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Friday evening I attended a local dealer's 20th Anniversary Audio/Video Show. The highlights of the show -

Stradivari Homage speaker from Sonus Faber

- the sound qualities of this speaker are quit simply breathtaking
- unbelieveably clean accurate sound
- they had the glass windows in the show room resonating to the music ... not so much from the volume but the low frequency capabilities of this amazing speaker
- not cheap at CA$60,000 a pair ... but if you have the money and love to listen to music on a stereo system this is the speaker for you.

Barco CineVERSUM + Master
Classé new Delta Series electronics
B&W speakers including the Nautilus and Velodyne Signature 1812 subwoofer

- the Barco DLP projector and master controller gives film-like quality
- projector uses the same lens as the cinema version
- very adjustable to fit in difficult rooms
- not cheap at CA$70,000
- amazing clear dynamic sound from this very expensive dream home theater system

Naim DVD5 DVD/CD/DVD-A player

- this new player produces extremely good picture quality ... amazing detail
- sound quality is equally impressive
- expected to go to market in November ... anticipated price CA$6000
- plug in cards include a DVD-A card (about CA$500) and a Farjouda 1080p scaler card (about CA$200)