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I'm looking to upgrade part of my home theater. My current setup includes a Mits 40" direct view TV, Pioneer DVL919, RCA DSS and Marantz SR-18 (non-EX). I'm planning to upgrade the DSS to Mits SR500 and the Mits TV to WS HDTV plus add a progressive scan 480p DVD. I would like to use the SR-18 to switch both the audio and the video. I've asked the dealer where got the SR-18 from if this unit can switch 480P and got yes/no/maybe answers. I know I can switch the video in the Mits WS HDTV but I'm looking for a simple 1 button switch to change viewing from STB/DVD/VCR/LD (I surf a lot).

If I can't use the Marantz SR-18 to switch the 480P signal, does anybody know of a av receiver that can?

Ken Erickson