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Hi All,

I have several different video/audio distribution issues. Maybe y'all can help with some/all of them.

1) AV Room to HDTV RP Monitor.
I have a run of ~ 72 feet to reach my Philips 60PP9701 from my equipment room. I need to:
a) run video from my Lexicon DC-1 to the TV. Can you run S-Video that far w/o signal degradation? Do I need an S-Video amplifier(recommend)? Other solutions?
b)run HD component/VGA feed from my satellite box. One solution is to put the box next to the TV, so I can have a long coax run to the box, then short component to the set. But then I have to get audio back to the Lex. Suggestions?

2) AV Room to downstairs
I also want to control components in my AV Room from downstairs. I have an IR repeater block upstairs, and am going to run CAT-5 to it from an IR sensor downstairs. The question is how to a) have video switching from my Lexicon, b) how to get video over a coax cable downstairs.