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New York, NY - Cablevision

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Havent seen any Cablevison, Long Island NY threads. Anyone have any comments regarding HD on IO? Im experiencing many audio dropouts, especially Sunday 9/12 during Giant telecast on 705.
Also audio is very low on HD channels. Regular channels look better when cable hooked directly to TV rather than through HD box. Anyone with similar problems?
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I had the same problems during the Giant's game OTA & IO. Looks like a fox problem
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I agree that the problems were with Fox. I had the same dropouts OTA that you did using CV.
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anyone else have a noticeable difference in volume and audio quality between OTA and HD channels using using IO HD box? Sometimes I need TV volume at max to hear HD channels.
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I've noticed many drop-outs on some of the other HDTV channels also.

Mostly INHD
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Im considering moving to Direct TV but concerned about losing signal during bad weather. Anyone with Direct on LI that can advise if this is a problem?
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Originally posted by jmb010303
Im considering moving to Direct TV but concerned about losing signal during bad weather. Anyone with Direct on LI that can advise if this is a problem?

My old man has DirecTV in Bay Shore. I wa snowed in at his house last year when we had all those blizzards and the signal never broke up once *knock on wood*. I've been at his house during thunder and lightning storms and never seen any signal breakup.

Then, the other day I was at the gym during the big thunderstorms and they lost their signal the whole morning. Your mileage could vary I guess.
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Originally posted by jmb010303
Im considering moving to Direct TV but concerned about losing signal during bad weather. Anyone with Direct on LI that can advise if this is a problem?

Funny, I am thinking of moving to Cablevision. They have more HD and Directv has started to sacrifice picture quality to add more HD.
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Come here for all the information you need on Cablevision iO or HD :

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Just a word before you go from Direct to Cablevision. The HD channels look awesome, but the lower channels are very grainy. Direct cable to the TV looks better than when going through HD receiver...very noticeable on Big screen.
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Now that I have iO with the Hi-Def channels I am so dissapointed in the lousy analog channels. The only channels that are digital are above 100.Everything else is still being sent analog. Who knows maybe by the time my promotion ends in 2 years Direct TV will have a wider selection of Hi-Def Channels.
I am so pissed that we dont get abc-hd..
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why cant cablevision provide the lower channels in digital like DirectTV does? They look terrible.
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There isn't enough space to carry both the analog and digital versions. Not everyone has the digital boxes.
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becuase then everyone would need a digital cablebox. Right now they are selling iO as an add on for 9.95. They dont want to raise the prices nor give it away for free.
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Just installed IO HDTV, but just noticed we do not get ABC Monday Night Football in HDTV am I correct? If I am, that stinks when is it's ETA?
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ETA when pigs fly... Be happy we get espn hd
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Um, not sure I've seen any flying pigs, but WABC-HD is on for me as of this morning....
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I saw a pig pink pig with curly ears and a cute nose zoom past my window this morning!!!! Figured geez abc-hd must now be available...Turned on channel 707 and confirmed what I had suspected.. ABC-HD is now avail..

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Pigs are flying in yonkers. WABC-HD is live on channel 707.
Coming thru as 720p.

But I only caught it by accident - my tivo channel line-up doesn't list it yet. I rarely look at the interface on the sa4200hd box- slow as can be. I wish SA would license the tivo interface.

Anybody know if cablevision will swap a sa4200hd box at the walk in centers? I want one with firewire. But I don't want to pay $29.95 to have them perform a "service call" to swap a box.

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I am interested in this answer as well. I want to view via Firewire but my box doesn't have one. My HD box tends to be very slow as well, even when inputting numbers via the remote.
It's pretty stupid for them to require a service call. Most people installing the HD boxes have a HD tv and are savvy enough to know what they are doing. The explanation I got was that people were hooking them up wrong and blowing up their tvs which Cablevision had to replace. Whatever...
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ABC-HD also looking great in Putnam. Thanks Cablevision - Lost was unbelievable last night. Looking forward to MNF!
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Now that we have all the major locals in HD, I would love to get my hands on that SA 8300HD soon. Would especially be handy during the MLB playoffs, but I don't know if it's expected to be available in October or not. I also wonder if there will be a wait list for the units. Don't know why the testing is taking so long, but I'd gladly take one now and deal with a few bugs...
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is there a difference between SA HD cable boxes? I have the SA 4200 hd and it seems fine..
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the 8300HD is a digital video recorder.
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kinda like tivo?
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yes, except unlike regular tivo, it can record HD. It also has dual tuners inside, so it can record 2 programs simulateneously. Very handy for not missing those HD shows, eh?
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ok so now you got my ears all perked up...Guess I will be calling to see when it will be available..

I used to work for them in Woodbury and still have a few low level contacts...
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You'll have to let us know. If you turn to channel 1000, you will see there is a screen to call and order one, but apparently, they are still testing it. This channel just means that they have install the software on their end.
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so CV placed a phone # on screen on ch1000 to order the dvr ? As of this morning the channel was still blank. What's the # ?
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The number is the toll free # to reach them...1-866-483-4448

My low level contact(a friend who is a supervisor in sales) told me that it should be avail within two weeks aprox mid October.She did not have much info on it though they had not even gone through the training on it.
The cost will be an additional 9.95 a month on top of the regular box charge.
I have been paying 12.95 a month for tivo so we will have to see. From what I gather most,if not all, of the dvr boxes for cable do not have a season pass or some other features.
Hope this helps..
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