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From time to time there are questions about what the best cable may be to use. While researching this for myself I stumbled across a few neat pages.

These are specifically on the Belden site and many people already recommend Belden (I don't have any affiliation with them, but Kudos to them for this resource) but I'm sure Commscope and others have similar products. There are just some good application notes and a special page for HT apps. I'll also post a nice glossary link. This is all copyright Belden Inc, so I'll naturally just put the links and you can follow yourself.

I'm cross posting this to another Forum or two where it may be of interest....


Recommendations for Home Theater and High-End Audio

Tech Papers index:

Cable College main page:


Product FAQ:

For instance, who knew that RG (as in RG-6) stood for "Radio Guide"?? (from old Mil-Spec identifiers)

Have fun!