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This was shown last week, and again tonight, on my local PBS station.
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Originally posted by waltinvt
I also get the NH PBS in HD. They broadcast the exact same HD programming at the same time so I've been able to compare. NHs PQ is nowhere near as good as VTs. When I asked the Vt station engineer about this, I was told it had to do with the type of encoders they use. Vt uses a Tandberg encoder which apparently gives a better signal than the Harris HD encoders that NHPBS uses. Way over my head but I can see the difference.

That's intriguing, Walt. Recently MPEG2-expert dr1394 here outlined the 'inefficiency' of this encoder, assuming it's the same one. Must be quite a variation in image quality, especially if you use a 34" direct-view CRT (bio-listed gear) for the comparison. Guess if one PBS source was multicasting subchannels that could make an observable difference, too. It would be interesting to learn how many stations still use this or similar early inefficient encoders. Assume inefficient here means the encoding process has to discard more high-frequency information (details) to achieve compression. -- John
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The First Lady: Public Expectations, Private Lives was in HD last night on PBS.

BTW, I just watched Out of the Ashes that I had recorded a few days ago. It was one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen. One of the subjects covered was the difficulty of detecting Greek text on old papyrus scrolls. High definition was perfect for depicting this. The point would have been lost in standard def.
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Great Performances
Carnegie Hall Opening Night 2004

in HD and DD 5.1 last night

Renee Fleming and Yo Yo Ma ... great !!
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The Carnegie Hall program was shown in HD in Chicago on 10/27, and looked (and sounded) VERY good. It's scheduled to be shown again on WTTW 11-1 on Friday 10/29 at 9:00 PM.
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What was interesting in Baltimore is that the PBSHD feed was at 9:00 and athe SD feed was at 10:00, making watching it impossible for working people. What do people think sometimes?

Rich N.
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There are virtues to being in the Central time zone! On Wednesday, the HD was at 8:00 PM, and the SD at 9:00 PM.
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PBS used to have a listing of "Digital" shows both "widescreen standard" and "High" definition. But I can't find it anymore. The "Current" website publishes a "pipeline" of PBS shows in production. Here's the HD stuff mentioned in last year's version:

This is an excerpt from the full list where HDTV or "high definition" was mentioned. This was done on 10/29/2004. Note that a new "pipeline" will be published in a mont or two...



Current's 12th annual survey of public TV series for future seasons

What's in the works for public TV? This list based on Current's annual Pipeline survey describes multihour projects in various stages of pipedream, conception, preproduction, scripting, shooting and editing for January 2004 and beyond. For space reasons, we include only projects two hours or longer, and no series intended strictly for classroom use. For more information about this list.

Originally published in Current, Nov. 3 and Dec. 15, 2003

Compiled by Geneva Collins and the Current staff

Winter/Spring 2004

Smart Gardening

Producing organization: Chambers Productions. Presenting station: Oregon Public Broadcasting. Distributor: APT. Episodes: 13 x 30. Status: production. Major funder: Proven Winners. OPB executive producers: David Davis, Tom Doggett. Series producer: Dawn Ford for Chambers Productions. Contact: David Davis, david_davis@opb.org, 503-293-1959.

The first PBS gardening series in high definition explores the wonder and fun of gardening.

Summer 2004

Fall 2004

The Funnies

Producing organizations: Alchemedia Ltd. and KQED, San Francisco. Episodes: 2 x 60. Status: fundraising. Budget: $1.2 million, including outreach, website and promotion. Contact: Elizabeth Pepin, epepin@kqed.org, 415-553-2340.

This colorful HDTV series takes a lively, nostalgic and socially relevant look at the artists, characters and quirky history of the daily newspaper comic strip.

Rape of Europa

Producing organizations: Actual Films and OPB. Episodes: 2 x 60. Status: preproduction, fundraising. Budget: $1.1 million. Major funders: NEH, NEA. Executive producers: David Davis. Producers: Bonnie Cohen and Richard Berge. Contact: David Davis, david_davis@ opb.org, 503-293-195.

An HDTV production that tells how Nazi Germany looted the treasures of Europe during World War II and how others have tried to find and restore the art works to their rightful owners.

Words & Music

Producing organizations: Terwilliker Limited and KQED, San Francisco. Episodes: 4 x 60. Status: R&D. Executive producers: Andrew Kuehn and Terrence Flannery. Executive in charge: DeAnne Hamilton. Producers: Stephen Netburn, Allen J. Svirdidoff. Contact: Elizabeth Pepin, epepin@kqed.org, 415-553-2340.

Michael Feinstein, singer, pianist and raconteur, will host this HDTV series, taped before a live audience, which provides a window into the creative processes of musicians and songwriters. Guests may include such artists as Elton John, Billy Joel, Sting and Mary J. Blige.

Sometime in 2004

Winter/Spring 2005

Summer 2005

Fall 2005

Sometime in 2005

History Through Deaf Eyes (w.t.)

Producing organizations: a co-production of WETA, Washington, D.C., and Florentine Films/Hott Productions in association with Gallaudet University. Episodes: 1 x 120. Status: fundraising. Executive producers: Dalton Delan, Karen Kenton. Producer/director: Lawrence Hott. Writer: Ken Chowder. Contact: Kristine Barr, 703-998-2713.

This HDTV documentary will explore the experience of the deaf community in America from 1814 to the present. Inspired by stories of people both famous and ordinary, the film will convey a range of perspectives on deafness. Outreach activities include an educators' guide for middle and high schools and a viewers' guide. Outreach, promotion and education activities will be developed for both hearing and deaf audiences.

Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures

Producing organizations: KQED, San Francisco, and Ocean Futures Society. Episodes: 4 x 60, 1 x 120. Status: fundraising. Budget: $6.5 million, including outreach, website, promotion, evaluation. Executive producers: Jean-Michel Cousteau, Danny L. McGuire. Contact: Elizabeth Pepin, KQED, epepin@kqed.org, (415) 553-2340.

This intimate HDTV view of the Earth's oceans follows Cousteau and his crew of young scientists and divers as they explore previously unseen sights and examine behaviors of mysterious sea creatures. The camera will swim with sharks, visit the remote island of Kure, find sunken treasures, follow the gray whale obstacle course and explore ghost shipwrecks.

The Warrior Class (w.t.)

Producing organizations: WNET and Florentine Films. Episodes: 4 x 60. Status: R&D. Executive producer: Stephen Segaller. Producer/director: Roger Sherman. Contact: Lisa Braun, braun@ thirteen.org, 212-560-2715.

A cultural portrait of today's military. Shot in high definition, the series will look at the people who make up America's fighting forces -- and the culture of what the Defense Department calls "America"s oldest corporation."

Sometime in 2006

The Storm that Swept Mexico (w.t.)

Producing organizations: KERA, Dallas; Paradigm Productions, Berkeley; Once TV, Mexico City, and Atlantic Productions, London. Episodes: 3 x 60. Status: scripting. Budget: $2.5 million. Major funders: NEH, PBS, Latino Public Broadcasting. Executive in charge: Sylvia Komatsu. Executive producer: Rob Tranchin. Producer: Ray Telles. Contact: Rob Tranchin, rtranchin@kera.org, 214-740-9273.

This high-definition documentary series will explore the first major social revolution of the 20th century, the Mexican Revolution of 1910, presenting a rich and timely reflection of central themes to the universal struggle for national independence, stability and prosperity. Bilingual website, music CD, DVD and educational materials will be developed for international distribution. Bilingual outreach and educational materials are also planned.

2007 and beyond

Journeys in Africa

Producing organization: KCTS, Seattle. Distributor: American Public Television. Episodes: 13 x 30. Status: production. Budget: $500,000. Executive producers: Bill Ball, Jay Parikh. Host: Bill Ball. Contact: Pat Mallinson, pmallinson@kcts.org, 206-443-6798.

This high-definition series is a travelogue, nature series and adventure program combined.
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Originally posted by chroma601
Soundstage disappeared abruptly from our local PBS lineup. They never showed the Russell Crowe episode or Yes. Meanwhile, they continue to repeat the same exact programs over and over. It's an amazing waste of bandwidth.

I see Austin City Limits on the schedule in HD. One showing a week. Then it's back to four months straight of the Hood vs. the Bismarck, Niagra Falls (again) and the Desert Continues to Speak to the American Family.

Surely PBS can do better than this. I don't mind several repeats, but this is excessive, and the best shows are not repeated or only repeated once.

KUAT is still creating new episodes of the desert speaks in HD-- We're in the 15th season now. However with a 13 episode season, it begins to repeat quick on a 2x7 channel.
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I just recorded Yo-Yo Ma's performance of Don Quixote by Richard Strauss with the Philadelphia Orchestra at Carnegie Hall last night. Beautiful production and well worth the 6 gigabytes of space on my drive. My daughter and I both play cello so I'm looking forward to sharing it with her. Not the sort of thing you are likely find on other TV channels.
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Originally posted by SBryan
Not the sort of thing you are likely find on other TV channels.

Watch for Discovery HD Theater's programming on Friday nights:

Nov. 5: Midsummer Night's Dream, Carmen, and Orfeo

Nov. 12: St. Petersburg 300-year Gala, Magic Flute

Nov. 19: Die Fledermaus

Although none of these shows are purely orchestral, it seems that Discovery HD is offering more classical music these days vis-a-vis PBS.
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Thanks for the report from cable. That is great news about Discovery HD. Since Bravo seems to have become much less interesting for cultural events, I had dismissed cable as a useful option. I'm still reluctant because I really like not having that monthly bill but it sounds like I might need to re-evaluate if Discovery is doing so much more.
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Did anyone see the PBS' National Geographic Special on Arlington Cemetary tonight?

PBS showed the HD logo and "in High Definition" tagline at the beginning. However, to my eyes, this was in NO WAY an HD telecast. I recorded it from two different PBS stations.
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Since PBS went the way of a lower bitrate for HD I stopped watching. The PQ has suffered greatly, and it's kinda sad because PBS used to be the showcase for good looking HD material.

Discovery HD is the new and better PBS.

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"BROADWAY: THE AMERICAN MUSICAL is a new six-part documentary series that chronicles the Broadway musical throughout the 20th century and explores the evolution of this uniquely American art form. The series, created by filmmaker Michael Kantor, draws on a wealth of archival news footage, lost and found television moments, original cast recordings, still photos, feature films, diaries, journals, intimate first-person accounts, and on-camera interviews with many of the principals involved in creating the American musical."

Watched about 1/2 of it so far, but so far I like what I see.
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Today, my local PBS aired the program "Gettysburg and Stories of Valor." The program was introduced by the message "American Public Television presents the following program in High Definition."

However, the program was "clearly" in Standard Definition.

This is the second time within five days (see my 11/10/04 post above) that PBS falsely labeled an SD program as HD.

HAS ANYONE ELSE OBSERVED THIS? Does anyone else think it stinks?

PBS seems to be the only network that does not provide an HD/SD distinction in its program schedules. Apparently you can't even trust the information announced at the beginning of their broadcasts.
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Well...I haven't watched a PBS program in months. What does that tell you?

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Last night's Nature: Shark Mountain was labeled as HD and appeared to be so.
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In case anyone is subscribed to this thread, you might want to respond and/or keep an eye out for "Touching the Void" which PBS is broadcasting. Curious to see if it will be broadcast in HD anywhere...

Thread here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=470902
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Originally posted by maximum360
Well...I haven't watched a PBS program in months. What does that tell you?

Ummm, that you're a "red stater"?
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Originally posted by archiguy
Ummm, that you're a "red stater"?

There are other reasons for not watching.

I'm very much a "blue stater" but, as I noted elsewhere in this thread,
I won't watch again till they stop using that obnoxious "PBS HD" logo
in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

FWIW (and probably off-topic), I consider PBS very much "red state" these
days, with lots of inoffensive, middle-brow programming, particularly at
beg-a-thon time. I stopped giving them money when they stopped challenging me, and started showing misty-eyed baby-boomer programming like the "Doo Wop" and Peter, Paul, and Mary concerts.
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Noticed a show called Independent Lens: Los Angeles Now is scheduled for Tuesday 11/23 in HD, and of course Soundstage: George Jones is coming up next Thursday (Thanksgiving eve).

Forgive me if these aren't new broadcasts....I just started watching/monitoring PBS HD.
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For Music Fans PBS will be showing the Crossroads Guitar Festival in HD on December 1st 2004. Titan TV has this airing at 8pm CST on KERADT in Dallas area. PBS has it listed as a national broadcast, but check local stations.

Great Performances

Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival

"Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival." Guitar luminaries join Clapton at Dallas' Cotton Bowl. Included: "Cocaine" (Clapton), "Love in Vain Blues" (Robert Lockwood Jr.), "Killing Floor" (Hubert Sumlin, Jimmie Vaughan, Robert Cray and Clapton), "Sweet Home Chicago" (Buddy Guy, Sumlin, Vaughan, Cray), "Six Strings Down" (Robert Randolph, Clapton, Vaughan, Cray), "Rock Me Baby" (B.B. King, Vaughan, Clapton, Guy), "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" (Dan Tyminski), "Steamroller" (James Taylor, Joe Walsh). (2004)
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A newspaper ad for PBS claims that tomorrow's broadcast of Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger is "in HDTV where available."

Let's hope so, and hope it has DD 5.1 sound.

I haven't watched anything on PBS for five months. This used to be my favorite network.
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They are starting a new HD show apparently

Low Carb Cookworkz...

that sounds sooooo lame.

I want real cooking shows in HD!
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Well, Die Meistersinger was in HD today but not with DD 5.1 sound.

PBS has done 5.1 before (e.g., recent Soundstage). The DVD of this same program (Metropolitan Opera, 2004) has DD5.1 and DTS 5.1 sound.

I'm disappointed.
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Tomorrow starts a new season of Rudy Maxa's SmartTravels. It is one of my wife's favorites.

Rich N.
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They're still running a show about HD every morning at 5 a.m. featuring Mr. Rogers and Julia Child. A tad outdated, isn't it?
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Well, I searched and couldn't come up with a thread about the Newport Jazz Festival.

Saw it this afternoon OTA and was compelled to come here and blab about the PQ. It was everything that I love about HD. I'm talkin' damn near a window. Lots of color...great shots of the crowd. You could count all the people individually if you wanted to.

Don't know when it was shot, or how many times it's been on, but I recommend it highly.

P.S.....the music was good too. Great job PBS.

Also note that it did not have the PBS-HD logo...but it was clearly HD.

EDIT>>>OK, I have to add a little more....some close ups and interviews showed LOTS of detail in /on faces. Catch this if you can!!!!
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Yes Newport looked great in HD.

I was stunned to see John Fogerty lin HD last night...unfortunately I caught it at the end before I could crank up the DVHS. THe PQ looked great.
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