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hitachi 57s715 power problem  

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I know I read recently around here some people having problems with this set, popping noise when turning off sometimes & not turning back on. Well I recieved this set just over a week ago & am having these problems already. In the short time I've had it I've had a few times where there was a very loud 'pop' when turning the power off & now yesterday & today both it would not turn on, had to unplug for at least a minute, then plug in & it works, obviously not something I'll be standing for for too long! Will be contacting Hitachi in next couple days about this & see how fast it's fixed(I assume some sort of power supply issue). Love the set otherwise, got cablecard for it a couple days ago & analog channels look much better then through Moto HD/DVR box. Will be posting on here again soon the outcome.
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Jonwwww, looks like I have a problem as well. This unit was delivered last Thursday and it is indeed my first step into rear projection. I have the set in a dedicated room away from the kids. I went to buy the zenith silver sensor today so that I could watch football. TV usage will probably
be 75% dvd 25% hdtv/sports. Well, it seems that my power problems happen with a much greater frequency when the set is powered down on the antenna input. For example, I can turn on the set and see the blue light blink a few times, it will then turn solid and flash the channel number. Poof, the image will come and go and the blue light will start flashing again. I literally have to keep pressing the input button and switch to a different input. Sometimes I have to also have to turn the tv off when doing the previous step. Once, I hear from Hitachi I will post what they say.
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I spoke with Hitachi today. They were not sure what the problem was however they are sending me a new version of the firmware. I am currently running software version #: Main V0134.0000. I have not seen the problem today however, the set has not been on as long.
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Please let me know how it works for you. I called Hitachi today & they were about as useful as talking to the wall, they pointed me in direction of local service(which they looked up on their webpage, I had already done that!!) But I do have an appointment for next Tuesday 10/12 so we'll see what they have to say. I have checked & you seem to be on to something about it happening when turning tv off when left on Ant A, that's the input I was on both days this past weekend with problems. I turned it off on Input 1 last night & it was fine this afternoon, turned it to Ant A & back off for just a couple hours, went to turn on & dead again(had to unplug to reset). I'll be trying various tests like this throughout the week to see if it follows this trend. Who/what department at Hitachi did you talk to to get that new firmware?? Definetly seems like a strange problem they have going on here, I guess this is the kind of good stuff to expect when you buy some of the first models of the new year. :rolleyes:
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I've had a new 57S715 for eight days now. From day 1, I've had periodic "loud pops" at shut down. I have had no start up problems, and I turn off in ANT-A mode most of the time. Convergence drifted quite a bit over the first few days--especially after one of the early "pops". But it is settling down now--not drifting very much. Early convergence drift is typical for new CRT projectors.

This set replaced a 57S500 I purchased during the summer. That set "popped" several times while turned on (not at shut off). When that occurred, the set would "blink" or even turn itself off-then back on. Discussions in this forum indicated that "pops" on the S500 were typical early on, then gradually stopped after a few months. It was felt they were static discharges due to the CRTs settling in. During the fourth week, my set "popped" damaging the red CRT. SEARS allowed me to replace the 57S500 with a 57S715.

Has anyone had a "pop" other than at shut down? Hopefully these discharges will be short lived. I cringe every time I experience one.

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Only had the 'pops' at shutdown & only in the first few days(so far). Didn't have any startup problems until after a week, turned set off on Vid 1 last night & had problems today with startup again. Will continue testing different variations on shutdown/startup. I'm pretty sure this is just coincident but the startup problems started day after cablecard was installed, will eject it tonight & see how tomorrow goes. As long as I can just unplug the set & reset it after a few minutes I'll be ok for a while, service tech coming one week from today.
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Day 9. Haven't heard a "pop" in a few days. Haven't had any startup problems. I do not have a CableCard.

Anyone having startup problems with NO CableCard?

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I mentioned popping in another thread. My 57S715 popped several times in the first five days or so at shut-down. It has not popped in the last two weeks. Only things I did were add a surge protector and also move the set a couple more inches from the wall--I somehow doubt these are causal.

Also, I have nothing in the cablecard or the antenna inputs--I am running D* into the hdmi, basic cable into the D* receiver.

Re: Startup, it has always turned on and never popped, but sometimes it takes quite a few blinks of the little blue light. Last night was the worst--it seemed like forever to power on, but was probably more like 10-15 seconds.

How long are others taking at startup?
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Are the 'pops' coming through the speakers or are they more like a mechanical relay making noise? I have the 51s715, and all audio is through a external receiver. I get a load pop thorugh the speakers when shutting down the TV and have had this for a month now, but never had an issue not being able to turn the set on.

My last set, a 32" Sony did this too regardless of whether or not I had audio routed through the receiver.
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Sounds like the pop comes from behind the set, more of a relay/power supply area.
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I agree, that is my recollection as well although as I said I haven't
experienced it in a while.
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bajohn, any word on that firmware upgrade you said Hit. was sending you? After reading another thread on Mitsubishi sets it sounds as though a firmware upgrade could do the trick(some of the Mitsu. sets seems to have 'reset' probs like this). Also what dept. did you talk to at Hit. about the firmware?? Had the set for 2 weeks now, had 'pops' a couple times in first week, can't say it's happened this past week. However I've had startup problems everyday starting last Saturday(the day after the cablecard was installed) with one exception, the day the cablecard was ejected, still coinciedence?? Will be testing more with/without cablecard but preliminarily it seems related.
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Well so much for the cablecard theory causing problem(seems to have been coincidence), left card ejected last night & still had problems powering on this afternoon. Is anyone else having this problem or am I one of the very few lucky ones?
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I have not received the firmware yet. They first send you a release form. (I agree to not copy and distribute this yada yada yaya) I am hoping that I have the firmware by next Wednesday. Let's hope that the firmware does it. Call Hitachi and tell them that you feel your firmware is crashing. BTW, ask them to fax your release form.

P.S. I did not know about the release form until a couple of days after I was told they were sending the firmware.
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Hello everyone. I have the Hitachi 51F510, and it did pop when I turned it off the first time and a few days later. Scared the heck out of me. It hasn't popped in about a week (I bought the TV about 15 days ago) I'm still getting convergence drift however.
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I've put 25 hrs on my S715 without any noise what-so-ever. (just incredible picture!)

This is day 3. It's cycled power at least 10 times. Yes I'm burning it in quickly so to speak.

I ran it the first day with a typical MOV surge protector and straight wall power. Wall voltage is 121-122 volts.

For ref - I was "told" that below 120v the Hitachi gets very crabby. It was "picky" about it's source.

I did not have any issues.

I now have it setup with a Brickwall line conditioner & surge suppressor with an APC backup. (They weren't here day 1 and I just wasn't waiting)

My "source" is about as good as it's going to get now.
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Well repair tech was out the other day & basically scratched his head on this one, he's been in the business for around 15 years & never seen quite this problem of not turning on with these symptoms, the best part was when he called Hit. tech support while he was here & had them on speakerphone the whole conversation.... the techs there had never heard of this one either!!! GREAT!! Fortunately he agreed that even if he brought the set back to the shop to t/shoot it probably wouldn't help all that much (maybe he just didn't feel like going through all the work to get it there but that's fine by me because I can still watch it, just have to go through annoying startup procedure when turning on). He ordered new deflection board & power supply & will see what happens with them(when they finally come in). Only had one 'pop' in last two weeks & I think that was last weekend when set was on for a long time (not that I really think that should happen at all anyway though). Will report back when new parts are in. Was really hoping he was just going to recommend getting new set but we'll see what happens. Love the set otherwise, the Sox look great getting beat by NY in hd on Fox... :D
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johnwww, I still don't know if it is the firmware or not. My TV has not shown the problem again. (Remember, mine is a dedicated room so it is not on a lot) Tommorow will be a test because I should have it on for at least two football games. Hell, I'll make sure that it is on a lot tommorow. As soon as I figure what is going on I'll post.
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Over 80hrs of use.
30+ times cycling the power.

Everything is working as usual.

PQ is better then ever. :D

Hope your issue will be worked out...

If it matters my build date is late August for the firmware (V134) & set.
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There is an option in the menus to do with quick power up or something. Turning this off fixed it for me.
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I have had power on issues with my Hitach 57S715 ever since the day I bought is (in August). When I press the power on button, the button will blink once, I hear the relays click, and then nothing. It I unplug the unit and plug it back in it turns on without pressing the power button. Service guy came out about a month ago and ordered the deflector board. He installed a new deflector board last week, but it did not fix the problem. He was going to order a new power supply, but gave me a call today and asked if I could turn off the quick power up feature in the setup menu as tech support wanted to see if that worked. I will try tonight and see what happens:confused:

Even though I have to unplug a plug the power back in to this tv every time I turn it on, I LOVE this TV (awesome colors and picture)!
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Yes that's the exact same problem as mine. Well that's good to know about repairs because my tech ordered deflection board also, they just called about an hour ago to set up appt. to install it 10/29. He supposedly ordered power supply also, will try to check to make sure that's the case instead of wasting my afternoon for nothing for a part that won't help. If you get power supply before next Friday let me know the outcome.
Well good luck on the quick power up option working, mine has always been off since I got the set. But that is one of the things Hit. tech support told the tech to try when he was here(so it sounds like your guy was talking to Hit. support also).
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I know that this is off topic, but I am seriously considering this set and was wondering what you guys think of the screen cover. Is there a big problem with glare? I have two windows that would be opposite the tv and was worrying about a glare problem. I have also been considering the 57x500, so if glare is an issue, I might go ahead and get the directors series for the deep black anti-glare shield. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)
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Problem FIXED! There seems to be a bug in the firmware of this TV. I turned off the "Quick Start Up" menu item and now my TV works great! When the "Quick Start Up" is on, the TV turns off right after it is turned on. To access the Quick Start Up menu, click the menu from the remote control. Scroll down to Setup and select it. Scroll down to "About Your TV" and then press the down arrow one more time. This will take you to the rest of the setup menu. Scroll down to "Quick Start Up" and select it. Turn this option off and the problem with the TV not turning on should be fixed! (Wish I would have know this before the service tech replaced my deflector board, but oh well!)
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There is a glare to the screen. It is not as bad as the Mitbs that I have seen in the stores, but it is there. We do not have a window oppisite the TV, but there is a bright florsent light in our kitchen that you can see when it is turned on. If you look for the light it will bother you, but I almost never notice it when it is on. I will say that I had an 27" Sony TV before this tv and I though that the color and picture was good with my Sony, but this Hitachi blows away anything color or clarity wise that I have ever seen on a CRT TV.
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Well I'm glad to hear that turning the 'quick start up' feature off works for most to fix the power on problem, it doesn't however fix mine. Mine had always been off but just for the heck of it I tried turning it on for day & then turned it back off the next day. It made no difference either way on my set though. Guess I'll have to wait til next Friday & see what happens with new parts. Still love pic quality of set though & am looking forward to the day I can just use remote to turn set on instead of extra step of unplugging & plugging back in.
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Well nearly a month & a half later the set is finally fixed (or at least it appears that way for now,, fingers crossed). Tech came out today & replaced signal board in set & it actually turns on how it's supposed to!!!! Wooohoooo!!! It seemed for a while as though it would never be fixed but in finally is. To any & all with the above problem check and/or replace the following in this order:

-make sure 'quick power on' is turned OFF
-check for firmware upgrade
-replace signal board (not a cheap part if out of warranty ~$400)

One of the above should take care of it, thank god for warranty work & I'm glad I spent the extra $300 on the extended one in case something like this happens again after the first year.

Hopefully this will end this chapter on this post for good.

Now I can finally sit back & enjoy my new TV.
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