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Evansville, IN - HDTV

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I recently purchased a direcTV HR10-250. I purchased a Zenith Silver Sensor antenna to get local OTA. It worked well, but I was unable to get a signal on CBS. I purchased a DB4 from antennasdirect.com thinking it would allow me to pull in the signal. It did not help. I live in Southern Indiana and receive my local channels through Evansville, Indiana. I live approximately 22 miles away from the broadcast tower and am oriented 177 degrees compass orientation according to antennaweb. There are no trees, hills, or buildings in the way. My other locals come in fine with 80-90% signal strength and they are all located 20-25 miles away in the same general comprass orientation as CBS. CBS gets a signal peaking at approximately 47%, but the signal will not lock on. I am using a small in line signal amplifier that I purchased from Radio Shack.
My antenna is in my 2nd story attic - but I do realize that I would have better luck putting the antenna on the roof. Is there anything that I can use to increase the signal strength? Would a different antenna help? Is there a better signal amplifier that would work? I do not want to put the antenna on the roof, so it must remain in the attic. As I said, I can get approx. 50% signal strength, but CBS won't lock on. I am desperate to get CBS before Survivor starts on Thursday. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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YEs go to lowes and by a pre amp. One piece will sit on the antenna and the other piece will be inside, This should help your signal out alot. I also want to point out that Survivor has never been done in HD. I'm hoping they will this year but I'm about 100% sure they won't. Most of the people here will tell you plain and simple put it outside, I agree with that idea! The DB4 should mount with ease outside. Radio Shack should have lots of diffrent mounting options like chimney and other styles. You should check out there website. I live about 85 miles from Evansville by Carbondale IL and I have a CH 4228. At night I can pick up all the analog stations in Evansiville. I can pick up a tiny signal for the digital stations. I'm hoping they go full power some time.
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Thought I'd open a thread concerning DTV in the Evansville Indiana area.
To start, does anybody know anything about when WTVW and WEVV might begin full power or HDTV operation? I emailed WEVV a few weeks ago and received a reply stating they planned to be at full power by the end of the year but no info regarding HD.
Weekend before last, I was able briefly to get a signal from WTVW-DT here in Morganfield, but never since. Was 480i only. I wonder if they were testing their transmitter? I emailed them a question but received no reply.
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RMP please keep us updated in you get any additional information about CBS and Fox. I live in Henderson and get a strong digital HD signal for ABC (25.1) and NBC (14.1) but I have never been able to acquire a digital signal for CBS or Fox much less a HD signal. I have asked for a waiver from CBS to get the HD CBS from D* but have been denied several times. I have added the local station package on D* but the picture quality is not very impressive. I think it is a crazy that the local CBS station can keep us from getting a waiver when they do not even spend the money on a local news department.
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Since the end of the year will soon be here, I re-inquired with WEVV a few days ago. They now indicate that they plan full power and HD from CBS "sometime in the first half of 2005". I think this is actually when the FCC requirement takes effect. I also asked about their "sister" station WTSN (that's the low power UPN station on Channel 63). My correspondent "Webmaster"@WEVV said he had no idea!
I have been unable to contact WTVW by e-mail, my inquiries to the address on their website are bounced back.
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Thanks again for the update RMP. I will keep my fingers crossed that we will see some movement from WEVV and WTVW soon. The sporting events coverage from both of those channels really would add some nice HD content to our market. Please continue to post any new information.
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I am planning on moving in the next month, and am debating on which cable service to get (and thought I'd get the opinions of some local people). I currently have Voom and while the satellite service has been excellent, I have had some issues with the local channels (intermittently working, CBS having some sort of interference going through the picture, etc). I am from Evansville, and am wondering what are other opinions of the services around here (especially concerning HD coverage).
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Smiley here is my experience with the Evansville market. I have a maxed out D* account which gives me all of the HD content D* offers and I use a second dish to pick up the non HD locals transmitted by D*'s 72.5 bird. Since I live in Henderson I am VERY close to most of the local station transmission towers. I get a very strong digital signal from 14.1 (NBC HD) and 25.1 (ABC HD) using an indoor Zenith Silver Sensor antenna. To my knowledge neither CBS nor FOX is broadcasting HD in Evansville yet. I have repeatedly tried to obtain a waiver from both stations to get D*'s distant network feed of HD CBS and HD FOX but I have always been denied. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
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I have also been denied waivers it is BS when local stations don't offer HD signal. I can get 14.1 & 25.1 with cheap attic antenna. I live in Mt. Vernon approx. 20 miles from Evansville
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In case you missed it, here's a link to the article in the Courier a couple days ago regarding WEVV's full power hd schedule: http://www.courierpress.com/ecp/ebj/...547680,00.html
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Saw a screen crawl on 14-1 last night saying WFIE-DT would be changing their Digital encoding on April 4, and a channel re-scan on our receivers might be necessary. Anybody know what this is about? PSIP?
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As thre weather front was passing through last night, the UHF band "opened up" for a while and I was able to do some DTV "DXing". WHAS-DT and WAVE-DT from Louisville were visible for a while, and I watched WVUE-DT(?) from Vincennes University for about half an hour. WTVW-DT was also visible, still 480i only.
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Originally posted by RMP in KY
In case you missed it, here's a link to the article in the Courier a couple days ago regarding WEVV's full power hd schedule: http://www.courierpress.com/ecp/ebj/...547680,00.html

I wish I had looked at this thread sooner. Being I didn't get a chance to read it, when are they supposed to be converted over to HD?
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Looks like the link is no longer available. As I recall, they said something like late summer. By the way, the FCC deadline is July 1st. Guess they don't plan to make that.
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For those in the Evansville market who are having problems receiving DT signals, go to...
type in the call letters (such as WTVW) and the page will search for info on the NTSC and DT specs for the station. There are also contour maps for each transmitter listed. Note that some DT stats are listed as construction permits and others are listed as operational. For example, WTVW-DT shows only an output power of 4.5 KW for its DT signal. The coverage map does not even reach Princeton IN or Morganfield KY.
Just fyi in case you are wondering why you cannot get certain Evansville stations while others come in like gangbusters.
(Sorry about splitting the website. The forum would not allow me to post it as this is my first post.)
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Yeah, I have looked at the coverage maps. For instance, WNIN-DT has a big null EXACTLY in my direction at Morganfield. They are at full power and I still can't get them, at least with an indoor antenna. However, I believe they will go back to RF channel 9 for their permanent channel assignment, after the analog shutdown. Maybe then...
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Would you Evansville metro area AVS'ers please email or PM me if you would be willing to participate in a little but of market research regarding Home Theater and High End Audio/Video?

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FYI..........I just read on the FCC website that due to equipment delays, WEVV-DT will not meet the July 1, 2005 Replication/Maximization Interference Protection Deadline. The station has filed for a three month extension to finish the project, but believes that the work should be finished within 30 days. The station will be going from 1kW @ 138 feet to 500kW @ 945 feet. This will definitely increase the station's coverage area.

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WEVV was running a crawl during CSI last night, stating they would be off the air part of today and tomorrow while installing "Phase I", whatever that is, of equipment necessary for eventual HDTV.
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While in Henderson yesterday, I drove by WEVV's tower site. There were workers on the tower, looks like they are getting ready to install the antenna on the tower.
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The analog antenna (Channel 44) was removed from atop the tower as of yesterday afternoon. There is an article
in today's Courier-Press regarding the work. Curiously, the article says WTVW may not get HD until next year. I wonder if this means they will not go to full power until then. I thought WTVW, as a top-4 network station in a top-100 market, was supposed to be at full power by now, just like WFIE, WEHT and WEVV.
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I just see this article in the paper. It's about time the other stations starting to convert over, although they seem like they're still dragging their feet on it (like WTVW).
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WEVV's website said they hoped to be back on the air by Friday evening, but they didn't make it. Does anyone know what their problem is?
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Originally Posted by RMP in KY View Post

WEVV's website said they hoped to be back on the air by Friday evening, but they didn't make it. Does anyone know what their problem is?

I just noticed that they're still off-air too. I thought I read somewhere that the local cable companies could still pick the CBS feed up somewhere else (besides WEVV), but I guess not. Oh well, as long as they're back in time for football, that's all I ever watch that channel for.
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Originally Posted by Smiley79 View Post

I thought I read somewhere that the local cable companies could still pick the CBS feed up somewhere else (besides WEVV), but I guess not.

Most Evansville stations are hardwired via fiber to the Insight and Sigecom headends, bypassing the oddities of a broadcast signal.
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Looks like CBS is back up. Any one notice a difference or find a digital channel?
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WEVV Digital should be up in about two weeks.
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I use a 160" outdoor antenna with a range for UHF of 100 miles. I live around 40 miles from Evansville. When WEVV came back on last week, I noticed a very poor signal. It is almost complete snow. Am I to understand that WEVV is not a full power yet, or is this the result I will now get on analog transmissions.

Also, what booster if any would help. I was told by a salesman that no booster would help this antenna. He said this antenna is a powerful one, and should pick up all signals.


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I have not noticed any problem with the analog signal of WEVV since they got back on the air, but I am "only" about 25 miles away. Are you sure nothing has happened to your antenna, feedline etc? Has the reception of other channels changed?
As of tonight, (Monday), I am still not picking up any digital signal, even though I was told 12 days ago it would be up "in the next two weeks". Oh well, they've got two more days...
As for your booster question, there is LOTS of discussion of antennas, amps and so forth in the HDTV Hardware section of this forum. Happy reading! I think you should wait until WEVV gets their digital up and running to see what kind of reception you get before worrying about an amp.
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Thanks RMP. No, the other channels are just fine. Beautiful as a matter of fact. Clear as a satellite signal. I have asked other people around town and they are having the same problem. I will just wait until WEVV gets their act together.
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