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9012 features u/g  

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I've had the 9012 (from Charter in MPLS area) for only about a week and since it's my first time fooling with a DVR I'm having a blast playing with it. Haven't had it long enough to eally be picky about usability things but I wonder if anybody (MoxiGuy?) has any info on when some of the obvious short comings will be fixed. Specifically -

USB support for external HD's (I have access to all kinds of 80 - 160GB drives)

RF "OUT" support (don't ask me why, I just want it!)

On board modem support (gets rid of another split/hop, cable and piece of hardware)

And what about fixing it so the display on the box shows either time or channel - I find it very annoying that I can't see the channel I'm on at any given time.

Other than, nicely done, I think. I've nothing to compare it to but I really think this'll work out quite well.
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. . . . . don't know what I was thinking . . . .

obviously the modem is enabled (duh!!) what I meant was enabling the ethernet port for Internet access through the modem.
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