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No one noticed Kimmel is now HD confused.gif
Not sure when it started but just got around to watching Wednesdays recording and it looked great in real HD smile.gif It doesn't look like Eyewitness news in HD though, which I would have thought would have went hand in hand with the ability to time delay HD.....maybe Kimmel is now a live network feed?
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WUMN 13 (Univision) applied for a digital signal.....if approved we would have no analog left in the TC metro area

per northpine

The last analog TV station in the Twin Cities has taken a step towards entering the digital world. Univision affiliate WUMN-LP/13, which is now owned by Media Vista Minneapolis, has applied to construct digital facilities on channel 17. It would use 15kW, the maximum allowed for low-power digital TV. 17 was the former analog home of Twin Cities Public Television station KTCI, which now transmits on channel 23 and remaps to channel 2.3 but is still carried on channel 17 on satellite.
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I'll miss Univision 13........it's the only channel my VCR can tune so I like to leave it set to 13 so I can actually see something before I occasionally watch a VHS tape. Never watch Univision but it does make a nice background biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by jjeff View Post

No one noticed Kimmel is now HD confused.gif
Not sure when it started but just got around to watching Wednesdays recording and it looked great in real HD smile.gif It doesn't look like Eyewitness news in HD though, which I would have thought would have went hand in hand with the ability to time delay HD.....maybe Kimmel is now a live network feed?
Is channel 5 in HD?wink.gif
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Originally Posted by John21 View Post

Is channel 5 in HD?wink.gif
biggrin.gif That's the real question now isn't it rolleyes.gif
Oh and BTW, after almost a month...........FOX's Movies! channel(29.4) was finally added to Tivo's OTA lineup(I had to add it again).....wow that was an ordeal mad.gif
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According to a constant scroll on the bottom of KAWE 9.2/KAWB 22.2, the long-running standard definition simulcast of the primary .1 HD subchannel is going to be replaced with First Nations Experience (FNX) on July 1st.

Anyone with Dish Network or DirecTV in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, can you check your Lakeland Public TV feed to see if you are seeing this scroll? I've always been curious whether or not the satellite companies were providing LPTV by way of the SD simulcast on the second subchannel or downconverting the HD feed.
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No scroll here on Dish. Looks like it's the HD feed.
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no scroll on Directv..
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article on lakeland PBS about it

Lakeland Public Television is pleased to announce the local broadcast of a new channel dedicated to telling the stories of Native Americans across the United States – FNX “First Nations Experience”. The FNX television channel presents Native American stories and content to create a diverse and entertaining channel across all media platforms 24/7.

Beginning in July, Lakeland Public Television will begin broadcast of FNX on its over-the-air channels 9.2 in the Bemidji area, and 22.2 in the Brainerd Lakes area.
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Thanks for the reports. I think I found my answer - according to the public file, KAWE supplies the satellite companies with a signal by way of a "data circuit" to the companies' receive facilities.

On another note, I'm guessing Charter is going to add FNX to its systems that carry Lakeland Public TV shortly after the subchannel launches. I noticed I had to rescan my QAM tuner to receive KAWB, and when I did, channel 22.2 showed up, though there is nothing but a black screen there at present. Charter previously did not offer the .2 subchannel of LPTV.
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FNX went live on KAWE 9.2/KAWB 22.2 at 10 AM CDT on July 1st. I think it's great that this subchannel is finally being used for something other than a simulcast of another subchannel. There's been some interesting programming on so far, too.

BTW, Trip in VA, "FNX" is the new channel label for both KAWE 9.2 and KAWB 22.2. I also have TSReader exports if you want.
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I'd love 'em! smile.gif

- Trip
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I live about 50 miles southwest of the Shoreview transmitters. This morning I was receiving the stations that transmit from there very weak. I usually receive KSTC the strongest, but it was breaking up a lot. It must have been due to atmospheric conditions because I was able to receive distant stations that I normally don't. KIMT and KYIN from Mason City, IA ~ 90 miles South; KQDS, KBJR, and KDLH from Duluth, MN ~ 175 miles North; also WEAU from Eau Claire, WI ~ 130 miles East. My antenna is a double bow tie placed by a first floor window facing North.

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Nice DX catches! KQDS will be real rare in the metro when WUMN switches to digital.
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I missed the complete crawl on KMSP-9 this morning. I think there was something about switching to 9.2. Are they doing antenna work this weekend?
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Yes they have been scrolling on and off this weekend that due to transmitter work you may need to switch to 9.2 temporarily, I'm not positive but I think I also saw a similar scroll on one of the other local channels.
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They were working on the 9 tower which affected 9-1 & 29-2 over the weekend. saw the scroll on both stations
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last night I was able to get KQDS 21 here near Mystic Lake....scary thing is I have a HBU33 in an apartment closet
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also not that its anything big but I noticed 25 (the TBN mux) hasnt been on for a few days.....are they gone?
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Anyone have a contact at WCCO? They still have crackling or static in their center channel.
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Originally Posted by unclehonkey View Post

also not that its anything big but I noticed 25 (the TBN mux) hasnt been on for a few days.....are they gone?

guess its equipment issues

from northpine.com

Twin Cities Trinity Broadcasting Network affiliate K25IA-D (channels 25.1 to 25.5) tells the FCC it's off the air due to equipment failure. Station owner Regal Media says K25IA has been off the air since June 28 and and is seeking special temporary authority to remain silent for up to 180 days.
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I have been trying to find why Twin Cities TBN Over the Air DTV station K25IA-LD 25 ( 25.1 / 25.2 / etc ) - HAS GONE OFF THE AIR !

25.1 TBN 480i TBN SD Main
25.2 Church 480i The Church Channel
25.3 JCTV 480i JCTV - Christian music videos
25.4 Smile 480i Smile of a Child TV - E/I children's programming
25.5 Enlace 480i Enlace USA - Spanish-language

It kind of smells like a rat
TBN apparantly sold station to Regal Media Inc. and It looks like Regal Media has taken it off the air to try and make $$$ using the ploy that it has equipment failure and trying to get the FCC to allow this to happen while hunting for a BUYER !

We and many of my friends have enjoyed this stations programs .

Another side lite I found is that the previous owners Paul & Jam & son who run TBN were collecting over a Million Dollars per year ...... What a scam to us who have donated to operations like this ...


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These Christian broadcasters do indeed have to raise millions of dollars to support their operations because there is no advertising revenue. Although in some cases there has been an abuse of stewardship or misuse of ministry funds. But not necessarily the case here. Perhaps the new owners have different plans for that station. You may be able to watch TBN online, as well as Jimmy Swaggart's SBN network. And Jim Bakker has a new program from Branson, MO. I enjoyed the old Jim and Tammy program growing up, PTL network. But as we all know, there were some problems there.
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Oh for heaven's sake. The list above of so called ministers are a bunch of scam artists. I can't believe people still watch this type of programming and donate to it. I'm glad 25 is off the air and if it comes back I hope they put Retro TV on it or something with some entertainment value.
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Minneapolis has a new OTA channel biggrin.gif

now dont get too excited......

KPXM DT5 (41-5) is now QVC....in squish-o-vision. Basically they are taking the HD channel and putting it on a SD channel so there are black bars on top and bottom
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TitanTV ahead of the curve. They've been listing it for at least a couple of weeks now (in other markets also) before it came on the air.
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I see on antennaweb.org that they show ION broadcasting from Shoreview. Is this in error or are they finally making the move soon?
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still way lower signal here near Mystic Lake than what the other stations are at so ION is still at the Big Lake site
(if I turn my antenna from NE to NW the signal jumps dramatically)
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25 is back on the air....saw it last night on a rescan
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TiVo Roamio basic

Can anybody report on the OTA reception of the new TiVo Roamio basic compared to the older TiVo’s? Is it better or worse?
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