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cable modem and channel modulators  

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Been thinking to distribute the DBS tuner across the existing cable wiring using a channel modulator. I do not have cable channels - but I do have a cable modem. Anybody have ideas what channels this uses that I would need to bypass?

This is AT&T Broadband with an RCA modem.
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Your cable company would best be able to answer this since with the DOCSIS standard the data streams can move. In my area it uses the area around channel 5.

That being said, if you don't have cable TV then have the line from the Cable company come into the modem, then a completey seperate set of wires for inside use. If you go this way, you might even be able to get away with a $40 modulator from Walmart, just keep your recipt incase it doesn't put out enough power for your TVs.
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The Cable modems from AT$T in my area have a return path below 5Mhz and a send path spread across a larger area from 650Mhz to 800MHz.
If you do not have basic cable with your cable modem service, keep a single cable from the service entrance to your cable modem and use the other disconnected cables in the house to distribute IR and modulated channels. Check out some of the Channel plus stuff.
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The house has no home run - so will need to do some crawling around to find where the run to the office goes and where the cable comes in at. So I was hoping to avoid that - but I guess I need to find where it enters the house anyways if I am going to feed in a modulation.

I don't subscribe to the cable service so wanted to put the wires to good use. I was looking at modulators on smarthome.com - they are configurable as far as what channels go. I have not been impressed with AT&T support - I can just imagine their response if I ask what channel my modem is on, they already are clueless about using gateway routers.
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The important thing is to talk to a tech not a cust service person. Maybe if you have problems with your cable modem in the future (hint hint) you could ask the feild service guy.

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The Modem occupies a series of "channels" and not just one. You will need to speak to the Head-End Tech at the office for this information. Most Cable Modem installers will not know this info. AT&T has never been the best for service, but it could be worse- Ameritech. Ask the people in Detroit.
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OK I guess I need to decide which is worse - calling ATT tech support or crawling under the house....
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What should work is to split your cable right when it enters your house. One side for the modem, and one side for your video stuff. This should isolate the modem from any thing else you do with your video.
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