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Mini touch questions:

The mini touch can be installed three ways:

1) Table top with table top kit(available in January)
- Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Ethernet will require Cat5e

2) In-wall retrofit
- Requires Wi-Fi or communication and 120 VAC for power
- Requires Control4 retrofit back box

3) New Construction
- Requires Cat5e for Ethernet it also powers over Ethernet
- Requires Control4 new construction back box


This can be distributed via a video switch or modulator and our system will track how the video source is switched
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We will chat about Lighting design in this post.

New Construction:

Ethernet dimmers are wired with Cat5e and up to 10 dimmers can be chained on one run of Cat5e

3-way switches wire just as standard 3 way dimmers install

Both the Zigbee and Ethernet dimmers can wire up to a lighting load in a traditional method or in a switch leg mode. The dimmers automatically senses a switched legged installation on power up.

Multi-button keypads for scene control: 2, 3 and 6 button keypads.

These keypads can be custom engraved.

The keypads communicate via Zigbee and a Ethernet version will ship early next year. The Zigbee version powers fro 120 VAC. All keypads are available in White, Almond and Black and features tri color LEDs that can be set to one of several thousand colors.

Control4 also make a switch for fan and motor loads.

In addition we have outlet adapters that give you the flexibility to control a table lamp, Holiday lights, a fountain or other loads up to 500 Watts.

Please forward your questions.
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Thanks Jim.

How are scenes set up? Is a central controller or a touchscreen necessary? Can Compose software be used to set up scenes without a controller?

Say all I have is a wall dimmer, lamp dimmer and a 6 btn keypad -- can the keypad control the dimmers and how do I set this up?

Retrofit dimmers communicate via Zigbee and don't need cat5, right?

I can install wall dimmers and then add keypads for scenes later, as you guys ship them?

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Originally posted by jgist

Dimmers work in two modes.

1) Out of the box they with work peer to peer with no scenes

2) With a controller. Remember a mini color touch screen is a fully operational controller as well. So you can create an entire lighting system with Mini touch Screens and dimmers.

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I'm not sure who AFJ is but he's pretty close.

Dimmers and other devices work out of the box as a standard device would work. With Dimmers you will have the ability to have the dimmer communicate to a 3-way as well.

With a Controller you can set scenes several ways.

1) Using Composure design software
2) Using an on-screen (TV Screen) scene wizard
3) Using an on-touch screen, mini or 10.4, scene wizard

All devices communicate via Zigbee with the only exception being the Ethernet j-box devices.

In your scenario you would need a mini touch screen to act as a controller. We will give you the ability early next year to program a lighting system using just our hand held remote. Currently you can use the handheld remote to configure remote Zigbee devices.

Your last statement about not needing to pull cat5 for Zigbee devices is correct as well.

Keep them coming!

Jim Gist
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In a new construction situation, what would the preferred method of eliminating wall clutter be? In other words, with standard togles, there could be 2, 3 4, 8 or whatever gangs of switches in locations. How do I eliminate this situation with C4 dimmers? Or can I? With a "real" lighting control system, IE hardwired, like Vantage or Lutron, I have all loads home run to dimmer panels and simple keypads in room locations. No wall clutter.

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You could do same with C4. Install the dimmers somewhere hidden, and keypads in logical places.

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I wouldn't recommend hiding any dimmers or switches and I doubt that it would be code to do so . Control4 is similar to Lutron RadioRA and Homeworks (RF wireless and 4 series) in that they replace traditional switches and also add keypads .

To truly eliminate wall clutter, you would need to use Lutron series 8 ( or Vantage equivalent ), properly designed from the ground-up with an eye towards eliminating wall clutter.
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Anyone playing around with their products yet or at least seen a demo of it functioning ?
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Control4 will be demoing some of their products at EHX in Long Beach, CA next week. I'm going to fly down to take a look.

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Fantastic !!!
Thanks Max .
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Max, Would love a report after the show! ;-)
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does anyone have any idea of cost?
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I'll report what I find at the show.

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Got any more details?
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Did you go to EHX ?
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Yes, and I'll post review over weekend.

Executive summary: I saw Control4 in action, played with dimmers, switches, mini color touchscreens, remote, and Composer software, and loved it. By and large, it works.

I'm very excited. Nothing at the show was even close in terms of breadth, integration and price point.

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Can you share the pricepoint (MSRP)? thnaks
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Looking forward to Max's review :p

Also, I sent a message to Jim, but would appreciate to get some feedback from the group...I am just about to rewire the entire electrical system in my house.

I am wondering what should I be telling my electrician if I am considering installing Control4 (or something similar) in the very near future?

Should he be running Cat5 to all the electrical outlets and switches? Anything else?

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I also can not wait to read Max's review. They are pouring the slab for my new home next week so like Marc1 I've got some decisions to make in the next month on structural wiring and hardware.
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A word from a guy who lives in the AV world.

Plan for options of tomorrow AND todays technology.

While I love the Control4 products, in reality they aren't shipping yet. Having a new product that isn't shipping AND even tested in the field(masses) in version 1(so to speak). That said I would be cautious with anything being wired/designed that will depend on Control4 product at this time.

I wish only the best for Control4 and have known 2 of the reps for sometime. I plan to have Control4 at my own house to test and use.

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AJF, so what is that? or you heard bad news?
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I'm just getting impatient . There's been so much hype about this system, not just on the forums but every magazine I get has ads and a small write-up about it . Yet, not a single person has posted that they've even seen it working let alone have received product .
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Check your PM.
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Of course I'm sure no one has forgotten that other thread where I said that November probably in reality meant March, and was slammed for just being negative or jealous.
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Sorry Dean...but they've already started shipping some of the gear to certain dealers...I for one never thought you were jealous...negative, maybe... :)

Brent Huskins
Media Design
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I agree, and what also bugs me is that they say it will be much cheaper of other controller systems (AMX, Crestron....) but I have not even heard a ball park figure
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Brent - I know very very few products are shipping and the rest should ramp up around Mid. Jan. What exactly is shipping? Little bird told me that nothing major is shipping at the moment just a few misc. I didn't have the product line in front of me or nor am I familiar with the exact model #s so having a factual conservation would have been............

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