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Damn...double damn...triple damn.

That's it, I'm only taking pics of babes.
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Might I suggest turning the ropelite off and using the flash?
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No, definitely keep the flash on and maybe ask them to take their tops of...

oh, wait, you mean the plasma...

In that case, what lewlew said
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Damn...double damn...triple damn.

Now the friggin camera won't work. Replaced the batteries...nada.

Guess we'll just have to deal with the "giraffe x-ray".

The things I do for you guys.
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Sorry for the stupid questions, but what exactly do you mean by "white sticky back cable hangers"? Are these the foam type pieces that stick on both sides? Something like what comes with plastic hooks to attach to a hard surface?

Also, you said the 6' rope light works well with your 42" plasma and that the 12' was too long. With a 50" plasma, I assume the 12' would still be too long but I'm wondering if 6' could be be too short. Has anyone else tried the 6' length on a 50" plasma and been satisfied with the results?
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The cable hangers can be found at Home Depot with the other electrical stuff (zip ties, etc.). Here is a link They are the second one down on the page (4 way).

The UPC at home depot is 2849410106. Can't give you much more than that...and yes I think the 6' length will be too short.
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Thanks, Rich. I see there is some rope lighting that can be cut at 18" intervals so it looks like it can be customized to whatever length is needed.
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My 12 foot light was only about 6 inches too long. The beginning and the end meet at the bottom center of my 503 so I just ran the last couple inches straight up the back at that junction.
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My Home Depot no longer carries rope light by the foot, you can get precut sizes already wired form 6'-40'+. Lighting stores (also internet) carry it by the foot for a little more and all the different connectors. Home Depot does carry a dimmer you splice right onto the wire which works well. My 503CMX only required about 7' since it is mounted with a simple wall mount much smaller than the plasma itself. The light fits nicely around the mount. I found the plastic track works better than those little clips since they do not have much surface area for the tape to stick. The track is clear U shaped plastic and comes in different lengths (5 or 6 feet being the longest I've seen) and the rope light just snaps in.

My panel is in a carpeted drop down area we call the pit (about one foot difference in height from the rest of the house). I have also install a rope light on a dimmer in the toe kick area of the drop off so I don't trip when I'm going for a beer. The reason I mention this is you might want to consider putting a rope light under your couch or chairs on a dimmer and dimming it way down. It's nice to have a warm glow on the floor. You might like the effect.

I've also used the rope light along the stairs on motion detectors so when I get up in the middle of the night (remember those beers) I don't have to turn on any lights.
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Originally posted by KOA
I have also install a rope light on a dimmer in the toe kick area of the drop off so I don't trip when I'm going for a beer.

Another excellent reason to install rope light!!
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As far as the tope light is concerned, do you advise it being directly on the plasma or do you think it would have worked having placed it around the wall mount? I ask because there is about 2-3" between the display and the wall and I was considering attaching it to the mount rather than the display.


Being that you have used both the rope light and the ideal lume plasma, which do you prefer? I wish there was some way to view the ideal lume before dropping $100. In theory, I like the ideal lume better than the rope light...but then again neither my wife or I really like rope lights.
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I've installed the rope light using Rich's method and love it! It definitely makes the blacks seem blacker.

I first attached it to the mount but I moved it toward the edge of the panel to give it a little bit more light. I connected a 2 ft. section to a 6 ft. section and it is just the right length for a 50" plasma.

Thanks for the idea Rich.
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After reading about the rope light, I have installed it as follows:
****See photos of installation and photos of the bias light effect, in next posts.****
1. Plasma: Panasonic PHD6UY, 50.

2. Multimedia stand: by Bello. This model is now discontinued.

3. Thomas & Betts 1 mounting base, black or white, packs of 8, $1.39 per pack; Thomas & Betts 4 black cable ties, $6.00 per pack of 100; Hampton Bay Super Light Rope light (363-150), 12', 36 watts, rated average bulb(s) life: 10,000 hours, $ 7.29, other lengths available

4. On the top of the plasma install the cable ties in the ventilation holes (keep away from the fans). On the sides install the mounting base (self-adhesive), then put the cable tie through the two holes. I used 3 combos on each side. At the bottom use the combos and use one larger cable tie to hold both ends together. Connect power cord to an outlet or to a switched outlet of your equipment. You may want to add a dimmer or a dedicated remote controlled outlet/dimmer-with the small RF remote (Home Depot has these for $27.00 and they are made by Zenith).

5. Results are excellent and the picture looks much better and less eyestrain. The
12-foot length is a perfect fit for the 50' plasma on a stand.

6. Some pictures are attached in subsequent posts.
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Equipment setup.
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Top of plasma.
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Closeup, side.
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Back of plasma.
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Back of plasma-closeup.
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Did you go all the way around (i.e. the bottom as well) or just the top and sides?
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I went all the way around. That's why the 12 foot length was a perfect fit.

WITHOUT lights.
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WITH lights 1.
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WITH lights 2.
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Side/Back showing rope lights on.
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Correct me if I'm wrong...this is not a wall mount?

How does it effect the perceived blackness...better, same, etc.?

Nice setup!!
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No, it's not a wall mount. It's a high Bello multimedia center made out of black metal with glass shelves. I've had it about three years and the plasma fits on the main glass shelf like it was buit in. SEE "equipment setup 2" photo in this thread.

The blacks look better, although some people like to "lose" the palsma frame in a dark room. But that causes eye strain. With this setup there is a nice "glow" in the backround, yet the colors and blacks seem to stand out more and have a truer reality.
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Just a couple more questions if you don't mind.

1.) Where did you purchase your supplies and what different options did you notice?

2.) Did you use a dimmer or was the lighting perfect right out of the box?

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Supplies from Home Depot, but Lowes, etc. would have the same supplies. I did not need the dimmer.
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I have to go to the Home Depot. Lowes had discontinued rope lighting.
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Just curious, in light of this thread:


How are folks who have wall mounted their plasma running power for their rope light? I'm guessing the rope light has a large "wall wart" power adapter which would not be compatible with a recessed clock outlet for the plasma power?


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The rope light I bought at Home Depot("Hampton Bay", manufac.) has a standard two prong plug with a small fuse inside the plug.
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