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Guys, if you have a ton of covers to upload, drop me an email and I'll give you ftp access. This will keep everyone's email quotas in check.
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Does anyone have a D-Theater cover for
1. Backdraft
2. The Santa Claws

If you could please post them that would be great. I have looked all over and have not seen them.

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Could you please send me "Sideways" again? I have a bad file.

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Originally Posted by Nathan_R View Post

Could you please send me "Sideways" again? I have a bad file.


Sure thing. It will have to wait until Friday though.
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Hi guys,
Great thread. Fantastic covers. I have looking for the following covers if anyone has any of these it would be great:
1. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
2. Wild Things

3. Catch me if you can
4. The Grifters
5. He Said, She Said
6. Rio Bravo
7. Sharks Tail
8. Amadeus

9. Diner
10. SWAT
11. Ray
12. Agent Cody Banks
13. Matchstick Men
14. Officer and a Gentleman
15. Once upon a time in America

thanks for any help

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Blade Runner and The Grudge are on the covers page.
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Folks, I have to take the DVHS coverart offline for a bit while I free up some disc space. It will be back shortly. I'll post a notice here when it's back up.
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Back up again.
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Happy Halloween!

Site updated with new covers-- including a gorgeous double-alpha for Lawrence of Arabia, courtesy of Tony Kwong.

VVVVV Revised cover (mentioned below) has been uploaded.
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ah crap! I sent you the wrong Lawrence of Arabia cover... the one you have is a slightly older revision with errors.
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Originally Posted by Nathan_R View Post

Happy Halloween!

Site updated with new covers-- .

Always, neat stuff, thanks for hosting and thanks to the guys who provide these covers.
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I'm currently trying to make "The Nick Hornby Collection" that have the slightly modified US covers of the books. fever pitch(1997), High Fidelity, about a boy, Fever Pitch(2005), A Long way Down(2007). (Yes, I'm making a cover for something that dont even have a finished screenplay yet! )

As well as trying to make a Barry Levinson's "The Baltimore Trilogy" Avalon, Diner, Liberty Heights and Tin men.
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I just found this thread and I must say WOW! Thank you to all of you who made these covers and were willing to share them.
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Here is a cover I worked on for last night's showing of Scarface on UHD. It might need a little modification of the dolby digital specs as I was working from a DVD cover.

I will email it to Nathan.
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Updated (finally).
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Nathan, I have a shipload of covers I need to email you.
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Same here ... look for [sometime this weekend] "Blade Runner", "Dances with Wolves", "Dark City" & "The Incredibles" to just name a few I assume I can use the same FTP you set up for me a while ago.
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Love Monkey (temp), Contact, eXistenZ was sent yesterday. I might have some time to modify some more today. I still have 20-30 covers I already made that needs to be modded before I send them. matchstickmen, dawn of the dead, Owning Mahowny, Cruel Intentions, eternal sunshine, englishman, Fear and Loathing in LV, winged migration, 8mm, arlington road, theif, some other I dont remember...
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/me would love if someone made covers for harry potter 1 & 2
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I just FTP'd Nathan 15 new covers to share via his site...enjoy!

- The Aviator
- Blade Runner
- The Bourne Supremacy
- Dances with Wolves, Part 1
- Dances with Wolves, Part 2
- Dark City
- The Deer Hunter
- Gladiator
- Independence Day
- In Good Company
- The Incredibles
- I, Robot
- Open Range
- The Piano
- A Shot in the Dark
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Updated with round 1 of Tony's and Matt's covers. I'll try to get Brajesh's covers up today.

These look great, guys-- I love the Event Horizon one!
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Yeah, I loved doing the EVENT HORIZON cover. It was a pain, but the results were great. I also gave Nathan a BLADE RUNNER cover guys. Too much stuff to list here. Just go and have a looksy.
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Updated with Brajesh's uploads, too.
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Anyone have any high quality images from DUNE they can provide me? I'd like to do a cover. Hell, I'll settle for screen caps of the HDNet broadcast.


Just completed covers for RONIN, THE BOUNTY and a few others.
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I'm finishing off my old "eternal sunshine" hows it look folks?
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That looks great!

Can anyone provide scans, images, screen caps for RAN and KAGEMUSHA?
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Sorry I have no images from those matt.

A lot of times I get the DVD and take a mess of screenshots to make a cover. Sometimes much easier and faster than using a TS file. But of course less res. So, I go back to the TS file for a higer res image, but for images on the back cover DVD res is often enough. The cover I just posted is an example. I thought all the promo artwork for the movies sucked. Mine not much of an improvement, but I like it better. If you go this route, it's often good if you watch the trailers for images/scenes that might work well for a cover.
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I normally use covers and inserts from the DVD myself. But for the titles mentioned above I have no DVD counterparts.
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Amadeus is listed with the E's on the coverart page.
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