system AND a STB, so I was wondering how that person did it. :confused: