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How about a thread for D-VHS coverart? - Page 12

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Ooops, I used Amadeus as a placeholder for each new cover and forgot to axe the one in the E's.

I also added Contact.
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Just sent the following...

The Bounty
Clash of the Titans
Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Kill Bill V2
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On a roll. Sent you 4 more:
- Father of the Bride
- Midnight Run
- Mulholland Dr.
- Vertical Limit
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Thanks guys! Less covers for me to make! Keep em up!
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Who made the Harry Potter 3 cover?
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Where are the Harry Potter 1 & 2 covers I sent? They are still not up.
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Originally Posted by Matt_Stevens View Post

Where are the Harry Potter 1 & 2 covers I sent? They are still not up.

Matt, You are the man!
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Matt, I never received them.

Uploading Brajesh's covers now. They should be available by 1h45pm EST.
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Grrr, so I have a new printer (Dell's 924 is a black ink glutton, BTW) and messed up the margins / page setup. Can someone give me the margins and page setup items needed for printing covers on landscape 8.5x11 paper. I can't for the life of me get Contact or Shrek 2 to print properly-- they're either too tall or too short.


EDIT : I figured it out. The page setup for my Dell 924 requires me to set the top margin to .5" and 0" for all others. The page URL prints out by default, but it's outside of the print area, so no worries.
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HARRY POTTER 1 & 2 on the way as I type this.
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HP 1 and 2 are up.

If anyone's in the favor business, I need the following covers:

The Butterfly Effect
The Crow
The Devil's Own
The Edge
Finding Nemo
Jennifer 8
Kiss the Girls
Last Action Hero
The Last Waltz
LOTR: ROTK (theatrical)
Night of the Living Dead (new)
The Prince of Tides
Quiz Show
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Shaun of the Dead
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Sweet and Lowdown
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (new)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Wild Things

(Edited for speeling. )
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I also need The Crow, The Edge, Jennifer 8 and Shrek. I would do them myself, but I do not have art for them.
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"Shaving Ryan's Privates" ... good one Nathan!

Guys, "Star Trek II" & "Shrek 2" are already there. I'd love to have "Finding Nemo" on D-VHS (hint, hint), then I'd definitely be forced to create a cover.
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Originally Posted by Brajesh View Post

"Shaving Ryan's Privates" ... good one Nathan!

Heh, I saw that too. I just didn't want to be the first to admit having clicked on that link
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Hmmm, perhaps I should put a counter on that page.
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Brajesh, Star Trek II is not up. Trek VI and First Contact are up.

I can get to work on the other Trek films if anyone wants. Yes? No?

Nathan, that is a really sick signature!!! I much prefer this...

or this...
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Yeah, it's not the most tasteful, but when I saw it posted in the "Let's argue" thread, I just had to steal it.

I suppose it's time to go back to the Kentucky Fried Movie quote.
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sent... clerks and eternal sunshine. I have a "quiz show" somewhere need to find.
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found my old unfinished crow cover. maybe I should finish it up?

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Yes, please.
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Very nice. I sent Nathan two Crow covers today.


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okay thanks. I wont spend any more time on mine. I was almost finished recreating the credits has spelling errors. needed to add MPAA logos and rating. and a whole mess of stuff.

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Keep working on the cover. I love being able to choose alternate covers!
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nah too lazy!
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New covers are up.

For what it's worth, I'm going to start updating the "new" icon status on a weekly basis, as opposed to everytime I upload a new file. It doesn't make snese to drop the new status of Sunday's cover uploads, since they're only two days old.

k thanks bye.
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Appears I somehow left out sending my "Star Trek II" cover to Nathan. Will do so tonight, along with a couple of more new covers: "Jackie Brown" & "Winged Migration".
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Jackie Brown?! YEAH, BABY! You the man.

I am working on STAR TREK I right now.
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I wish my DVR hadn't decided to split last week's Jackie Brown broadcast. There's nothing worse than a segmented movie. Grrr.
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