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Originally posted by jroche
****. Somehow my unit shipped from Amazon before it was supposed to and before i cancelled. What is the deal w/ cancelling after it enters ship process? Anyone get an exact figure? Not sure i should roll the dice on actually having it delivered...
I returned mine mid-shipment. Eagle did not deliver directly to my rural location and had been holding it for over a week. They would have had to switch to yet another carrier to complete delivery. I just cancelled, given the bad reports this TV has had. Too bad, I really wanted it too. Toshiba has given itself a black eye with me. I'm just glad I was watching AVS to find out about the unit before it was too late.

I'm looking at the Syntax/Sceptre/Sharp 30" LCD panels now. Twice the money but at least I'll have a working unit and I'll get true 720p and OOTB computer display capability. I guess some deals are too good to be true (Sanyo, Toshiba "bargains").
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Little off topic....
I need to buy progressive scan dvd player with this tv and have shor listed following 2. Which one do you guys recommend:
samsung p241
toshiba 3960

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my situation is exactly the same as len43's. I called both Toshiba and local service center many times. The end result? I am still waiting! They just do not care! Everytime they will find some excuse and tell me to wait several business days, and then when you call several days later to ask why nobody comes, they will find other lame excuses to let you wait again. The whole process is so frustrating and I even don't know what to deal with them.

Originally posted by len43
I think the real issue is if something goes wrong. Toshiba's service is only as good as the local service repairman. In my case, I've been waiting weeks for a tech to come out. I simply can't get this thing serviced.
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Like i said before, it looks like Toshiba is going down hill,Even the dvd players are not that great.I had a dvd player that i had to return because the black levels were not even black, they were horrible.:( :mad:
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I was surprised to know my experience was so similar to len43's.
I also tried to let Toshiba replace one TV for me after I know they can't get a tech guy to take a look at my TV very soon and I know my TV is very problematic. But they refuse to do that. They claim a replacement will be made only AFTER a tech guy considers it irreparable. But the real problem here is, they haven't published the formal service manual for this set and my local tech guy needs it to repair the TV. Toshiba did nothing to help a customer like me. If you ask for the warranty thing, they will tell you how soon they perform the service is at their option and what you can do is just to wait patiently. They won't expedite the whole process just because you complain.
len43 and I as well as other guys who are experiencing similar problems put our faith and money to a new product because we trusted Toshiba's brand and in-home warranty. Now when some problems occur and some of their products are faulty, from my perspect of view, Toshiba is not trying to help us and take the responsibility. Toshiba didn't show any sincerity to solve this problem in a timely manner. That 's why I feel upset with Toshiba and thus, won't recommend any people here to buy this TV from Toshiba. As for myself, this is probably the last Toshiba product I will purchase in my life.( well, I realize a company as large as Toshiba even won't care about the complaint of one individual customer. "Good" business practice, way to go, Toshiba!)

Originally posted by len43
I hear you too, but in my case smoke started coming out the back. I don't need a service mode or a tech to tell me this thing is broken, just open the box and take a big whiff.

Worse yet, Toshiba refuses to simply replace it for a new one. I need a tech to say this thing is unsalvagable which I guess is actually a rather rare event. From what I can tell the tech is supposed to try to fix it first and can take as long as they want doing it. No amount of complaining is going to speed that process up here at the local repair office or at Toshiba headquarters.

I may have been first in line and willing to take a chance, but this is pretty clear cut bad customer service. I should have had a new TV by now and an apology for a clearly faulty TV set.
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I hear you man, No toshiba for me , not ever again.Only Sony and Panasonic electronics,and JVC.

To tell you the truth, my firsy dvd player was a sony, and then when i had my Playstation2 i used that as my dvd player for a few years and had no problems what so ever.I pretty much have good experiances with sony products,and would highly recomend the 34" and 30" Sony HS420 tv sets.
And also Panasonic is on par with sony as well.
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Originally posted by CrocHunter
I hear you man, No toshiba for me , not ever again.Only Sony and Panasonic electronics,and JVC.
To each their own. Doesn't matter what brand you buy, some may have problems.

I feel for Len and Arthur and am sure their issues will be resolved one a tech confirms to Toshiba the problems. Having worked in tv repairs, it is just procedure that Toshiba must go through. A tech must confirm the problems in a "In home warranty" before Toshiba or any brand can decide how to resolve the issue.

I have the tv in question here (30HF84) and am very happy with it. No issues to report. I, like others was concerned as I bought the tv online and didn't see it in person. No concerns now.

Croc, we know you don't like the Toshiba, you have made many posts about it without owning the tv in question. Did you buy the Panny or Sony? I don't think you can go wrong with either of the three brands, Toshiba, Sony or Panny. All quality brands and quality sets.
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So I tried messing with the factory settings and managed to tweak the geometry a little better, but still it's off. All the verticals look horrible and I'm getting frustrated. Real noticeable for indoor scenes with lots of doors and windows and everything is crooked. I really doubt calling the number I got from Toshiba is going to help at all. (I mean comeon, like some local has any experience tweaking the geometry on the brand new model HF84). Tho I guess a pro saying 'it's off' will help me trade the tv in for something else. Really a shame because I pretty much like everything else the set has to offer. I'll probably switch to that 30KVHS420 Sony (after checking it for geometry issues also...dunno tho because I've seen people posting in the XBR960 thread about geometry problems!!!).

So what have you people been doing ?? Has anyone managed to tweak it themselves and come out with it looking cherry? Or are you still waiting on techs to come by and check it out?
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I'm going to wait a week to pull the trigger, but it looks like i'm getting the 34" Panasonic, i've did my research for over 3 months now, and that seems to be the best bet for my viewing conditions.

The panasonic also i think is the only one that can automatically detect an anamorphic signal and stretch it to fit the screen automatically.I'm not sure if the sony and toshiba doe this, but i read it on the panasonic website.

For me it looks to be either the 34" sony's or the 34" panasonic, but the sony may be pushing it, due to my tv stand having weight limits so the sony may be out.
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I bought the 30HF84 too. I got mine at Best Buy. All the smae issue others have posted. Bad geometry, grainy picture, poor PQ all around. Mine is going back in exchange for Sony today. I too have had great past experience with Toshiba products and even better experience with the service end. When I contacted them on this thing they were all but helpfull. Sad thing. Oh well.... I hope others will see these posts while making a buying choice and go with another brand in this range.

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can someone please tell me what it costs to stop this shipment mid-stream from amazon. Please don't guess, if you know for sure- I'd appreciate it.

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They stopped it for me for free. Call them up at 18002017575. Tell them you are going to refuse the TV due to horrible reviews. Their return policy on the website states you can refuse shipment on 27"+ TVs... once you sign for them they are yours for life.

The first person I spoke with tried to tell me I'd have to pay 180$ for return shipping. I promptly pointed out the return policy stated above and asked where the hell he got 180 from since shipping is only 69. He then said since it wasn't delivered yet that there would be no charge. They then contacted Eagle and had them reroute it back to Amazon. I haven't been refunded yet, but it should be soon.
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Does anyone know of a hdtv 30" that is the same size as 30hf84 toshiba 32.5" w
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thanks, stopped mine today. Back to square one. Going to go out at look at some RPTV and see how they hold up...
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Just to let everyone know, I received a 30HF84 from Amazon.com 10 days ago and do not have the problems mentioned above. The images with DVDs are brilliant and I have none of the geometry problems discussed. I just watched "cell block tango" on the Chicago DVD, which has vertical jail cell bars scrolling left and right half of the song. After reading all these comments, I was trying desperately to see bends in the bars and saw none. I think there was a bad batch of these TV put out but they have since fixed the problem. Got it cheap and with free shipping. I expect it to last me until plasma comes down in price, though with the deep blacks I get on the Toshiba, it may last even longer. They aren't all bad. There is still hope.
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FWIW, here is another data point. Ordered my 30HF84 from Amazon around 9/5. It arrived 9/21. I am *very* pleased with the PQ on HD content and on digital channels. I am a bit disappointed with how the set handles SD and still trying to work to improve this (Guess it could be signal strength).

As far as the geometry issues, the bars when watching SD content in Natural mode are slightly off. I haven't yet done a calibration with DVE. I also may not have the most discerning eye and am fairly new to the HDTV game. But I have seen none of the other issues that posters have reported. (I did need to make a slight tilt adjustment.)

My setup: SA 3250HD STB feeds HD (delivered from TWC) to the Toshiba HDMI port using a DVI-HDMI cable (don't recall brand of cables offhand). PS/2 and my Pioneer DV563A Progressive Scan DVD Player are hooked via Component interconnect to the Toshiba via switching in my Pioneer A/V receiver. I also run S-video from the 3250HD to the 30HF84. (I have found the S-video connection to deliver improved PQ for several of the analog cable channels.) My primary use of this TV will be to watch HD content and DVDs.

I don't see much PQ difference between having the upconversion driven at the STB or in the 30HF84. HD looks great using HDMI or Component interconnect (the ESPNHD and CBS NFL games were awesome this past weekend).

I feel lousy for those folks who got a bad set. I hope Toshiba steps up and makes things right for y'all.

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Steen and HillsboroughJoe,

What do you set for the following parameters:


It may depend upon channel to channel but there must be some settings that can help during DVD and HDTV

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I use 20/21 for brightness and contrast then 20 on sharpness and 29 on color with temperature set to warm. most stuff looks pretty good, especially the darker movies. Outside bright scenes are a little grey/washed out, but if i set the brightness up too high the blacks and other dark colors aren't as nice. This setting also works pretty well with tv. I have to set the temp up and colors otherwise everything gets washed out with the brightness and contrast so low. Darker movies look REALLY good (Alien, Se7en, Rules of Attraction, Harry Potter) and normal movies still look just about best in these settings. Very bright sunny movies generally have to be adjusted for higher brightness and contrast with the color knocked back to low/mid 20s and temp to neutral (or whatever the middle setting is).

Moot point cuz I'm getting sick of the geometry issues.
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Well since my 30HF84 has been sitting in the authorized Toshiba repair shop for over two weeks, I finally got a call from the tech this morning. He said it was impossible to fix the geometry (bent vertical lines) and also noticed the convergence was way off on the left and right sides. He said the tv's service menu didn't have the type of options to fix such problems, relating it to "static convergence" controls or something. He said the only thing left to do is try and call toshiba to see if they will replace based on the issues he noticed. I'll update once I talk to them.
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This looks a good news to you. Too bad no technician even comes to take a look at my TV. time to make another call to Toshiba.
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Wow, amazing how bad the presidential debate looked tonight. The vertical red strips beside the canidates made the set look like a joke. Everyone have this problem?
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word. almost like a ) * ( --their head inbetween the bars is the *. However its not as simple as a ) ( as adjusting the pincushion in the service menu would then fix it...it doesn't because fixing the top part of the screen distorts the middle sections too much. Even using the top control menu (in the service menu) doesn't help it
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I am unable to understand how the 30HF83 that I purchased at a great price through Amazon can be such a superb receiver and the 30HF84 can be so bad. There are differences in cabinet size (30HF84 is slightly wider) and features (30HF84 has no POP and sub woofer). Perhaps Toshiba outsourced these to a different supplier from the 30HF83. I am thankful to have been in on the 30HF83 deal!
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I took delivery of a 30HF84 yesterday (a warranty replacement for my 30HF83 that had serious convergence issues that Toshiba was not able to fix). Unfortunately, this TV seems to have the geometry problems that other posters have noted. Specifically, the top 1.5" of the screen shifts to the right and just above the middle of the picture it shifts to the left. The distortion is enough that any text that appears in these areas actually looks like it's in italics. I don't expect any TV to have perfect geometry, but this is bad enough to be constantly distracting.

Also, the picture seems to be a bit grainy compared to the 30HF83 and it has some convergence problems in the upper and lower right side of the tube (the red is separating from the other colors).

I'm going to have a tech come and look at it next week. Hopefully, he will be able to improve the geometry, but since the distortions do not appear to be within the normal range of geometry problems, I'm not going to get my hopes up.
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I purchased a dvi to HDMI cable

When I hook up the DISH 811 using this cable to my Toshiba 30HF84 tv:

In the 480 mode on the 811, I can get a picture, but it's extremely grainy. If it's not a 16:9 picture, there is greenish grains all around where the black bars would be.

In 720 and 1080, I can't even get a picture,

Is this a bad cable, or could it be something else? I haven't had a chance to try another cable.

Using component out, I get the picture without any problems.

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Need clarification on this for best picture quality:
Is this correct that when we watch dvd on this tv we have to change the pic format to full and whenever watching normal tv sd+hdtv we need to change it to theater mode 1 (told by toshiba rep) ?
always put it to 1080i and never need to 540p?
always leave svm off?
brightness-25, color-17,sharpness-20,contrast-17 for good color?

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Originally posted by rubs
Need clarification on this for best picture quality:
Is this correct that when we watch dvd on this tv we have to change the pic format to full and whenever watching normal tv sd+hdtv we need to change it to theater mode 1 (told by toshiba rep) ?
always put it to 1080i and never need to 540p?
always leave svm off?
brightness-25, color-17,sharpness-20,contrast-17 for good color?

DVD should be on "Full" and SD should be on "Theatre 1". On HDTV you can't select a mode.

I have my DVD and SD on 540p and HDTV at 1080i. Seems to work best for me. SVM is off on HD and DVD but on "Low" for SD.

My settings are different for all inputs. Avia for DVD (Comp 1), and custom for HDMI (HDTV) and S-Video(SD). My settings are close to yours on all inputs.
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Anyone interested in filing a petition using **************.com?
I've never done it, anyone have any experience/interest?
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Everyone's TV stopped having all the mentioned problems ?
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Got a good deal on the30HF34 from HH Gregg (matched internet price) and don't have any complaints. I've had a 61" Hitachi RPTV for 2 1/2 years, and the picture on the 30HF34 connected to an HD source (cable) seems as crystal clear and sharp. NO complaints. It is the only 30" hdtv that I could find that fits in a 31.5" wide bedroom cabinet. It is perfect for the bedroom. It'll have an HD PVR connected eventually, so PQ for us will suffer anyway.
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