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i agree with you,At a MSRP of $1399 it's a little steep, but still an attractive set.thanks jPYb
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Some strange posts lately on the ol' CRT genre as if AVS has gotten convoluted. eek.gif

Edit: I noticed most if not all of the posts are from new members.
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Hello everyone, I hope somebody can help me. I've tried to research this problem myself, but I'm really struggling.


Around a month ago my television started to randomly switch to Memory Stick Mode by itself. I'd be watching a Blu-ray or playing a videogame and it would change over to the Memory Stick application. Usually a press of the Memory Stick button to exit will return things to normal, but then a few minutes later (sometimes sooner) it will switch back on its own. Sometimes it will rapidly blink to Memory Stick Mode and back by itself, repeating this routine a few times in a row in a matter of seconds. Then for long periods it might not do this at all. I haven't really figured out any sort of pattern, so I assume something is failing. Possibly the problem gets worse the longer the TV is on, but I haven't been especially scientific in testing this.


It will also sometimes instead say Feature Not Available, which I assume is the guide button being triggered.


It's not the remote control, this happens even with its batteries removed. I suspect the front buttons or the board they are connected to might need to be replaced, but I'm not confident enough in my diagnosis to go buy the parts and try that out. I also wouldn't object to just disabling the buttons entirely, if I can figure out a good way to do this.


Any advice would be very appreciated!


(I know it's an ancient TV, at least by TV standards, but I love the picture quality and am very picky with things like input lag.)

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I hope someone can help me with an issue that just started to happen. A random purple streaking color has started to appear. It is especially noticeable on bright scenes and people's faces. It is also appearing in all the menus and on screen displays as purple streaks that go to the right of any text or logos. I haven't moved the TV or anything around it at all and there are no magnets near it that I know of, it just started to do this a few days ago. Is there a fix for this in the Service Menu? I've attached a picture below from the Game of Thrones Blu-ray that shows the purple streaking. (not a very good picture, but the best quality I could get). Thanks to anyone who can help.

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