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killer deal imho. Not only was the price right , they bumped you up to the top of their line in a 65 inch. wtg
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My Mits died a couple of weeks ago for the second time (it had a 3 month chassis rebuild in 2009) in it's short life. I was all set to replace it with a Samsung Plasma and had decided to wait until the 2011's come out when I remembered to check this thread. Once I found out that Mits was offering new sets, I contacted them and took my tv into a local repair shop. For $70 they diagnosed multiple caps had to be replaced for an approximate cost of $350. I sent this into Mits with my original $4400 receipt and overall problem discription and history. I got a call back saying the estimate needed to be a detailed parts and labor. All I could get from my repair people is $70 parts and $280 labor as they have to test the set as they replace caps so they don't know exactly which ones are bad until they do this. I sent this new estimate to Mits. Mits called the repair people this morning for further discussion and then Mits called me a little later and offered me a WD-65738 for $300 + $150 shipping saying the repair people wanted to rebuild the power board and Mits's policy is to redo the whole chassis so thus the new tv offer. The repair people told me later that, no, they told Mits it needed new caps whereever they were found bad. Anyway, from this thread, I knew this to be a decent deal so now to get a money order and start that process. I just wanted to share my experience with all, since this forum has been such a wealth of information to me over the years I've owned this set. Thanks.
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I have a 52725 that has had boards replaced 4 times now. I believe every part in the TV has been changed except the light engine itself.

Recently my TV has been flickering on the PC input, i can see a rolling pattern in my RGB-Component inputs, and my cable card has stopped functioning.

I'm ready to replace every single CAP in the TV. Can anyone recommend a good site to purchase all of the CAPs? I found a site but it says it only has 35 CAPs in it. That can't be right...



$72 for this one which contains all of the following...
http://www.tvrepairworld.com/mitsubishi_repair_kits (WD52525-WD62525, WD52625-WD62625, WD52725-WD62725)

Mitsubishi V26 Chassis Capacitors.
This kit contains all the capacitors for the entire chassis that are known to fail in the V26 Chassis DLP. This is just the capacitors and doesnt not include the instruction CD. The capacitors included are the following.

Terminal 1 board
CL203 1000uF 10V

Terminal 2 board
C2M28 1000uF 10V
C2M29 1000uF 10v

FMT board
C8F19 1000uF 16V
C8F21 1000uF 16V
C8F22 1000uF 16V
C8F27 1000uF 16V

DM board
C81A2 1000uF 16V
C81A3 1000uF 16V
C81B3 1000uF 16V
C81B4 1000uF 16V

Signal board
C8788 330uF 16V
C8738 330uF 16V
C8717 330uF 16V
C8761 330uF 16V
C8780 330uF 16V
C8798 330uF 16V
C87A3 330uF 16V
C8797 330uF 25V
C8710 330uF 10V Replace with 330uF 16V
C8727 330uF 10V Replace with 330uF 16V
C87A0 330uF 10V Replace with 330uF 16V
C87A7 330uF 10V Replace with 330uF 16V
C3E51 470uF 35V
C3E52 470uF 35V
C3E53 470uF 35V
C3E54 470uF 35V

Power Supply
C9A52 1000uF 16V
C9A51 1000uF 16V
C9A61 1000uF 16V
C9A62 1000uF 16V
C9A39 2200uF 35V
C9A40 2200uF 35V
C9A37 3300uF 16V
C9A38 3300uF 16V
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Originally Posted by tellicobob View Post

Mits called the repair people this morning for further discussion and then Mits called me a little later and offered me a WD-65738 for $300 + $150 shipping

After 2 chassis rebuilds on my 52725 under warranty, Mitsu wanted to offer me a new set, but 1: the space in the downstairs family room where my old Mitsu had been relegated could not accommodate a large set and 2: after my experience with Mits dlp's, I wanted nothing to do with another Mitsu. I talked them into giving me store credit where I had purchased the set. They offered me $645. I took it and got a 46 inch Sony for less than $200.
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I have the same issue. I have mine built into a wall. The whole wall was designed around the TV. At the time I didn't mind spending $4000 on a television because I planned on having it for 20 years. They TV has had over 10 service calls since 2004. It's never worked right since I've owned it.

There is no way I could get store credit because I bought it from Tweeter and they've since gone out of business.
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Mitsubishi would have you goto the next Mitsubishi store near you for the replacement. That is what they did for me.
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Well, my WD-62725 got the "blinking green light of death" for the second time. The first time I was able to resuscitate it by unplugging it for an hour. This time there was no bringing it back. It's been a great set for nearly 6 years but, its day is done.

I went to HH Gregg, bought a new LG 55LW5600 LED unit and had them haul off the Mits. The LG is very nice so I quickly forgot about the Mits. I sure hope the LG lasts longer than 6 years! I've never had a TV die that fast.
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Finally trashing my WD-62825 after relegating it to gaming duties a year ago with the arrival of my Panasonic plasma. The Mitsushiti was very typical, two chassis replacements, bulbs, BGLOD, etc. Finally got a descent buy out from the warranty company. Will never own anything from Mitsubishi again after how bad this unit and their customer service was.

If are located in Houston and are interested in the unit for parts or possible repair you can have it for free, just pick it up. It is still working but the wavy lines and sparkles have returned on the HDMI input.

Send me a message if you want it, I'll hold it for a couple of weeks.
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Hi all, I'm finally ready to get rid of this thing. Needs chassis replacement, or probably just some caps replaced. I don't have the life-force to deal with it anymore.

Question....does it have value for parts? Or should I just take it to the dump?
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Originally Posted by boristhedog View Post

Hi all, I'm finally ready to get rid of this thing. Needs chassis replacement, or probably just some caps replaced. I don't have the life-force to deal with it anymore.

Question....does it have value for parts? Or should I just take it to the dump?

Never simply discard a tv like this. Absolute worst case, Craigslist $50. Someone will take it. More for 65" and over.

It's better to ask a small amount on Craigslist than to put it in the Craigslist free section, as you will be deluged with responses if you do that, and after doing research 90% of those people won't show up. There are tv repair shops that buy tvs like these up for refurb, or they break it down and sell the parts on ebay.
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Thanks Chuck, that's good info.
All - please PM me if you are in the DFW area (north) and interested in taking this thing off my hands ... make me an offer. Thanks.
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Mine has died at some point in the last couple of weeks, too.

I had the power board replaced under warranty about 3 years into owning it (swollen caps). Now it seems to blink the green LED on the front panel about 11-12 times, pauses, then repeats indefinitely. It also makes very quiet clicking noises that seem to come from the right rear side.

I just don't want to deal with it anymore, and I am likely to just buy a new TV at Best Buy and take advantage of their free haul-away of the old TV. This thing is so big and bulky and awkward to carry that I have no interest in trying to wrestle it up the basement stairs. The damn thing weighs about 170 lbs if i remember correctly, and there are no convenient hand holds. I had it delivered by best buy in 2004, and they can HAVE it back! I remember watching the delivery guys struggling with it when they brought it down the stairs - I can only imagine how tough it would be to haul it back up.

If anyone here is in West Michigan and is willing to move it out of my house, they can have it! (It is a WD-62525).
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sad to see you guys with all the issues with the 725 sets. mine is still going strong with not one issue. just gotta change the bulb the third time around with mine. no warranty either. i don't want to give up my clear screen for a matte mitsu 2011. i still want a new dlp but i don't think i can afford the clear contrast types.
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well...I have a problem that I am having trouble fixing. I have had to replace the bulb once (fair enough for this TV, a Model 62725.) I am getting what appears to be magenta bands from the upper right to the lower left on then screen regardless of input (sometimes they are from upper left to lower right.) any idea what this could be?

I have attached a small video clip.
sad picture quality

Thanks for any advice.

PS How do I get into the service menu to check convergence etc...??
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I friend just gave me a wd-52725 TV. The TV turns on, but the picture is very dark. I have tried all of the inputs. The menu screens come up clear and look fine. The TV sat in a finished basement for two years and was not used. Before it sat it worked just fine. Any ideas what may be causing this darkness issue? It is like you are always watching a night seen in a movie. I cleaned the lens and mirrors to no avail. If I run cable directly to the tv some channels look ok. I am fairly good with my hands and would like to try to fix it myself. Thanks
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I have a 52725.

I now has the BGLOD and it is also time to replace the bulb.

It is even worth trying to fix these anymore? Mine was purchased in 2004.

My concern is that I get the boards rebuilt then something else craps out and money is wasted.

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My 62525 died about 2 months ago, and it has been sitting idle ever since then as I wait to see what I want to replace it with. I don't plan to even bother getting it fixed - I will try to buy from someplace that will haul away the old TV so I don't have to deal with it.
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Originally Posted by spiff72 View Post

My 62525 died about 2 months ago, and it has been sitting idle ever since then as I wait to see what I want to replace it with. I don't plan to even bother getting it fixed - I will try to buy from someplace that will haul away the old TV so I don't have to deal with it.

Sell it on Craigslist for $100-150. A big 62 is worth fixing.
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Originally Posted by ChuckF. View Post

Sell it on Craigslist for $100-150. A big 62 is worth fixing.

I thought about it, but the tough part is going to be getting it out of my basement. I watched the guys from BB deliver it and they were STRUGGLING with it. I have moved it off the stand and onto the floor - that that was tough enough. It is very difficult to get handholds on these things - and it weighs a good 160 lbs!

Maybe if I can sell it and tell the buyer that they are solely responsible for removing it from the house in one piece.
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I called them today in the hope that they will offer me a store credit for the place I bought it from (Best Buy). I got the usual story - they told me who to call and get an estimate for the repairs, and that I needed to provide a copy of the original receipt ($4500) and the estimate, as well as records that I had the power board replaced under the Best Buy extended warranty.

I can't call the repair facility until Tuesday, but I am hoping they can do an "over the phone" diagnosis as I have heard others mention sometimes happens.

I managed to find the original receipt (and I got Best Buy to email it to me), but I can't find any documentation of the power board replacement. I tried calling Best Buy again, but they claim to have no record of any service being done to the TV (even though they actually replaced the lamp on one occasion, came out to diagnose the power board, and then came a third time to replace the board when the part finally arrived).

So in your opinion(s), will it hurt my case to get some sort of help from Mits without proof of the previous power board failure?

I told them I was getting wavy lines, and then the TV just died with the green blinking light.

My TV is a WD-62525 - what do you think they might offer for store credit if I can talk them into it? And what is everyone's experience of the cost of getting an estimate? Do they have to actually tear the TV apart and inspect things? Or if they are an Authorized Mits Repair center, will they be aware of the problem and basically just come out, confirm that my description of the problem is accurate, and then throw out a number for chassis replacement/rebuild? What should I expect to pay the service company for the estimate?

And does Mits "automatically" just offer a new TV for discounted price, or do they sometimes just offer to pay for part of the repair? I DON'T want it repaired - I want to get it replaced!

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I ended up replacing 4 bad caps on my dm board. My picture is still really dark. But, here is the thing. If I put it on PIP the screen looks great. Good color. When I switch it back it goes dark again. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My wife is getting sick of this thing taking up space in the basement. Thanks
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Well I can tell you that I replaced all the bog caps on the Power board, the cap on the ballast and a bunch of others and I got the TV working again. for about 6 months that is. It just quit again this weekend and now I need to pull it apart and look again.

Could be the lamp though. I will try that first as I heard it try to fire it up and I now have a red lamp light after resetting it
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Hey all...

Looks like I am being offerred a WD73740 as a replacement for my WD62525. Unfortunately I missed the call and they left a voicemail but didn't mention the price in the voicemail! So now I will have to wait until Monday to find out the price. I am wondering what they will offer. I had the power board replaced under warranty in 2007, and now the electrical chassis has failed. They actually first offered to cover the cost of the replacement chassis, and I would have to pay for the labor (about $300). I asked about the possibility of a replacement when they called me on Tuesday, and today (Friday) they left me the message.

Anyone else been offered this TV for the model that I have? Just curious what price they offered.

I think I would go for it if they were about $850 or less (shipped). I think that is wishful thinking...
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XX725 Latest Firmware???

I have a 62725 that I've fixed up and have up and running in my basement. What's the latest and greatest firmware? I have V26.004.08. Any newer?

Got Comcast to come and install a Cablecard. Seems OK...expect I lost HBOHD (CH300). It was there originally..now disappeared.
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Has anyone had any luck getting Mitsu give them some sort of credit without having to get a bunch of estimates and such? I replaced some caps two years ago and am now starting to get static, as well as purple lines on the TV, and of course every couple of days the green light starts blinking until I un-plug the TV. I'm going to take another shot at replacing some more caps, but I'm not overly optimistic that it will fix all of my problems. I'd really like to just get one of their new DLPs (although i might be crazy for getting another mitsu after all the nonsense with this one).
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I did with my WD-62725 and I got a new WD-65835 and I love this TV 100% more than my 65725.
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So I was getting a bunch of purple lines on my screen and decided I'd check it to see if any capacitors were blown. A similar problem happened to me about two years ago, and I replaced some caps and it was fine after that. I pulled up the chassis, and had a look at the power board, and sure enough a few more caps were bulging. I ordered the replacements, and in the mean time put everything back together.

Unfortunately, now the tv won't even turn on. When I plug it in, the fan comes on, and it blinks green for a minute or so as is normal. However then when I hit the power button, the green light comes on, but nothing else happens, no fan, no picture, nothing. Hit the power button again and it the power led immediatly goes out. I did the error check, and get "12" which is no errors. I've pulled it apart and double checked that I put everything back together properly, and it all looks good.

Anyone have anythoughts on what else I could check or do?
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I finally got rid of my 62525 today (repair company was kind enough to take it off my hands and even helped carry it from my basement). Damn those things are heavy!

My replacement WD73740 is being delivered tomorrow morning, thanks to what I thought was a very decent offer from Mitsubishi.

Good luck to all of you with your TVs!

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Well I have a WD-62825 Diamond DLP with intermittent failure to power up which currently can be cured by unplugging from wall and plugging back in. It also has snow in picture most noteable when picture is dark, and the wavy green and purple lines at times.

I have contacted at authorized repair center and gotten a repair estimate, and contacted Mitsubishi Customer Relations for assistance. Considering all I have read in this thread I am hopeing they offer to replace the set with a current Diamond model at a greatly reduced price which would be a WD-73840. Has anyone been offered this as a replacement, and also is there any feedback on the reliability of the new models compared to the obvious problems that has been seen with the 2004-2006 or so models.
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I have the snow sparkles on blacks, and I recently experienced the wavy green lines.. but they seemed to have gone dormant after a few days.. I haven't contacted Mitsubishi.. but I'm curious where you end up.. Mine is the 62725 model. I'm seriously considering going w/ a projector next, but I need input on that..

Please update with your progress w/ Mitsubishi! Thanks!
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