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Originally posted by clubwerks
How do we contact KABC in LA?


Perhaps if enough of us call they will change it.

- EDIT: Called and all I could get is an information menu. This really sucks.
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argh i didnt interrupt my starwars dvd viewing to see this in SD... flip the switch KABC!
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Just got a hold of someone in engineering at KABC here in LA to tell them about the problem.

Let's hope they throw the switch soon.
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I'm so holy freakin' pissed off I could scream.
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I can't beleive this!!! The only show I am remotely interested in this fall and ABC pulls this!!! What a way to dishearten potential viewers! They better switch or something FAST!!!
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I hope they fix it soon. I've waited a long time for this show.

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Originally posted by DSperber
Just got a hold of someone in engineering at KABC here in LA to tell them about the problem.

Let's hope they throw the switch soon.

I'm on hold with KABC now.

This is why I hate KABC and KNBC in LA. They have so many problems getting their HD signal out.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm done with this series and these stations. I'll stick with CBS. There's enough good programming on CBS that's handled competently to fill my network viewing needs.

But I'll still watch MNF.
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Morons just flicked the switch. Azzholes.
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looks like it flipped thanks for buggin them
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Switch flipped. MUCH better.
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Twenty minutes into the broadcast we have HD!
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Originally posted by CPanther95
I think he's hiding something - like My Precious

Man I thought the LOTR trilogy might kick start Dominic Monaghan's acting career. Just a bit surprised to seem him doing this..but not a bad start to the programme.

**********SPOILER ALERT********** (in case you haven't seen in yet!)

Anyone else think that the pilot wouldn't survive too long after regaining conciousness - especially the way he was inching towards the window. They had to kill off the only person who could perhaps more easily get help thus prolonging the story line - and the programme.
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very nice looking images and sound.
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2 things. Maybe the rock band member has a stash of Hershey bars.

A series isn't really a hot property unless it makes it to 100 episodes. I liked this first show too, but can they really be "lost" for 100 episodes? Can we still believe a jet plane crash site on a beach- even if it is 1000 miles off course- cannot be found for 5 years?

Or maybe, they'll borrow a page from 24 and try to spread a few days over the next several seasons (if it can make it).

I like this pilot. And I bet a couple of episodes will have legs. But I have a hard time thinking it can go on too long. Besides, i keep thinking Rupert will show up and catch all of the survivors enough fish to live large.

Great pictures and sound. And where I'm from Smallville ran 2 hours later. It too was spectacular- perhaps the best episode of that series.
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gilligan wasnt found for 5yrs i think, so it is a real possibility that this show could go on for quite some time.
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I am with you guys ... a definite keeper! I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Excellent story and PQ and fabulous DD5.1 sound! WOW!
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argggghhh. KABC-DT had it in SD so I said screw this I'm watching Smallville. At the 1/2 hr mark I switched back and it was HD.

Looks like they'll rerun the 2hr pilot on 10/2. Will they remember to flip the switch then?

Can someone post the phone# for KABC and KNBC engineering? Maybe somebody should just call them BEFORE every major HD event and remind them to flip the freaking switch.
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I tried watching but couldn;t get into the story. Just seemed weird with a guy stumbling around and then walking out with everyone stammering about. Seemed kind of hokey.

Did not watch it in HD. Will have to give it another try.
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Looks like they'll rerun the 2hr pilot on 10/2. Will they remember to flip the switch then?

It was only an hour here. Did I miss something (besides 5.1 since our stupid affiliate can't figure it out).

I think they're no longer on earth (as we know it). The previews for next episode had the transceiver picking up a broadcast that wasn't English. I think that's why no one will find them and will explain weird monsters. Maybe it's like the creature in that Predator movie and can't be seen well. Freaky. What a great show for ABC!
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Loved the show.

Looks like the pilot episode is actually 2 hours split- first hour this week and second hour next Wed? Then the full 2 hours is replayed 10/2?

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The guy and the engine without saying what happened was fantastic for a TV movie...
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Wow... a great show. The sound was DEFINITELY movie-like. Certainly if your ABC affiliate is not passing DD5.1 you are missing quite a bit. This show was made for high definition.
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No ABC HD on D*TV...oh well!!!
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The previews for next episode had the transceiver picking up a broadcast that wasn't English

Oh well then definately they are not on earth....................

Seems like a cross between Jurassica Park and Alive - has some potential. This show could also continue "off the island" - not sure if that is planned or not - but would be kind of cool with flashbacks and issues down the road and couples being formed (easy to guess one of them).

I think the music guy ran to the bathroom to smoke some dope - disconnected the fire alarm and screwed up some wiring and thereby caused electrical failure - FCC sponsored part
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Great show and the quality of the broadcast was fantastic.

It will very interesting how the show pans out, there are some truly wonderful characters on that island.

There are some interesting questions that I would like to find the answers to...

1. what is with that dog? Must belong to someone else on the island???

2. what is with the old goofy guy with the orange in his mouth? He has to have something do with this all.

3. the black lady said, "the sound is very familiar to me, but I just can't place it." They ask where she is from and she replies, "brooklyn." That has to have something to do with the creature.

4. what was pippin doing in the bathroom?


If you want to find out more about lost go to:


There is a readers review of the first episode, and some spoilers for the 2nd at the bottom.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The group is truly not alone on the island, there are other people. Maybe from a previous wreck?

And they find a polar bear, on a supposed south pacific island.
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I thought the show was great, though due to a meeting I had to attend, had to watch delayed via my Tivo rather than in HD. I can not wait to see it in HD from what everyone here is saying! Where the show is from the creators of Alias, did anyone notice that the pilot appeared to be Greg Grunberg who plays CIA Agent Eric Weiss on Alias?
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My wife loved it, she thought it was the premiere of "Survivor"
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Awesome, awesome show. Finally, something original besides these cop shows. My subs were rocking the whole night and the PQ was outstanding. Can't wait for the 2nd episode. Good job ABC with this gem.
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Terrific show. Has lots of promise! J.J. Abrams (who's also responsible for 'Alias') has to be one of the best people working on TV right now. Finally, something on network TV where I can't predict what's going to happen.
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I'm not going to go over the top on this. EVERY ABC show that I've liked, Threat Matrix, Karen Cisco, and on and on, has been dropped after about 6-9 weeks. If ABC has a show that isn't instantly #1 in its time slot, it gets replaced with yet another version of Extreme Makeover. This network is so screwed up they're even talking about dumping MNF. When that happens, I can just remove ABC from my tuner.
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