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Last week I had the Charter DVR by Moxi installed. So far it works ok, although my wife finds the menus a little confusing. I tend to agree with her, there is way too much stuff going on.

Now for the question
Last night at 7:00PM CDT we recorded "Designed to Sell". We watched it about 8:30 and then deleted it. Then at 11:00PM CDT it recorded the same episode again. It is setup as a series with "First Run Only". Near as I can tell the guide data for the 2 episodes recorded is the same.

Why did it record the duplicate at 11:00PM? Our TIVO had a season pass for "Designed to Sell" and it only recorded the 7:00PM episode. I know TIVO would've recorded the 11:00PM episode if I deleted the 7:00PM without watching it, but we did watch the 7PM episode with Moxi before deleting it.