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New Home Wiring Requirements  

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New home we're building will have a corner alcove for a HiDef Projection TV. On the other end of the same wall will be a media closet. Standard with the construction package is a single cable from the closet to behind the TV.

I use an RCA DTC100 (with a VGA converter) for my OTA and DirecTV HD signals. Also have a Toshiba DVD plugged into the Colorstream input on the back of the TV. I also have cable for, well, um... so I can get the version of the Weather Channel with the local forecast (Yeah.. I need a life). The cable just goes into the antenna in.

Right now (in our current place), the TV is next to a component cabinet, so the span for all my cables is no more than 3 feet.

Now that my distance from components to TV is about to increase substantially (to about 18 feet), I want to make sure that I'm running the right number and type of cables through the wall before it gets drywalled.

Anyone have a similar experience and can tell me what I need to do or watch out for?
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I'd put in a piece of 2" conduit!


Current Set Up:
Pronto 2000
Sharp XV-DW100U LCD
Onkyo 575
Polk RT2000i Mains
Polk CS400i Center
Polk f/x300i Surrounds
Zenith DVD
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On a home theatre show this morning they were talking about a bundled wire with Cat 5, Cable/antenna Wire, Phone Wire and a pair of speaker wires... That would take care of some of what I need (matter of fact, I may wire the rest of the house with that).

But that still doesn't handle the VGA output for HD, or the Monster cable for the DVD. That stuff is real pricey. I know what I paid for 3 feet... 18 feet will require a second mortgage! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif
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In My Brief experience I have put in (fished) three coax's(only using two) a telephone line for the set top box the left and right rear surrounds behind my TV/Home theater setup. Now since I'm now adding a HTPC I may replace the empty coax with LAN cable to get back to Internet HUB. Keep your options open.
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Actually, I may just run a 3 inch conduit from the wall behind the TV alcove down to the basement, and another from the wall behind the Media Closet down to the basement. Then I'm only fishing cable 3 or 4 feet at either end. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

I just hope there's something less expensive than Monster cable to run that length!
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Conduit would be your best bet. a couple pieces of 2" or 3" for the span betweenthe two. This will allow you to purchase terminated wire for your HD hookup too. Have Fun!
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