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How about a thread for D-VHS coverart? - Page 15

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Nathan, I know that a lot of the missing cover credits belong to djrock. a least based on the previous post in the first couple of pages in this thread. also of note djrock posted a pic of their collection in the first pages.

here are some I checked.
one hour photo
out of time
punch drunk love
the cooler
monsters, inc

and Paniro made "8 mile"...
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Nice Lost Highway cover, but how about dumping the critic blubs? I cannot stand them. Find them distracting and never include them in my covers if I can.

The only one that would be cool would be the "Two Tumbs Down" from Siskel & Ebert that was used to promote the film. That was brilliant marketing on their part, just so completely Lynchian.
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I also have a different image
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Matt, I'm doing a cover for LOST HIGHWAY with Siskel & Ebert's "Two Thumbs Down!". This is the only Lynch movie I've never seen, but I've liked almost everything he has done. Looking forward to watching it!
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All of you, go for it on Lost Highway! The more the better!
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Tony, thanks for the info. I've added credits for those folks.
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Nathan, you have "Caddyshack", "Lost Highway" & "Out of Sight" from me.
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Updated and noted. Thanks, Brajesh.
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How about we all post our wants for covers? I have like 100 or so.

Brajesk, that is one killer Lost Highway cover. Well done.
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OK, I just sent ID4 (a very cool alternate version), SECRETARY, The DELTA FORCE and a two taper for ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA.
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Matt, I did not receive OUATIA. The other three are up.
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Bloody email. Let me try again.
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Does anyone who uses JVC DVHS tapes have any of their grey plastic covers laying around they would be willing to sell? I would like my DVHS collection to match but have some HD recordings on non JVC DVHS tapes thus mismatched cases. Please help!

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OUATIA added (and the two covers look very nice).
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Sent three more for your next update: "A Clear and Present Danger", "Cliffhanger", and "A Few Good Men".
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did anyone make one for Crash or The Island yet?
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I just sent Nathan covers for Crash, The Island, JFK, Raging Bull and Quills
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guptown, I didn't get them. nathan_r AT georgiahdtv DOT com

I'm going to do an update this evening, by the way.
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I have new covers on the ftp btw.
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i'll send them again. as well as sky captain.

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Thanks again to all the talented cover-artists
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I deleted one of my new covers bc the transfer was bad. will try again tomorrow as I don't have the file here.

almost done with upcoming Back to the future.. found my shaun of the dead cover.
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Updated with:

Clear and Present Danger (Brajesh)
Cliffhanger (Brajesh)
A Few Good Men (Brajesh)
Last Night (tkmedia2)

guptown, your emails must be lost in the cosmos. PM me for FTP information, if you'd like.
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Updated again with:

Crash (guptown)
J.F.K (guptown)
The Island (guptown)
Quills (guptown)
Raging Bull (guptown)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (guptown)
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fixed the transfer and added shaun
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Updated with:

Forrest Gump (tkmedia2)
Shaun of the Dead (tkmedia2)
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Thanks for the credit on those titles. Many were made from the original dvd/poster artwork in conjunction with Brajesh's D-VHS template. Some were made using an amalgam of DVD covers posted by some very creative artists at www.generetic.net.

Thanks for hosting the site for the DVHS covers as well as those excellent tutorials.

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Sorry for the necro-bump, but for anyone trying to upload covers to my site, I've moved servers and redone the FTP process. Drop me a line if you need access. Also, the covers are now on their own subdomain-- dvhs.georgiahdtv.com
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Do you guys have any decent sources for hi-res cover art? It appears covers.to is dead and hirescovers.com doesn't have any covers yet.
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