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Noise from motorola 6208  

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I got the 6208 about a week ago. I am wondering if other people are running into the noise issue that I am. The box is pretty loud. There is a constant hum coming from it. It's pretty annoying and I can't stand to be in the room unless the TV is on. I called Comcast and they sent a tech out with a new box. She said that there is nothing wrong with it and that all of the 6208 boxes sound like this. I told her that no matter if the box is on or off it still makes the same sound and she told me there is nothing they can do untill a newer box comes out toward the end of the year. Are other people having this problem or is comcast just giving me the run around. I am thinking or just getting a tivo but I really want this box to record HDTV.

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Nobody else has this problem with the 6208? I am starting to think I got a bad box and they just don't want to do anything about it.
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There is a small fan in the unit, how loud is the noise?
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As loud as my AMD64 3400+ with 4 case fans and 2 10,000rpm raptor hard drives. The only time I can't hear it is when the tv is playing something. When it goes to commercial and it gets quite you can hear it. I have heard other pvr's from other companies like Adelphia, Dish and Tivo and I have to put my ear right next to it to hear anything. I can hear this from the next room and when anybody comes into the tv room they ask what the noise is.
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The other thing is if I put my hand on top of the box I can feel something spinning inside. I have a hard time thinking it is just a fan. I sounds and feels more like the hard drive is spinning 24/7.
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You can hear mine, but it is not nearly as loud as you describe. The hard drive is always spinning and accessing, whether it is powered on or off (as long as it is plugged in!).
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My 6208 is also loud. I've had two of them installed and they can both be heard at 30 to 50 feet in a quiet room. The noise appears to come from the fan on the power supply, so that the only way to silence it is to unplug it. Just turning it off does not turn off the fan, it just shuts down the hard disk, which makes much less noise than the fan. I'm planning to upgrade to the two-tuner 64xx model when it becomes available early next year and hope it's quieter.
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I noticed the same problem. This was not a problem for the main home theater because the cable box is in a wiring closet and out of earshot.

The one in the bedroom is another story. I have the shut this thing off at night because I can't sleep with it on. These boxes are like thermonuclear hot. I am just waiting for the report of a fire from one of these. Don't stack anything on top of these boxes. I guess that is why they had to go for the cooling fan on these units.

I will probably move this one in my bedroom to the main wiring closet and run the sound and TV feeds from there.
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Does anyone know what is generating all the heat in these boxes or why it is necessary to unplug the box to get it to shut up? I know it is not the hard disk because that spins down when the unit is turned off. Is there something about a HD DVR cable box that requires a really hot processor to be running all the time, or is this just a poor design by Motorola.
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