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Well I got restless enough to call my Cablevision NY today to inquire about a PVR.
The service rep feels confident that they will have something in the way of a PVR either the beginning of October or November. No further info available as to whether it will be High Def compatible. His explanation was that they've been hearing alot about that time frame, but they don't get specifics until the day of the release... therefore the lack of specifics.

With the Sony DHG-HDD200 still not available... I've really no choice but to wait and see if there is any truth to these claims... and revisit later. My guess is that there will be no HD component as it will be their first PVR offering.

Ofcourse, my main question here is whether or not I should put ANY stock in these claims at all?
Anyone else hear anything about CV-NY.... or has anyone else been told the same thing, say many moons ago? SD or HD PVR?